My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess Chapter 92

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Translator: Cryus

The dormitory in the Academy is separated between male and female.

Even though it's a co-educational school, it's only natural for the Academy to establish it this way because of the mult.i.tude of children from prestigious families. The girls' dormitory has three floors, and students are separated according to social status instead of grade level. In fact, students with a background of high n.o.bility are allocated to the third floor.

And of course, I'm reigning on the highest floor because I'm the proud daughter of the Duke.

Right now, there are only three students, including myself, who reside on the third floor. Even here, I'm the one who is the highest in terms of social status. And I have been behaving arrogantly as the villainous daughter of the Duke, as the highest ranked n.o.ble in the Academy.

I've brought Freesia into my room, and now I'm facing her alone.

"So, tell me who the h.e.l.l you are."


Freesia's shoulders are quivering in nervousness, it's almost funny. I've enjoyed doing things like this as well as stirring things up since my decision to take on the role of the villainess.

"I-I am Freesia Istar- oof!"

She bit her own tongue.

She almost made me laugh, so I sigh and stop myself, and give her a sharp sideways glance. Her face flushes with embarra.s.sment.

"Uh, um, I am a new student who enrolled in the Academy the other day."

"I see."

I nod generously while trying to hold in my laughter in the face of her embarra.s.sment.

I was going to make her kneel on the floor, but I give up on the idea. That would be too much of me. Also, I only take joy in teasing people.

Plus, because I dragged her in here all of a sudden, the maid is giving me a cold stare for not giving her time to prepare.

The black tea I'm drinking right now, as well as the various tea snacks arranged on the table, were prepared in a hurry by the maid, who's staring at me while leaning against the wall. She probably wouldn't listen to me even if I told her Freesia wasn't a guest. If I misbehave too much, she will most definitely have something to complain about later.

I haven't brought many of the other servants from the house since moving into the dormitory in the Academy. There are rules stipulating that students may bring up to three people, but I've only brought the maid along because she volunteered her a.s.sistance.

But the person I need to deal with right now isn't the maid, but this idiot girl in front of me.

"Well then, Freesia Istar — wait, Istar?"

I was going to ask her why she was treating Michelie like that, but I get interested upon hearing her family name.

"Count Istar…… You're his daughter?"

"Yes, that's exactly right!"

I cross my arms in thought.

The Istar family has some status. I have a slightly friendly relations.h.i.+p with the head of the family, Lord Augustine. From what I remember, he had a stout build and was a perfect gentleman.

I'm making a frown.

How did a child of that gentleman turn out to be this way?

"M-my father has told me about you, Lady Christina!"

"Really? I haven't seen him since I enrolled in the Academy……"

"Well, it was a long time before you enrolled, Lady Christina. He told me how perfect of a lady you were, and that he would raise me just like you. How often he praised you."


I wasn't into this conversation at all, but now I'm nodding in interest.

I'm impressed by Lord Augustine's judgment. Also, this girl has shown me her good side. She has had some good education.

"And so I have been in awe of you, Lady Christina. When I was a child, Father brought me to one of your parties, and I saw how awesome you were from a distance. Since then, I have always been excited about the thought of becoming a decent lady and meeting you!"

"I see."

That was quite a long time ago. She's looked up to me not because of my misconduct, but because she was inspired by me in my younger days.

I don't blame her. I've been working hard to ruin my own image now, I was in fact almost a flawless and perfect lady in the past.

"I have wanted to tell you especially now that we have met, but I have always refined my own culture with you as my role model, Lady Christina!"

"Hm? Are you making fun of me?"

"Huh? No…… Why would I do that?"

Why would she do that? There's no way she's turned out to be such an idiot if she's been looking up to me as her role model. It's like she's saying, "I'll become an idiot by mimicking you!"

"Well, I may sound presumptuous, but I just wanted to tell you how much I have looked up to you……"

"Ah, well, nevermind."

Maybe she just lacks self-awareness. I'm taking pity on her while drinking the cup of black tea.

It must be a pity for her not to realize how idiotic she is. I'm observing her with renewed effort.

Her eyes are a different blue compared to Michelie's. Her facial features are so neat that she would stand out among a crowd. Her long and thick hair is curled up in a very extravagant fas.h.i.+on.

She stands out so much, yet she never appeared in Labyrinth Destiny. She does look gaudy, but with such a strong personality, it looks like she will never have a good love life.

"Alright, I've heard enough. Don't cause any more commotions like that anymore. Also, stay away from Michelie as much as you can."

To be honest, Freesia has entertained me in a few ways, so I find it a pity. But if she keeps getting involved, it could very well derail the scenario. That's why I have to warn her to stay in the backstage.

But her eyes sparkle when she hears my words.

"That won't do."

"No, please do."

If she really respects me, why won't she listen to me?

"I will not cause any trouble to you, Lady Christina."

"Well, you caused a lot of trouble just now."

"I'll just have to win against that Michelie Noir!"

"That's how you caused the commotion in the first place!"

Freesia makes a tight fist in determination. She's not listening to me at all.

And for some reason, her face is turning red in shyness now.

"Um, well, this may be impudent of me, but I have a request…… Is that all right?"

"Yeah. Go away."

"Is that really all right?!"

She's too positive.

I get the feeling she only heard me say yes. I'm impressed by her ability to listen to only what she wants to hear, and I might as well listen to her request.

"Tell me."

"P-please, allow me to join your faction, Lady Christina."

"Alright, go away."

"Is that really alright?!"

They say it's difficult to win an argument against idiots and conmen. I'm starting to get a headache as she's shouting for joy.

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My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess Chapter 92

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