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Episode 17 – SSS Grade Talent (3)

There were three ways to wake up a disaster meteorite.

One was to let the meteorite hatch in line with the scenario. The second method was to draw out the power of the disaster meteorite in advance. The third and fastest way was to supply magic power to the disaster meteorite.

Dozens of Lee Seolhwa's group members were praying.

A faint magic power was flowing out of their bodies into the disaster meteorite.

The hatching ceremony. They had chosen the third method. Based on the meteorite's heavy shaking, the disaster would hatch in 30 minutes.

I looked at Lee Seolhwa and opened my mouth. "Won't you stop? Unless you want to die together."


“What are you thinking?"

It was strange.

In the third round of regression in the original, there was no one foolish enough to wake up the disaster, even if they did borrow the power of the disaster.

Yoo Jonghyuk must've visited Lee Seolhwa in advance because he knew about it.

"Stop hatching the disaster meteorite. Then I will spare you."

Lee Seolhwa looked at me quietly. "What if I don't want to?"

“You’ll die here.”

Poisoner Lee Seolhwa had an expression of ridicule on her face. Her hands moved and the humans praying towards the disaster turned towards me at the same time.

[The eighth grade outside species 'Lower Human Nam Minhyuk' has showed hostility towards you.]

[The eighth grade outside species 'Lower Human Jung Minji' has showed hostility towards you.]

[The eighth grade outside species 'Lower Human Kin Gapil' has showed hostility towards you.]

Antennae grew on their heads and their hands turned sharp like rakes. These wanderers seemed to become transformed humans rather than wolves. There was a worrisome point.

"…It is strange. Isn't transforming humans the power of the disaster meteorite?"

I murmured at the same time that Lee Seolhwa shouted, "Die!"

The loyalists leaped into their air, their wings spreading out. I aimed the hilt towards them.

[Blade of Faith is activated!]

[The special option of Unbroken Faith is activated.]

[The ether property is converted to 'fire.']

White flames split apart the air. All species with insect properties were weak to 'fire.' The ether flames of Unbroken Faith spread to the skin of the lower humans.

One to two, two to three.


The flames burned the skin of the lower humans. I cut off the legs and wings of the lower humans.


Magic power gushed out and burned the lower humans in a flash. It was the same in the case of the werewolves. They walked a path other than human and I didn't receive a penalty from killing them. I broke through the flames and ran towards Lee Seolhwa.

For the first time, Unbroken Faith was blocked. Lee Seolhwa's fingernails and forearms were tinged with a dark light.

The power of the disaster increase the level of the stigmas. By borrowing the power of the disaster, her Poisonous Nails could block the Blade of Faith. However, that didn't mean she could prevent all damage.


Sparks flew and Lee Seolhwa's body was pushed back a few steps. It would be strange if this didn't happen.

My current overall stats were the highest among all incarnations apart from Yoo Jonghyuk. I might have no talent but I wasn't weak among the incarnations.

"Give up. It won't be good for you if the disaster hatches now. Doesn't this sub scenario have no penalty for failure?"

Lee Seolhwa looked towards the disaster meteorite nervously. There was a change in the atmosphere.

It felt like she was aiming at the 'disaster' rather than power from the disaster meteorite.

It was strange. Even a person who didn't read the original novel would expect Seoul to be destroyed when a disaster hatched. Then why did she want to wake up the disaster?

[The exclusive skill, Character List is activated.]

[Character Information]

Name: Lee Seolhwa

Age: 26 years old

Constellation Support: Guam Divine Doctor  (Guam =pen name of Heo Jun, court physician who wrote Dongui Bogam, a medical text that showed up in a previous chapter)

Private Attribute: Competent Physician (Rare) Master of Poison (Rare)

Exclusive Skills: Weapons Training Lv. 7, Love Affair Demon Lv. 4, Emit Deadly Poison Lv. 5, New Poison Preparation Lv. 4, Counteract Poison Lv. 5…

Stigma: Deadly Poison Lv. 4, Thousand Spirits Poison Lv. 4, Crossroad of Life and Death Lv. 3

Overall Stats: Physique Lv. 44 (+10), Strength Lv. 42 (+10), Agility Lv. 44 (+10), Magic Power Lv. 35 (+10).

Overall Evaluation: The current comprehensive evaluation is currently in progress.

* This character is currently infected with a 'parasite.'

* The parasite is controlling the body of the character.

* Some of parasite Antinus' stats will be transferred to the character.

…d.a.m.n. I didn't think her condition would be like this.

[Due to the effect of your exclusive attribute, the memory effect of some scenes have increased.]

In my head, pages flipped and the sentences of some pages flowed over my retinas.

「 There are five dominant species in the world of Chronos. The Velkia in the east, the Parasites in the west, the Imyuntar in the south and the Mistilen in the north. Finally, the Inba in the centre. 」

I avoided the poisonous attack and kicked her back, causing her to lose her balance. Lee Seolhwa rolled around the ground and groaned. I watched Lee Seolhwa and opened my mouth.

"The fifth scenario is a scenario where the 'Disasters of Chronos' was made into a motif."

Lee Seolhwa's eyes shook as she heard 'Disasters of Chronos.'

"On the day that Chronos was destroyed, the five dominant species of Chronos elected one hero from each species. The five chosen heroes shamefully survived the destruction and carried on Chronos' path."


“They were sent to another through through a contract with the Star Stream. They came to that world, encountered other species and promised their lives in exchange for stopping the disaster there."

A non-human cry emerged from Lee Seolhwa's mouth at the story.

“They were called guides."

"…Kit. How does a human of Earth know such things?"

How did I know? I knew because I saw it in a book.

"You aren't Lee Seolhwa."

The disasters were hatching faster than the original. There were no 'humans' who would do such a thing.

"Parasite Queen Antinus. Why is a guide trying to wake up the disaster?"

Only a 'fallen guide' would dream of such a thing.

[The 5th grade Parasite Antinus is looking at you.]

Parasites were a parasitic species that lived through other species. Now Lee Seolhwa was being manipulated by one of the guides.

I looked at the dead bodies of the lower humans.

Just like with Lycaon's meteorite, it wasn't the power of the disaster but the power of Chronos' guide that promoted the human transformation.

“Why are you infecting the humans here? Why are you doing this?"


"What do you get for waking up the disaster early? Isn't the purpose of the guides to prevent the disaster along with the people of this world and unite with us to build a new world? Why are you trying to destroy the terraformed world?"

Kikik, kikikik…!

“This is an act that violates your mission! It isn't too late so get out of her body right now. Do the right thing, Guide Antinus!"

If possible, I didn't want to kill Lee Seolhwa. Maybe Yoo Jonghyuk would do the same.

The Poisoner became one of the Ten Evils after being infected by the Parasite. Lee Seolhwa might not be one of the 10 Evils if the infection was removed.

It was why Yoo Jonghyuk's conversation didn't work. He tried to protect his old lover from the Parasite Queen.

The messages of the Midday Tryst blinked in the air.

–Kill her.

It was Yoo Jonghyuk.

–The important thing isn't her life but the survival of this world. Act wisely, Kim Dokja.

Due to the far distance, I couldn't see what Yoo Jonghyuk's expression was like.

He had to worry about this world rather than the woman to whom he once gave his affection. Maybe this was the nature of a hero.

I said.

–Then you will be unhappy.

–It doesn't matter.

Yoo Jonghyuk's voce was steady and firm. But I knew. If Lee Seolhwa died here, Yoo Jonghyuk would someday collapse.


The deaths of his acquaintances would pile up, gnawing at Yoo Jonghyuk's memories and making his mind weary.

“Kit! You are just a human!"

The Parasite Queen spoke through Lee Seolhwa's mouth. Hatred for humans was ingrained in her tone.

In fact, I knew why she hated humans so much. However, the situation wasn't relaxed enough for me to think about her feelings.

“Kit. Die."

Black liquid started to flow from Lee Seolhwa's body. The Thousand Spirits Poison. This was when Lee Seolhwa's talent started to be shown off. Black liquid shot from her fingernails towards me.

I took a few steps back while the Thousand Spirits Poison melted the ground. If Yoo Jonghyuk was an ordinary incarnation, he would've already become like this ground. Yoo Jonghyuk asked.

–Do you have a countermeasure to the Thousand Spirits Poison?

–I do.

I also wasn't an ordinary person. Strictly speaking, I wasn't an incarnation. Lee Seolhwa's poison spread through the air towards me.

It felt like it had its own will as the poison freely moved through the air and found my weakness. A few drops splashed on my thighs and then my forearms. A part of the suit hit by Thousand Spirits Poison started to melt.

A satisfied smile appeared on Lee Seolhwa's face. However, this was an early judgment.

I ran through the poison and punched her hard in the belly, throwing her back.


She flew through the air with a terrible cry.

My skin touched by the Thousand Spirits Poison showed some discolouration but it soon returned to its original colour. Lee Seolhwa was upset.

"…Kik, the Thousand Poisons Resistance?"

Horror was in her eyes. Thousand Poisons Resistance was the terror of all beings who used poison. However, I didn't have Thousand Poisons Resistance or Immunity to Ten Thousand Poisons.

“Antinus, you don't know the sponsor behind your host?" I put my hand in my pocket. “That's why you don't know. You don't know but I'm sure its inside that body. Right?"

After a while, a book appeared in my hands.

[A constellation worried about the degradation of Oriental medicine has revealed his own modifier.]

[The constellation 'Guam Divine Doctor' looks at you with amazement.]


[Dongui Bogam- Unfinished Book]

It was one of the greatest Oriental medicine records of the East. The Dongui Bogam was an item that appeared in the five person dungeon during the King's Qualifications.

“I had a hard time collecting this."

During the King's Qualifications scenario, all the kings were frantically trying to get the Four Yin Demonic Beheading Sword.

While the kings coveted the Four Yin Demonic Beheading Sword, I picked up other items. Many items were thrown away because they didn't know their value. Among them, I was interested in the Dongui Bogam.

Internal Medicine – 4th part.

External Medicine – 4th part.

Various Diseases – 11th part.

Remedies – 3rd part.

Acupuncture – 1st part.

Table of Contents – 2nd part.

It was a star relic that could be completed after 25 parts were collected.

Unfortunately, I only collected eight pieces but that alone was enough to see an effect. Even if I only collected eight parts, the Dongui Bogam had the effect of the S grade Immunity to Poison Bead.

[The effect of the Dongui Bogam – Incomplete has been activated.]

[Your body has temporarily gained the Poison Resistance ability.]

The baffled Lee Seolhwa shouted.

"How? The Thousand Spirits Poison…!"

“I know. Thousand Spirits Poison is a poison that can't be counteracted with ordinary poison resistance. But it is possible for the Dongui Bogam. Why do you think that is?'

[The constellation 'Guam Divine Doctor' is smiling faintly.]

One constellation faintly glowed as if in response.

"It is because the constellation who made the Thousand Spirits Poison is the author of Dongui Bogam."

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Chapter 83

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