Night Ranger Chapter 436

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The scene of Marvin and Endless Ocean failing their attack had been too fast so many people couldn't understand what happened, but the current scene of the grand G.o.ddess of Magic being killed close to twenty times within the boundary of the four totems was clearly seen by everyone in Feinan.

Even the G.o.ds who were fighting outside the Universe Magic Pool and occasionally glancing at Feinan were left dumbstruck.

As high and mighty G.o.ds, they didn't believe that this world had many people who could harm them.

Even though the New G.o.ds weren't happy with Dark Phoenix's attempt to ascend, they were blocked outside the Universe Magic Pool and couldn't do anything about it, so they'd resigned themselves to seeing a new compet.i.tor rise.

They had no expectation that someone in Feinan would appear and finish Dark Phoenix.

But Marvin's group stepped out.

Four-totem boundary!

It was even feared by Ancient G.o.ds in times long past.

The pitiful Dark Phoenix was killed more than twenty times by a mere human. This wasn't a matter of just dignity anymore, but a matter of life and death!

Normally, as long as G.o.ds had enough Divine Source, they wouldn't die.

But the scene currently happening in the Steel City's southern suburbs made the G.o.ds feel terrified!

This was Dark Phoenix, who was ascending to the almighty Magic G.o.dhood! If they had been attacking an ordinary G.o.d, Marvin would have already killed him off for good!

Even so, n.o.body knew how many times Dark Phoenix could resurrect.

Theoretically, she only needed one chance...

But from Marvin's skillful display of killing techniques, it didn't look that guy was inexperienced.

Would he give Dark Phoenix such an opportunity?

But despite their shock, they couldn't afford to be too distracted. After all, Eric was still wreaking havoc among them. Although the three Great G.o.ds were already attacking him, destroying an Astral Beast's physical body was very challenging, comparable to dealing with the barrier of the Universe Magic Pool.

They were caught in a stalemate.

For the G.o.ds with weak Divine Power, the consequences of being distracted would most likely be getting injured by the Astral Beast and losing some of their Divine Source!

Astral Beasts were extraordinary creatures and some even had the ability to swallow Divine Source.

If Eric could do that, then dying just once could be the end!

Although Eric had yet to display such an ability, all the G.o.ds were on guard against this.

Steel City's southern suburbs.

It was bound to end up in a bloodbath.

Marvin flickered like a shadow and cut Dark Phoenix in two once again!

23rd time!

Marvin's grip on his daggers was slightly weakening!

His expression was still tranquil like water and he forced himself to abandon all distracting thoughts. He only had one thing in mind: Killing.

At this moment, all unnecessary emotions were disturbances.

He entered a strange and fantastic state, as if he were a crafty hunter facing a vicious beast in one of those ancient colosseums.

Although the beast was wounded all over, it had an outstanding const.i.tution and could deal a fatal blow to the hunter at any time.

Marvin was that hunter.

His body and mind were at their peak and his full attention was locked on Dark Phoenix's body.

A layer of golden blood had already condensed on the blades of the daggers. The smell was even thick enough to make people feel sick.

Twenty-three kills and Dark Phoenix was still reviving. Marvin didn't know how many times it would take.

The only thing he knew was that he would keep killing her whenever she resurrected.

Up until her Divine Source was used up!

Marvin's elevated state was wonderful, but Dark Phoenix was miserable.

Each time she resurrected, she didn't even have time to fully regain her consciousness before she was ruthlessly slashed down by Marvin.

She could only feel acute pain.

If not for the possibility that Dark Phoenix could still counterattack, this would simply be torture!

This was even worse than just death. It was an endless cycle of birth and death. The fierce pain could definitely cause one's mind to collapse.

Dark Phoenix was someone very patient and resilient. Otherwise, even if she had enough Divine Source to resurrect endlessly, she would still become a lunatic.

The Divine Servants already had no way to help her.

Under the combined efforts of the others, Dark Phoenix's helpers were having problems of their own.

The four totems were crazily consuming the Magic Power of the four Legend casters.

It had to be pointed out that Marvin was reaping the fruits of their efforts.

For a matter like killing Dark Phoenix, the ones who deserved praise were those four Legends powering the totems.

Without them sealing off Dark Phoenix's Divine Power, Marvin might not even be able to kill her once!

But after such a long time, even if she was in a bad state, Dark Phoenix's vitality made everyone feel alarmed!

The Legends' Magic Power was obviously limited.

Dryad Chloe and Volcanic Giant Woodhead seemed to be nearing their limits.

They didn't know how much longer this would last for.

If they ended up exhausting their Magic Power while Dark Phoenix still had Divine Source remaining, the results could be disastrous!

At that time, Dark Phoenix would be the one suddenly taking advantage of the situation.

Unfortunately, they had no way to pull back.

Kill or be killed, it would be decided in the next few minutes.

This battle hinged on Dark Phoenix's vitality, and on whether the Legend casters could handle the huge consumption to keep supporting Marvin!

The time continued ticking.

29th time!

Dark Phoenix's painful howl echoed in the Steel City suburbs.

A small shudder appeared in Marvin's hand...

Jessica frowned... this wasn't a good sign.

And at the same time, two of the totems seemed to have an issue!

Dryad Chloe had completely reached her limits and couldn't keep the totem powered.

It was the same for the Volcano Giant.

The Sea Elven Queen and Jessica could still barely maintain the barrier, but it wouldn't last for long!

The boundary seemed to be weakening.

Jessica bit her lip and increased her Fate Power output, forcibly making up for the other two casters.

But speeding up her consumption of Fate Power like this could be dangerous!

Worry flashed in everyone's eyes.

The Divine Servants were almost all dead, and Constantine was gradually getting closer to wiping out the army of Wizard Monsters.

But if Dark Phoenix didn't die, this would all be meaningless!


A dagger flashed again.

30th time!

A hint of weariness also appeared on Marvin's face.

His arms were already aching.

'd.a.m.n! How could Dark Phoenix be so overpowered!'

'Thirty times… How many more times left?'

At this time, Marvin was already having to act just on instinct.

They were all relying on their willpower to keep going.

But there was a huge question gnawing at the back of their minds!

How many more times could Dark Phoenix resurrect?

But at that time, a cold wind suddenly blew over them!

Everyone felt chills down their spines!

"Hehe… Dark Phoenix, you seem to be very miserable," a cold voice ridiculed.

Night Ranger Chapter 436

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