Oklahoma Sunshine Part 58

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The Books.


Close the book and put it by!

What it held of song and sigh, What it held of smile and tear Laughs and sorrows through the year!

Pages dark and pages fair Each to each are wedded there, And no sage e'er understood What was evil, what was good!



Close the life and put it by!

It was made of song and sigh, It was made of smiles and tears And the struggles of the years!

Days of dark and days of fair Closely came and blended there, And but He who judges could Know the evil and the good!

Every day and hour from which Love witholds her smiles and hides her happy face is a desert path in the rose-fields of this life. Only he who welcomes the laughing goddess to his heart and holds her dear hands close with an abiding faith, receives that holy happiness discerning souls call a success worth having.

Move Along.

Move along, brother!

The way may be long, But yonder's the sunshine And here is the song.

Move along, brother!

The rain-bow is red; The clouds with the shadows And darkness have fled.

Move along, brother!

The turn of the lane!

Here's laughing for weeping And pleasure for pain!

The Sage.

Removed from pygmy ways afar, He feels the heft of sun and star,-- He traces winding paths that go Beyond the ways that dullards know, And sails swift thoughts across the seas Of God's unsailed immensities.

His vision sees the First and Last To present smallness welded fast, And he beholds with prophet eye The brotherhood of earth and sky, And, when Time's voyage wild is o'er The lights upon the farther shore!

Still Onward.

What if the paths be dark and shadowed still The summit roads and hope hides in eclipse!

Beyond the tangled ways that murmur ill The touch of tender lips!

Forth on the dark ways though still darker grow The paths before the groping finger-tips!

Beyond the shadow years our visions know The touch of tender lips!


A sigh and a song, And a song and a sigh; But the song helps along To the sky bye and bye!

Oklahoma Sunshine Part 58

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