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The black eagle… er, let's call this one the green-scaled black eagle. The green-scaled black eagle used its sharp green claws and shot out numerous [Mana Bullets] from its wings in an imposing manner.

However, the three Spiritual Ability users dodged all the attacks at high speed or used personal barriers to block the attacks. They were able to attack and defend together with excellent cooperation, and maintained a series of attacks while also taking care of their companions.

Even though the green-scaled black eagle flew up into the air and used its aerial advantage, the situation didn't change.

As Seiji saw it, unless the green-scaled black eagle was able to do something like a transformation, it would only be a matter of time before it was defeated.

In that case, if he wanted to obtain the silver fruit, he would have to deal with those three fully equipped Spiritual Ability users.

Was he going to have to kill them to steal the treasure?

Was he finally going to go down the cla.s.sic path of a xianxia or xuanhuan story protagonist?

Come, let's shout together, "I'm the harem protagonist of a martial arts novel, and I shall defy the heavens!"

'Ha, of course not, that would be the wrong genre. Besides, I'm not that arrogant or rebellious,' Seiji commented to himself.

He didn't want to do such a thing.

While he really wanted to obtain some silver fruits, it wasn't to the extent where he was willing to kill others for silver fruits. Besides, he didn't even know if he would be able to win against those three Spiritual Ability users.

Seiji continued to silently observe the battle.

As the green-scaled black eagle received more and more damage, it evidently entered a berserk state as it kept rus.h.i.+ng fiercely, sending out more waves of [Mana Bullets] and violently waved its claws!

The Spiritual Ability users suffered slightly under its furious barrage of attacks, but remained calm. Not only were they not scared off, they even brought out their melee weapons to fight with it!

The area around them was demolished, with the buildings and plants all being destroyed. Broken pieces of plants were sent flying everywhere. Only, the shards that flew towards the large tree were blocked by that faint black mist protecting it.

Finally, the green-scaled black eagle was forcefully shot down while rus.h.i.+ng towards the three Spiritual Ability users and pitifully fell to the ground. After roaring heavily in evident unwillingness, it suddenly flew up and left without returning.

One of the Spiritual Ability users remained on guard, while the other two approached the large tree.

The black mist moved to block them.

One of them retrieved an object that appeared like a landmine and placed it on the ground.

With a *boom!* the "landmine" object caused a huge explosion! Immediately following after, a large amount of black mist twirled around the tree and dissipated.

The two Spiritual Ability users then approached the tree and started gathering the silver fruits from it.

Seiji observed them all the way until they finished harvesting the silver fruits and left.

Then, he left as well, and returned to his original starting location based on the map that he had self-recorded.

Then, he tried to find a shorter path from his starting location to the giant tree.

He made several trips to and from these two locations… spending quite a lot of time to find the shortest path.

After he found the shortest path and committed it clearly to memory, Seiji made his preparations, then loaded!

Darkness enveloped him before everything lit up again.

Seiji returned to the moment right after he entered the Spirit World. He had made a save file at that time just in case.

He immediately started running and proceeded at a high speed along the path that he memorized!

He did his best to avoid all Spiritual Creatures on this path. The ones that he couldn't avoid, he dealt with as quickly as possible.

"This feels a lot more like a game now."

Seiji had once played a game called Dark Souls in his past life which was renowned for its difficulty. In that game, one of the fastest techniques to beat a scenario, known as "speedrunning," was to control the video game character and dash past all the enemies, fighting only the necessary monsters and the boss.

Seiji was currently doing something similar.

His goal was to reach the black-leafed large tree as quickly as possible and defeat the green-scaled black eagle, being the first to obtain the silver fruits!

Perhaps this counted as stealing treasures from others. But, he could avoid a fight this way, and only needed to race against time.

The best-case scenario in his mind was that the green-scaled black eagle wouldn't even be there, and that he would only have to defeat the black mist barrier guarding the tree, harvest the silver fruits, and then run off.

However, reality wasn't so kind.

The green-scaled black eagle was crouching right in front of the large tree, acting out its proper role as a guardian.

Seiji didn't stop in his movements as he cast [Evolved Body-strengthening spell] on himself, transforming into a Super Saiyan… whoops, into his golden form as he wielded his wooden sword and attacked!

The large eagle discovered his presence and counterattacked with its claws.

Seiji dodged this claw attack, and swung with full force.

[Ice Calamity Blade!]

*s.h.i.+ng!!* The Kapok tree bark wooden sword viciously sliced into the eagle's body with the power of ice while multiple spiritual swords of ice materialized in thin air and also stabbed the eagle's body. The eagle was heavily injured from the very first exchange of blows.

The green-scaled black eagle howled in pain as it furiously waved its claws.

Seiji was unable to dodge, and was knocked away. He adjusted his posture in midair, then lifted his hand and locked on to his target.

[Ice Prison]!

The large eagle's body instantly froze solid as if it had become a sculpture.

Seiji then used this opportunity to gather Mana, and attacked with an extremely large [Evolved Mana Bullet]!


The gigantic spiritual attack left a golden trail as it exploded on the eagle's head in a brilliant manner.

The large eagle was struck dizzy by this blow. If this could be represented in a manga style, its eyes would be little x's with stars twirling around its head.

Seiji continued rus.h.i.+ng at the eagle and jumped onto its back to furiously slice down with his wooden sword in a continuous flurry of blows. Finally, he swung his sword in a wide arc and used [Ice Calamity Blade] for the second time!


The green-scaled black eagle wailed in terror as it continually received several serious injuries.

It forcefully waved its sharp claws and forced Seiji back, then immediately turned around and escaped, flying off into the sky without even looking behind it.


Seiji didn't expect things to go so smoothly as he praised himself.

Now, he just had to deal with the black mist barrier.

He didn't have a convenient landmine-like item like the previous three Spiritual Ability users. He could only break through using brute force.

*Slice slice slice slice slice…* He broke through!

Finally, he climbed the tree and picked all the silver fruits, ignoring any fruits that were of a different color.

There were more silver fruits than he expected! He was able to fill almost his entire backpack.

'Alright, I'm done here, time to go!'

Seiji speedily left this area.

Later, when the three fully-equipped Spiritual Ability users arrived in this area, all they saw was a large tree that had nothing but ordinary red fruits left…

Seiji felt an immense feeling of victory and satisfaction as he left the Spirit World and returned home with a heavy backpack.

"Brother…" s.h.i.+ka greeted him upon his return.

"I've returned. Were you waiting for me?"

s.h.i.+ka nodded.

Seiji felt a warmth in his heart from this as he reached out and patted s.h.i.+ka on the head.

"Take a look, this is what I've gained." He showed her the silver fruits in his backpack. "I didn't expect that I would be able to gain something so good on my very first try… I suppose it's beginner's luck."

"Brother is amazing," s.h.i.+ka told him with great sincerity.

When being praised by his adopted younger sister like this, Seiji almost wanted to pretentiously shout out "It's because I'm the one chosen by the heavens!"

'Calm down, I should stop getting so overly excited.'

Still, he'd never expected to gain so much on his very first try!

With so many silver fruits, would they help increase his Spiritual Power and Mana to the level required for the [Yin-Yang Seal] to become a Yin-Yang Master?

He hoped so. He decided to eat one right now… wait a moment, was there a special method that he needed to eat these in order to benefit?

After all, they were a precious resource. To be on the safe side, Seiji immediately sent Hana a message asking her if she was around.

"It's so late at night. What do you want?"

"I found some silver fruits, and wanted to ask how I'm supposed to eat them."

"What?" The cat-eared hat girl was astonished to hear this.

She was even more astonished after she finished listening to his abridged version of what happened.

"You went to a Spirit World just like this… didn't you say that you would think things over?"

"Yeah, I finished thinking things over, and simply went."

"Don't say it like you were deciding which supermarket sale to attend! These are Spirit Worlds we're talking about!!"

"I did my best to make some serious preparations."

"You, just what preparations can you even make!? Tell me beforehand, b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!"

"Ah, could it be that you wanted to help me prepare something like equipment?"

"Of course, idiot! You don't even have much of a weapon, and dared to go to a Spirit World! How foolish are you!?"

"I have a Kapok tree bark wooden sword…"

"What the h.e.l.l good will a wooden sword do you!!" Hana retorted forcefully.

"Don't say that, it was quite useful. I used it to defeat a Spirit World Creature that was as large as a house," Seiji told her proudly.

"It's amazing enough that you even survived to tell the tale, using only a wooden sword to fight against such a creature, you idiot!!!"

Hana's loud shouting was almost at the level of breaking her microphone.

She'd never expected that he was such an unimaginable idiot.

With only a wooden sword as his Spiritual Weapon, he dared to go adventure in a Spirit World? That was on a completely out of the world level of idiocy!

However, he lived and returned.

Not only did he survive, it seemed that he wasn't even injured, and even brought back the most valuable resource with him that he could obtain in a Spirit World… Was this so-called fool's luck?

'That's not right!!'

The cat-eared hat girl felt internally conflicted and helpless about her idiot transmigrated reincarnated older brother.

NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System Chapter 436: I Have A Kapok Tree Bark Wooden Sword…

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