Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Chapter 202 - Fake Revolutionary (4)

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Chapter 202: Episode 38 – Fake Revolutionary (4)

“Avoid it!” The executioner’s scythe moved along with Aileen’s call.

「 At this moment, his thoughts accelerated and the world looked like slow motion. 」

「 Kim Dokja thought: What the h.e.l.l is this? 」

I gritted my teeth and rushed towards Jang Hayoung.

There might be a difference between the 111th regression and the current regression but there was no such development in the original second Night. The executioners didn’t receive any orders from the duke and should’ve wasted their second Night after being unable to kill me.

[Kill every one.]

Now the actions of the executioners were like those who had been playing this game for a long time. It was clear that someone had given them orders.

I pushed Jang Hayoung away while releasing Blade of Belief and receiving the executioner’s scythe.

[The combat shock has made your story configuration incomplete.]

The situation wasn’t very good. I couldn’t fight now.

[The story fragment ‘Face of A Casanova Who Died from s.e.xual Relations’ has been slightly damaged.]

d.a.m.n, my face! Fortunately, the executioner had no intention of fighting with me and immediately switched targets. I barely managed to sigh but quickly realized that this wasn’t a good thing.

[Ke ep the re vo lu tio nary a live.]


Citizens shrieked as they were cut by the executioners’ scythes. No one was dead yet but half a dozen people were already bleeding.


I bit my lips.

「 Kim Dokja thought: Was there a schemer he didn’t know about? Or was the duke already acting? The stories of Ways of Survival flowed quickly through Kim Dokja’s head. 」

“Everyone gather this way! I can’t protect you if you scatter!”

「 Kim Dokja judged. The duke hadn’t moved. It wouldn’t have ended like this if the duke moved. 」

The Fourth Wall was right. The industrial complex would already be ruined if the duke had moved.


The damage to the people didn’t reduce. The injuries from the executioners’ scythes continued all over the place. There were over 10 wounded in an instant.

The good news was that the enemies couldn’t kill many citizens. The game’s rules stated that each executioner could only kill one citizen per day.

At least, for three days.

Aileen shouted, “Everyone fight against them! They can’t use Execution without the mark!”

Some citizens armed themselves with weapons at Aileen’s words but the situation didn’t easily improve. In the first place, only a few citizens could follow the movements of the executioners. Even then, they didn’t last long.


The fact that the people didn’t know when the executioners would use the ‘mark’ added to their fear. They could always use the mark and some citizens would surely die. Furthermore, the guardian was protecting me and couldn’t protect them.


In the end, the ranks collapsed and the citizens started to scatter.

“No! Don’t go!”

Aileen urgently shouted but the frightened citizens couldn’t hear anything. The injured citizens groaned and seemed to be cursing towards empty air.

「 Kim Dokja was quietly furious. 」

I didn’t know who did this but…

“S-Save me…”

A wounded civilian crawled towards me. There were many people without good details. Some of them would die by the end of this Night if they were unlucky. The same went for those who fled.

This Night would be remembered as more terrible than any other Night in the industrial complex.

「 If the damage gets bigger then it will go according to their intentions. 」

The citizens would no longer be willing to help the revolution. They would once again follow the orders of the duke and Aileen’s Civil Council would be isolated. I couldn’t allow this to happen.

Thus, I had to play a different hand. The moment I took a short breath to call out to Aileen.

“This way! Kill me!” Someone hiding behind a building started shouting. It was Mark. “Over here! I am the guardian!”

Jang Hayoung realized what was going on and shouted, “d.a.m.n! Pub Owner, what are you doing?”

It was a hasty judgment. It was a valid but bad judgment.

“I am the guardian! Kill me!”

As Aileen and Jang Hayoung glanced at me, I was already running towards Mark. At almost the same time, the executioners were also running.

[Guar di an.]

Mark’s provocation worked well. The scattered executioners gathered in an instant.

[Kill the guar di an.]

I used Bookmark and Way of the Wind to quickly rush towards Mark. Mark’s pale face was nearing.

[The exclusive skill ‘Character List’ is activated!]

[Character List]

Character: Mark Javier

Private Attribute: Dimensional Mover (Hero), Retired S-Grade Mercenary (Rare), First Cla.s.s Chef (Rare)

Constellation Sponsor: None

Exclusive Skills: Cooking Lv. 9, Ingredients Processing Lv. 8, Old Justice Lv. 4, Sword Dance Lv. 9, (Private Skill) Lv. 1…

* This incarnation has a special role in the scenario.

* Some of the skills will be private due to the scenario penalty.

In fact, unlike what I told Aileen, I couldn’t know the exact ‘position’ of a person using Character List. However, I could see that someone had a special position and an unknown skill.

“It was a fleeting dream…”

The Dimensional Mover from the Gainz Planet, Mark Javier. He retired as a mercenary and become a chef after coming to the Demon World. Every character in the scenario had their own reasons.

Mark smiled at me as the scythes flew towards him. “I hope you succeed, Revolutionary.”

I didn’t know much about his life. He was a supporting role among countless people who died in Ways of Survival.

[The Syswitz Executioner has placed a mark of death on ‘Mark Javier’.]

[‘Mark Javier’ have been identified as the scapegoat of the Night.]

Ways of Survival had a huge 3,149 chapters. Some people probably thought this story was too long. They thought it was a long and boring story.

「 But for Kim Dokja, 3,149 chapters was short. 」

I always thought this. I wished that Ways of Survival was longer. I had read so many chapters but I was still curious about Ways of Survival.

“Don’t worry. You won’t die.”

Thus, I would read a part I hadn’t read from now on.

“Vicky! If I die…!” Mark shouted with a bit of embarra.s.sment.

“Why are you so anxious to die? No one will die. At least, not in my story.”

I blocked the scythes of the executioners and used a skill.

[The exclusive skill ‘Bookmark’ is activated!]

[The proficiency of Bookmark has increased and a new slot has been enabled.]

“I will place Knight of Revolution Mark Javier in the sixth slot.”

[The character ‘Mark Javier’ has been registered in the sixth slot.]

[The number six bookmark is activated.]

[(Private skill Lv. 1)is enabled.]

The scythe of an executioner headed to the neck of Mark, who had closed his eyes.

[You have temporarily acquired the position of ‘Guardian’!]

However, my side was a bit faster.

[Someone has used their vitality to protect ‘Mark Javier.’]

The executioner’s scythe stopped one inch from Mark’s neck. The scythe stopped like it was caught in a net. Mark knew the meaning of this and his eyes widened.

[The guardian was successful and the mark of death has been released!]

Of course, Mark wasn’t the only one to feel amazed.

[Is th ere ano ther guar di an?]

It was a voice filled with disbelief. The executioners scattered into the darkness one by one. The executioners couldn’t kill anyone, unlike their purpose. I wasn’t satisfied but it was still okay.

I sighed lightly and looked around where the survivors were staring at me. In particular, Jang Hayoung and Aileen were staring with shock. Judging from their expressions, it would be a long night.

[No one died tonight.]

As expected, Jang Hayoung and Mark didn’t leave me alone.

“What are you really?”

“What is your position? Are you actually a guardian?”

I would’ve suffered even more if Aileen wasn’t taking care of the citizens. I shook my head and sighed.

“I told you. I am a fake revolutionary.” Thus, I can be a fake guardian.”

“Explain  it now…!”

“Just let it go. I will expose too much if I tell you more details. Don’t you know how dangerous it is to disclose your information in a situation like this?”


“Let’s say I tell you the information. If you are kidnapped and reveal my information to the duke, how do you think this revolution will end?”

In fact, this was an excuse that Yoo Jonghyuk frequently used when he found explaining was annoying. Now I was Yoo Jonghyuk so I didn’t mind saying it.

“I am just Yoo Jonghyuk. Remember that.”

「 Kim Dokja thought: He feels like he is actually becoming Yoo Jonghyuk. 」

Shut up.

「I miss Kim Dok ja who speaks with hono rifics. 」

As I was playing with the Fourth Wall, the two men watched m with tired eyes and shook their heads.

“…You are a really difficult person.”

A message was probably entering Yoo Jonghyuk’s ears on Earth by now. Perhaps it was this message?

[Your story is being created in the 73rd Demon Realm.]

If he was smart, he would notice what was going on. However, it didn’t matter. The atmosphere calmed down and I brought up the main subject.

“Let’s talk about work. There is something that broke my expectations. There is a guy attacking using the rules of the game.”

“…I heard that Duke Syswitz isn’t a schemer. Do you think the duke has moved directly?”

“I don’t think so. I think it is someone else.”

“Still, tonight went well. Isn’t it more favourable to us if there are two people who can use the power of a guardian?”

“Not necessarily. Those guys won’t use the ‘mark’ tomorrow.”


“If it is hard to kill me then they will try to hurt as many people as possible.”


If the mark wasn’t used, the Night wouldn’t end until the sun rose.

“Many people were already hurt tonight. We didn’t win. We lost.”

Today people learnt to fear the executioners again. Once tomorrow came, people’s att.i.tudes would be clear. People would be afraid of the duke again and be afraid of the revolution. The enemies wouldn’t miss this gap.

Mark’s expression became darker and he opened his mouth. “…Then what do we do now?”

“We don’t need to do anything. Maybe someone else will move first.”

I had seen numerous Revolutionary Games in Ways of Survival. If things were like this then the next development was certain.

“The second ‘position’ will appear.”

“The second?”

“Yes. A position other than revolutionary, guardian and executioner.”

I just said this when someone knocked on the door. It was Aileen. “…Revolutionary, someone has come to find you.”

I saw her strangely tense face and knew that the movements of the enemy had already begun.

“He says he is a spy.”

TL: Rainbow Turtle

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Chapter 202 - Fake Revolutionary (4)

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