Nee-chan Is A Soap Girl!? Chapter 4

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「It seems you feel dizzy.」

When Nee-chan got up from the bathtub, droplets of water trickled down her skin.

It’s not only looking smooth.

Her youthful skin that has a springiness to it is shown.

「What’s the matter?」

「Ah, yeah. Well…」

「Uh huh.」

「I… want to see.」

Coming this far, even my embarra.s.sment had faded.

It felt like I don’t need to hold back too much when I looked at Nee-chan and confessed my desire.

「What do you want to see?」

「Eh? What? No, well, that, down there…」

「You were that inexperienced?」

I’m a pathetic coward who can’t speak clearly.

Nee-chan looks at me who is in such a state and bursts into laughter with a loud voice.

「Sh, shut up. Just forget about it!」

「No way, no way. After all, it’s fun to tease you. You can look at it.」

Anyway, it seems that she’s still making fun of me.

When I faced towards Nee-chan’s direction while thinking such thoughts, she was sitting on the edge of the bathtub with one knee raised.

Like that.

She shows off the important part of a woman that I wanted to see.

A slit is visible beneath the pubic hair.

In that slit, which was just closed until a while ago, I had a feeling that I saw its small opening when she opened her legs.

I bring my eager face closer.

「You haven’t seen it so you’re curious. You might as well look at it thoroughly.」

「Well, is it alright to touch it?」

「Yes, it’s fine.」

I nervously reached out my hand.

When both of my hands traced along the genitals while avoiding the pubic hair, I slowly pushed her slit left and right and spread it open.

The inside is covered with clean and completely pink mucosal quality.

An obscene hole that looks like a complex organ.

How many of men were swallowed in here?

I was driven by jealousy somehow.

I pushed a finger into the v.a.g.i.n.a.

It’s warm.

Or rather, it’s hot.

When I stroked it, I found out that it felt soft and sticky.

「Fuh nu…nh…」

With the stroking of my finger, a voice leaked out from Nee-chan’s mouth.

I withdraw my finger in panic and look up to Nee-chan.

「It’s fine, it was nothing. Touch as you like.」

「Nee-chan, here?」

「Uh huh, there. That place… I wonder if you know. You can peel it off.」

As pointed out by Nee-chan, I pull up the foreskin in the top of the slit.

Then a small bean, which slid out from there, appeared.

Naturally, this bean is the c.l.i.toris.

Pulling the foreskin even more, I tried to completely expose the c.l.i.toris but it does not go well.

My fingers were soaked with slippery liquid.

I became irritated and tried to peel it off.

Over and over again.

As a result, I ended up touching around the c.l.i.toris with intense concentration.

I did not even notice that the c.l.i.toris was becoming completely uncovered and kept on touching.

The c.l.i.toris swells in deep red and protrudes.

「Nh… Fuh… Aa…h Mou… This is why a virgin is…」

Before I knew it, Nee-chan’s voice was becoming louder.

Sweat trickles down on my face.

This might not have been simply because of being in the bathroom.

「S, sorry, Nee-chan. Did it hurt?」

「It doesn’t hurt. If I had to say, it’s rather pleasant.」

「Oh, is that so?」

Her harsh way of talking about a while ago disappeared.

It’s like gentle and flirtatious somehow.

I can’t hide my surprise in Neechan who is repeatedly showing an expression I have never seen before.

「Hey, Yuuichi.」

「W, what?」

「Lick it.」

「Eh, ah, yeah. U, understood.」

I haven’t licked something like this before, so I don’t know how to do it.

This is not a situation where I can say something boorish like that.

I pressed my mouth against the entrance of the slit trying to bury my nose.

The c.l.i.toris was entirely held between my lips.

「Hia…ha…aa, s, such feeling… Nh nuu…」

When I made tongue crawl, Nee-chan gasped.

It doesn’t matter how I do it.

I became crazy and started licking the c.l.i.toris.

I rolled the firm protrusion that I felt inside my mouth with my tongue to my heart’s content.

I strongly pressed with the tip of my tongue and intensely licked it.

「Sto…oo… Jeez, idiot… Hiiah… Yu, Yuuchi…」

「W, what?」

「Are you only licking?… Hey… Suck it… more, more…」

「Y, yeah. I understand… Upuh!」

Even with my wholehearted caress, it seems that Nee-chan was unsatisfied.

She held my head down to push my face against her genital area.

I suck the c.l.i.toris held in my mouth as I was ordered.

By narrowing my lips, I suck the c.l.i.toris so intensely that her breathing is becoming strange.

「A…ah… Ah… Aaaa…」

When her gasps like sighs of admiration ended, the hand holding down my head was taken away.

Looking up at Nee-chan, she is dripping with sweat, eyes still closed, and repeatedly breathing wildly.

「You still have a long way to go… Hey… You suck…」

「Eh? Ah, yeah. After all, because it’s my first time.」

「Uh huh… but, my Otouto… You made me c.u.m, Yuuichi…」

After she smiled and laughed as she got off from the edge of the bathtub in disarray, Nee-chan embraced me.

I made Nee-chan c.u.m?

She came just now.

I only just noticed that.

I don’t know what to do with my sister who is hugging me.

Just with the pleasant feeling of our naked bodies embracing each other, I also hugged Nee-chan.

「Then… later, let’s go to bed… and have s.e.x…」

To Nee-chan’s words that were whispered close to my ear, I said nothing and could do nothing but nod.

Nee-chan Is A Soap Girl!? Chapter 4

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