Nuptial Chamber Next Door Chapter 43.2

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Chapter 43.2

"Soon?" I couldn't believe it. " Were you lying to me earlier?"

"No. He should have been released only after the investigations were completed". He paused and continued, " My friend helped a bit. As long as someone stands guarantee that he will not try to escape, he will be released."

" Who can stand guarantee for him? Can I ?"

Ye Zhengchen shook his head. " I have to do that. You can't."

" When can he come out?"

" When do you want him to come out?" he asked, looking directly into my eyes. I could see the contradictory emotions in his eyes and his face.

Zhong Tim was finally alright. There was no reason for Ye Zhengchen and I to continue interacting with each other anymore

It was bound to happen sooner or later. The sooner, the better.

" Ofcourse, the sooner it is , the better. If he gets out fine, even my dad would be rea.s.sured", I said.

" What about you?"

"……" “…”

How could I not understand his hints?

Since the time I had met him at the hotel, I had asked myself several times if I would entangle myself with Ye Zhengchen again even if Zhong Tim was not in the picture.

The answer was no

The past was now a distant memory. Yes , the love I felt for him was deep but so was the hurt.

I knew now that a lot of things were outside his control, but nothing could change the responsibility and commitment I had towards Zhong Tim.

I had also asked myself if I would be willing to do this with another man if Zhong Tim's life was on the line. The answer to that was no as well.

The only person I could do this with, the only person with whom I would be able to take off my clothes in the presidential suite, the only person with whom I would be willing to accept this trade was.. Ye Zhengchen.

No matter what my brain would say, for any other man, my body would revolt ..

Seeing me hesitate, Ye Zhengchen took my hand, " Girl, just break up with him."

Break up! It was easy to say.

Irrespective of whether Zhong Tim was guilty or not, there was no doubt that this was a big blow to his political career. In the most difficult period of my life three years ago, he had supported me unstintingly. Now, when he was in trouble and I turned away from him, what kind of person would that make me?

I withdrew my hand from Ye Zhengchen's grasp and walked a bit away, the dead leaves crackling under my foot.

" Zhong Tim does not have anything now, I can't leave him."

He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to face him.

" You can't let me go either."

This man had really aced his psychology course! He could see right through my heart. He has planned this well. Step by step, he had me reveal my still active feelings for him. I had no way to hide, he had controlled everything from the beginning.

Zhong Tim was a weak opponent.

I raised my head and looked at him, " I don't want to see you again once Zhong Tim comes out of jail."

" What do you mean?" he raged at me , " now you kick me out after you've achieved your objective?"

" I remember what we said perfectly. This was a quid pro quo arrangement. I sleep with you in exchange for his freedom. "

" You!"

His grip on my arms tightened. It was painful, but it helped me hide the ache in my heart.

" General Ye, in case you are not satisfied, I am willing to sleep with you tonight for the last time."

He inhaled deeply in an effort to calm down his temper.

Then, in a steady tone, he said, " I want you, but not for the 'last time', Not now, not three years ago and not three years later."

" But I always thought of our time together as the 'last time'", I shouted, " including our first time."

He was so angry his face paled. His mouth twisted and I felt suddenly scared.

He was a strong general, he could easily break all the bones in my body

Looking at his expression, I realised it was very likely that he could kill me an get rid of my corpse easily in this barren and desolate place

I was considering whether to beg him for mercy when he suddenly bent and kissed me wildly.

Instead of a kiss, it was more appropriate to call it a ferocious bite, a latent brutality simmering underneath it.

My vision blurred. The kiss clearly ill.u.s.trated the tangled feelings of love and hate that ran between us.

I cried. I could not deceive myself. I loved him, now and three years go. This strange mixture of love and hate would always occupy my heart.

When his anger cooled, he lifted my chin with his finger.

" Remember, I will decide the 'last time'. Only me."

I bit my lips, no longer willing to argue with him

Nuptial Chamber Next Door Chapter 43.2

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