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Chapter 25 [Divine Awareness[i] of Water and Moon Labyrinth]

TL : Cnine

ED :

Part 1

Just as usual, I can feel the power of the demon is flowing into my body.

I can feel that this torrent of power which far more powerful than usual is maybe my opponent was a mighty existance.

Despite saying so, that kind of opponent is nothing more than the level which will be beaten easily if it’s a silver rank adventurer……..

Well, even so.

――It’s level is just so-so.

I’m heaving a sigh in relief as I’m looking at the wreckage of the Bone Giant(Giant Skeleton) with smashed cranium and already not moving an inch.

Of course this is just just figure of speech, My lung isn’t even make any movement.

It’s the problem of feeling.

But, different from the time when I was a Bone Man(Skeleton), my lungs is definitely in it’s place but, I’m sure that it’s not moving like how the one of living human moving.

It’s obvious from the fact that I can’t feel inhaling anything no matter how much I’m trying to breathing.

But well, when I’m moving my body like the time when I swing my sword, I’m aware that I’m breathing.

Maybe it can’t be helped since it’s my habit.

But, there’s a story that a master can read movement based on breathing, and I must competing with the people who can do so if I’m aiming to become Divine Silver(Mithril).

When I think about that matter, should I fix that a little? No matter how much I think………..

Well, let’s just leave it for now.

Even more important that that right now is that man.

Maybe, that man’s receiving his injury when he came upon that Bone Giant(Giant Skeleton).

He might be die if I’m not giving him a treatment ASAP.

Though he was still breathing a while ago, how about now………….

When I’m approaching him thinking about looking into his condition, it seems his wound is shallower than what I thought.

Moreover, when I’m trying to touch him, it seems that some bones of his side is broken, it’s one of his leg bone.

It was a grave wound to the point that he’ll die if I leave him alone.

But, here I am.

Though I can’t use recovery magic, I have Reiki.

Magic is something that I make sure to learn properly, though there’s a saying that you can’t use it without proper understanding from the theory, Reiki is much better when using instinctively.

That’s why it’s trifling matter whether I’m a clergy or not, I could purifying water right after it’s given.

Thus, the current me can do even far more better.

It’s because the torrent of power that I felt right after I beat the Bone Giant(Giant Skeleton) a while ago.

Because of that, I feel that my body is strengthened.

The power of Reiki, Qi, and magical power which gushing forth from inside my body is keep getting stronger than before I fought against that Bone Giant(Giant Skeleton), if it’s like that………….. I feel that it was around my ability.

In short, it’s mean that I can treat the wound.

Healing magic by using Reiki is area expertise of a clergy, it’s basically making the use of god miracle, that just how much the power held by someone amongst clergy who uses Reiki.

The quality and quantity of one possessed Reiki is said to be equivalent to their proportion in faith, that’s why there’s a saying that one can’t use healing if their faith is not enough.

For this reason, the clergy who practicing in healing art is receiving respect, moreover, the saint who have healing power surpassing that clergy is being hailed as holy woman.

When saying it from that point of view, I who can use that power is a bit, strange.

Why, because I can’t say that I’m someone who have that deep faith.

Anyhow, the reason I gained Reiki is almost by unexpected chance brought upon by my whim, though I want to say my gratitude now despite not having that much faith.

And yet, my Reiki is still increasing when I’m comparing it with my faith.

I don’t know why is that happen………………………. But, it’s not a bad thing.

Though it’s a different story if I who’s an Undying Men(Undead) exterminated with this power, I can’t feel any discomfort with using it.

I seems like an adventurer who’s trying to be rational due to the reality by calling it “If there’s no problem, all is well right“.

Part 2

Well then, time to start healing art.

As for me having used it is, nay.

To be honest this is the first time I’m using it, so don’t know whether it’s really possible or not.

But, I just somehow understand that I would be able to pull it off.

Though I think that it’s okay to call it something like intuition, I mean it’s feel similiar to the purification of water.

It’s something similiar right.

I’m placing my hand on the place of where the bone is fractured in the body of the fainted man, and then I clad my hand with Reiki just like when I coiled it on my sword a while ago.

The pale blue light is wrapping around my hand.

It’s coming out of my gloves but, since there’ll be a problem if he wake up while I’m not wearing my gloves, I keep wearing it for now.

It’s better to unfasten my gloves if his condition still no better, was what I thought.

Fortunately, it seems that the Reiki is working properly despite coming out from the thick cloth of my gloves.

The bone fractured part which become dark red is gradually regaining it’s color, and the dislocated bone also returning to it’s proper place bit by bit.

To be honest, since I don’t know how long it’ll take for the wound to completely recovered, it should be okay to stop it by this point, my hand is moving  from his abdomen to leg.

And then, when I’m invoking my Reiki in similiar manner, as expected the fractured part also gradually returning to skin colored one from the dark red color, and then it became completely fine as if there’s no bone fracture at all when looking at glance.

…………….. Was it just healed?

Even I who did it failed to understand how it comes to that.

But, the outward appearance have been healed.

Well, it’s not that bad even if the wound isn’t completely healed.

Meaning is, if it’s in his current condition, he might be able to somehow returning to his house when comparing to his grevious condition a while ago,

But, making an absurd movement when your bone still fractured is bad.

In short, I’ll wait till he wake up and had better returning after confirming whether he’s still hurting or not, was what I thought.

「……… Eh……….. T-This place is……….?」

He’s not in a condition where he’ll wake up even if I shake him a bit, that voice was coming into my  ears who’s sharpening my hearing to observing the surrounding area since it’s just too boring to waiting till he wake up.

It seems that somehow the man is awakened.

I approached that man when I sensed that.

Part 3

「………. HavE YoU,  WOkE UP………?」

When I asked him, that man is nodding,

「Yeah……………. What the heck is this place, and then that giant Bone Man(Skeleton) is…………! Ouch…………」

It seems that his conciousness is fully restored, the man who’s shouting with eyes wide open is touching his injured abdomen.

From his reaction, it seems that my healing didn’t completely healing his wound.

Well, that’s emergency measure after all.

Maybe it doesn’t have that much effect.

It’s better for him to go to hospital later.

While thinking so, I,

「……… I, BEaT ThAT GUy……………………..That’S ThE EvIDEnT」

While saying so I’m pointed to the magic stone as big as the palm of my hand.

I was looking at the Bone Giant(Giant Skeleton)  wreckage after beating it.

Though it’s quite troublesome to looking for it in the middle of the debris of it’s cranium, I got plenty of time.

As a result, I could find it.

It’s quite a big one, maybe because the infuence of it’s size.

The man is looking at that with surprised face.

「………. It’s magic stone worth of gold class………. Though I don’t know the detail of the calculation…… As expected, that was how valuable this thing is………..」

Certainly, though if ones only looking at the magic stone, whether one has that kind of skill was the problem.

Certainly if it was really the case I might not be able to beat it.

This is a good fortune, I believe it’s called a “rare drop”.

That’s happens once in a while.

The demon who surviving for many years tended to hiding a higher quality magic stone than normal one.

Maybe I could find this kind of thing is because the Bone Giant(Giant Skeleton)  just now has been left alone for quite long time.

That aside, I have no doubt that this magic stone itself will be easily sold in quite high price.

And then, if that was the case, as for the man,

「……….. If only I have that magic stone………….. No」

He shut his mouth when he’s about to say something.

I know what he want to say.

Maybe this will fetch with price more than 15 gold coin.

In short, it’s enough to payback the man entire debt.

But the man didn’t say that.

It seems that way.

But, I say to the man.

「……… YoU, CaN HAvE, It IF YoU, WanT」

Of course I have no intention to give it for free.

[i] [TL* : Seiki, previously I translated it as “Reiki” which turned out wrong after Lent said it himself in around chapter 30ish]


Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha Chapter 25

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