My Yandere Succubus Daughter Is Mommy-Warrior's Natural Enemy Volume 1 Chapter 42

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The bath at night gave me urges I had to fight all night, so I went to the bathroom before going to bed. That was how I could prevent myself from doing anything to Leah when we slept together. However, Veirya didn't react in any way, despite being so close in proximity to a person of the opposite gender.

Veirya was very satisfied after getting to try scrubbing Leah's back.

After recollecting my mind and body, I opened the door with absolute satisfaction.

Leah was already snoring in the blanket when I arrived. Little Leah snored quietly curled up on her side. She must be tired, after not getting any proper sleep for the last two or three days. She can get some good rest now. Though she was shocked a fair bit, I still need to thank Veirya for allowing Leah to calm down.

Although she was the one who almost killed Leah, she made us feel very rea.s.sured when she said, 'I will protect you.'

After all, it did come from One-Slash Veirya.


I heard Veirya's voice as soon as I entered. I turned my head to see Veirya.

She came up from the side and grabbed my cloak. She said, "Don't forget about it. Every night."

"I didn't forget." I smiled helplessly, as I got dragged off.

'To be honest, I'm not too willing to spend time alone with Veirya at night, particularly after we just bathed together. I'm afraid I'm might do something no different from suicide.'

Veirya didn't look concerned, though.

I really suspect if Veirya is clueless about the things between men and women, and hence, doesn't care. She doesn't need to know these things as a warrior, after all.

We arrived at her room.

Her room was lifeless, as always. She sat on a chair, looked at me and asked, "Did I do anything wrong today?"

"No, nothing today. Actually, I'm very grateful that you were able to say you would protect Leah. That calmed her down a lot when she was scared. I know that you will protect her, but I was somewhat surprised to hear you actually say it. I thought you were the type that couldn't express yourself."

In a composed manner, Veirya said, "I just said what I would do. I will indeed protect her, which is why I said that. But it looks like I don't know how to hug people. I've never hugged anyone. My hug made Leah uncomfortable."

I nodded and replied, "While Leah did feel very uncomfortable, you managed to get your thoughts across to Leah. She wouldn't have come down the stairs on her own accord, otherwise. You must protect her well because I know that I sometimes can't; just like this time. If those people got so angry that they lost their rationality and wanted to capture her to kill her, I wouldn't be able to stop them. I've come to realise that I can't stop them alone if they truly wanted to kill her. I need you to protect her."

Veirya nodded and replied, "I will. You're right. The war is over. I've been thinking about what I could do, but nothing comes to mind."

"You can do lots of things. Please protect Leah at the very least. I'll entrust you with Leah when I can't help her."

We both stood up. She got ready to strip to go to bed without a word…

'I feel as if I've entered a period where I can let go of the mundane world for a goal, but when I thought of Veirya's body, feelings surface in me… So, I should hurry back to my room.'

After I had returned to my room, I hugged Leah. Leah wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself in, instinctively. I stroked her cheek and then looked at the wall. I silently pondered what I had to do next.

'We have food, now, so no matter what happens outside, this city won't experience a famine. However, I wanted to get the merchant we met last time, and his company, to come to our town and sell something. That way we could trade with the outside world. As for food, I don't want to offer any for sale, as we get nothing out of selling it to the homeless refugees.'

'So what do I need to do next? I don't know what I can do during this winter. I need to get the townsfolk to reduce their hatred for demons.'

I stroked Leah's belly, which had no belly b.u.t.ton.

'This is the biggest difference between Leah and humans. Normally, succubi are hard to detect, but that succubus did get busted, which means that Leah isn't safe, either.'

'I need to get the townsfolk to understand that the war is over and demons are no longer a threat, first. That way, they won't go to the mountains and wilderness to pick fights with demons. Then I'll get them to focus on developing the town, so that they won't be thinking of killing demons all day long. I need to change that thinking of theirs as fast as possible, or else danger will continue to loom over Leah.'

I didn't have a good dream that night. Although I spoke to Veirya about protecting Leah, this was about my daughter's safety, so I couldn't feel at ease. My dream was particularly chaotic. I even saw Leah get beheaded in front of me. That was so frightening, I sat up.

'I must protect Leah. I can't let anything happen to her.'

'Leah is my cute daughter. She's so cute and pitiful. I must give her a proper life. I must provide her with a stable future. I promised her that I would show her the flowers in the south. I made a promise to her! I won't leave her no matter what! Never!! I'm Leah's father, so I must protect her!'

"Papa, did you have a nightmare?"

I wiped my sweat off my forehead.

Leah suddenly hugged me around my waist. I could smell her familiar scent. I lowered my head and saw her tired look.

She had one arm around my waist, while she rubbed her eyes with her other.

Leah looks so seductive when she's in her enlarged form. However, I had no l.u.s.t this time. I pulled her tightly into my embrace.


Leah hugged me back, but she looked at me, very puzzled. She didn't understand why I hugged her this way.

I hugged her tightly. Next to her ear, I explained in a shaky voice, "Leah, Papa will protect you. Papa will definitely protect you… Papa will always be by your side to protect you…"

She didn't comprehend what I was trying to do, but she leaned onto my chest with bliss, nonetheless. She replied softly, "Uhm, Leah knows, Papa. Leah always believes you, Papa."

My mind and heart were totally at peace when I felt her warmth and her real touch. I shut my eyes and lay back down with her on the bed. She hugged me tightly and began to snore softly.

'I won't let the warmth at my chest disappear. I will make d.a.m.n sure that Leah sees the warm flowers that belong to Leah, who is as bright as flowers.'

'I definitely will.'

My Yandere Succubus Daughter Is Mommy-Warrior's Natural Enemy Volume 1 Chapter 42

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