Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne Chapter 129.2

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Chapter 129.2

The days that pa.s.s little by little are unchanged and yet they change with steady progress.
Eliott’s ceremony at the royal palace was held yesterday.

From our Christophe House, both parents, grandparents, and the eldest son and next head of family Theo attended.
Ellie and I stayed at home.
I thought Eliott would say that he wanted me to come as well, but he’s apparently a considerable person in such matter.
No matter how peaceful Ovent’s royal palace might be, tricky kind of people exist anywhere and my existence which is closely watched by the heroes of the Ovent Kingdom, my grandparents, will attract a high degree of attention.

Therefore, what I meant to say is that I heard that the King wanted my parents and Eliott to let me, Lilianne, attend as well.
Of course, he was rejected.

If even the King requested my attendance, then quite a lot of information about me must have gotten outside.
I will become three years old very soon, so it’s only natural that rumors would start when my famous grandparents wouldn’t return to their fief all this time.

If you live for three years in a n.o.ble’s house, then you will certainly need to push information to the outside to some extent.
The servants of the Christophe House are tight-lipped. They are so tight-lipped they would rather die during torture then talk.
Well, you would have to go through the trouble of abducting them first though.

Protecting the safety of the servants is important.
Therefore, it would be better to let some controlled information out to the public. Hide trees in the forest. As difficult as finding a needle in a mountain of hay, the information that we wanted out and information that we want to hide is cleverly hidden within true and false information.

Still, the people trying to investigate the Christophe House are never ceasing.
Those who are against the Christophe House usually can’t acquire any information. Spies that try to infiltrate such firm defenses are apparently caught after failing almost daily.

Even if they don’t take the direct route, even if trying to infiltrate repeatedly from indirect routes, they are crushed ahead of time.
That seems to be Ojiisama’s hobby as he occasionally boasts about it.
Today I will catch such and such at a such and such place and will increase the debt once again, he says.
It’s definitely not something he should brag about to a three years old girl, but suitably going along with your grandpa is also something like a filial piety. His work in the fief he’s usually chasing in a haggard state――mainly from the anxiety of running away from his aides and getting immediately arrested?――is rapidly growing, so he feels more comfortable when he sees me.
Rather, I want to pity his aides. Should I make them a tea with the usual magic tool next time?


Returning to the main subject.


The information about me which is circulating in the royal palace is mainly that I’m an excellent grandchild whom my grandparents are keeping an eye for, the information about my Magic Eyes is concealed with the information of my excellence as cover.
Well, that excellence is considering she’s a little girl, such remark is closely attached, followed by she has a promising future, hahaha, and stuff like that.
But, because of the information that Ovent’s heroes are keeping an eye on me attached, it’s received slightly differently.

That’s probably why the King wanted to see me.
Being a celebrity is unexpectedly troublesome.

And now, I will probably come out as the reason behind Eliott’s attending at the 1st-grade sorcerer promotion.
No, it’s already out.
Eliott is such character, so not boiling up in the royal palace would be strange and the people of the royal palace will have their suspicions.
And even though I have considered it for a while, Eliott has apparently already brought me up as a subject.

It started with boasting about me more than my parents and grandparents.

Claire was at wits’ end because of that.
Sure enough, the talks of engagement are currently the royal palace’s favorite. Runner-up is Eliott being a pedo. Followed up by Eliott’s Magic Eyes being a miracle worker with infinite ideas.

It’s funny because it’s mainly correct, other than the first one.
By the way, extinguis.h.i.+ng the fire of rumors is difficult, so the best way is apparently letting it naturally die out.

The King’s request was also based on the rumors, so there was apparently no problem in turning him down.



Even while things were happening, I spend my days peacefully without being directly involved.
If there was one thing, I was concerned about Eliott’s parade and ceremonies because I was the one who asked him, but in the end, there was nothing I could do.

At most, Eliott took full advantage of creating furniture to his heart’s content.


The third week of the 12th Month has come into view.

I will turn three very soon.
I’m looking forward to my birthday a bit this year because of the furniture I’m able to see.
While self-conscious of the slightly quickened heartbeat, I certainly felt Ovent’s long autumn slowly marking the end.

Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne Chapter 129.2

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