One Piece Invincible Chapter 18

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one piece invincible ch 18 Chapter 18 New Devil Fruit


Bloodsword Paxis pumped out a red machete, the pirate’s hot temper can not endure this type of insult, angered and slashed!

As the most powerful pirate in the nearby waters, the bounty is 33 million Bailey.

No one dares to provoke his majesty.

Even if I met the idiot of Dresser, even the uninvited guest dared to mock himself.

Can Pais still bear?

Kill it first!

“Very good, you should remember, it is your first move.”

Raj smiled slightly.

Before the b.l.o.o.d.y machete was about to fall on his forehead, the shape of Raj disappeared at the same time as the tiger skin stool.


Paxis was so angry as well as shocked.

“What about people? Where is he?!”

He quickly looked around and wanted to find the figure of Raj.

However, it can’t be seen anywhere.

“Hey, look where, I am on your head!”

The voice of Raj was standing on the top of the blood knife Pahis.

Paxis quickly looked up and said nothing to the Raj but directly attack.

But the knife has not arrived yet, and the shape of Raj disappeared again.


Pahis was furious.

This guy is just playing with him!

“You only have the ability to hide, come and fight with me like a man!”

Paxis roared.

The figure of Raj appeared and stood before Paxis.

“Well, you want to fight straight on,….. Good.”

Raj opened his arms. “You come first.”

“I want to kill you!”

Paxis roared, and the b.l.o.o.d.y machetes roared directly to Raj.

This time, Raj, as he said, did not hide.

The b.l.o.o.d.y machete cut from the top of Raj to the bottom ~ his body, the whole Raj became two halves!

However, there was no trace of blood at all.

The scars on the leaves of the leaves were restored to their original appearance.

“Natural devil fruit (Logia)…” The

blood knife Paxis saw this scene, his face pale, and the crew members under his eyes trembled.

In the face of the natural fruit ability, unless you use the sea floor stone, or more powerful ability than his ability, it is impossible to beat!

Those who can deal with the natural ability are also domineering ( haki ) , but the blood knife Paxis obviously does not even know the domineering existence.

“The power is good, but unfortunately still lacks a bit of intelligence.”

“Well, do not bother to waste time with you, give me a contribution devil fruit out …… what would be the devil fruit of it?”

Please Lord s.h.i.+v help me.

Light speed punch!

The fist fell like a raindrop on the blood knife Pahis.

“Congratulations, get a ‘Barrier-Barrier Fruit’ piece!”

“Congratulations, get a ‘Barrier-Barrier Fruit’ piece!”

“Congratulations, get a ‘Barrier-Barrier Fruit’ piece!”


Sweet Mechatronics The female voice popped up a lot.

Superman’s barrier fruit (Paramecia type)?

This skill is good!

Its attacking power is not strong but its defensive power is one of the best.

“Although for me personally, there is not much use now, but in the future it will inevitably encounter particularly difficult opponents. The barrier fruit can not only protect my own safety, but also protect my companions!”

Currently has two Logia type fruits already, So, In devil’s fruit attacking power he is unbeatable. It is a only a matter of time to become strongest.

Therefore, he does not have to worry about his own danger.

But the companions on board are different.

In case a particularly difficult enemy shoots at them, they want to protect and protect them… The barrier fruit just makes up for this gap!

Once the unbreakable barrier emerges, it forms an absolute defense, and all the partners are covered in it. With perfect protection, the rest will look at their own!

Getting the barrier fruit is equivalent to having the ability to protect everyone!

“Barrier fruit… This is a big baby! Hey, now it’s mine!”

Raj was so excited that he forgot to stop the speed of light punching Pahis.


The crew of the Blood Knife Pirates saw Paxis body started to deform and even meat is coming out from different area’s, this demon didn’t even stop here. He continue to beat captain. He doesnot kill him directly, They think he want to kill captain just by his fist.

“Please Stop!”


One of the crew members shot the gun directly at Raj.

But is the bullet useful for the Logia devil fruit ability?

The answer is obvious.

The bullets pa.s.sed straight through the body of Raj and did not cause any harm to him.

“The ability of the natural department is terrible! We can’t deal with him, run!” The

crew fled and fled one by one.

Raj raised his hand and A  laser light shot.

The yellow-colored beam of light emerged, and then the sound of a series of “bang” explosions came out.

These crew members died on the spot.

On the other hand, the blood knife Paxis, squatting on the body, b.l.o.o.d.y, his eyes turned white, there is no power to fight back, but there is still breath.

“Yes, You have not died from my three thousand punches, and the Pirate who is worth 33 million Baileys is really good, come again!”

The debris of the barrier fruit increased rapidly.

But Raj also found that the probability of fruit fragments exploding is also gradually decreasing.

Before Raj only needed three thousand fists to easily explode a demon fruit, but now he has already hit three thousand punches, and is heading for four thousand punches, but the debris has only raised less than half now!

“The blood knife Pahis, you have to hold it!”

Raj thought in his heart.

This is a very strange scene.

Obviously, he is beating his enemy with the fist.

In his heart, he is praying for the enemy, don't die so fast, and insist on it for a while…

Raj is also the first “change-state” character of the One Piece kingdom.

“Five thousand fists, how are the 67 pieces?”

Raj took up his fist.

The body of the blood knife Paxis was crumbling, and the fully broken body is dieing. After Raj stop the attack, he could not stand for a long time and fell directly to the ground.

However, he was seriously injured, but there is still no sign of severing the breath.

“d.a.m.n… d.a.m.n… the ability of the Logia system, want to kill your grandpaa, grandpaa will not so simple, I will kill you sooner or later!”


blood knife Paxis roared, do not know what he did What’s wrong, the skin becomes red, and the muscles bulge like balloons.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the blood knife Paxis from a one-eight-eight-high strong man, gradually swelled and swelled into a monster about three meters high, and the muscles were scary!

“Do you think that my 33 million Baileys are vegetarian? This is my final form. My strength, speed, and defense will increase by more than ten times… You are finished! Go to h.e.l.l!”

Bloodsword Paxis roared .

Seeing this scene of Raj, but revealed a real smile.

“The blood knife Pashas… I really thank you very much!”

Raj smiled. “I am not able to make up the debris synthesis directly. The card of yours really helped me a lot!”

Said, Raj blinked.

Light speed punch!

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One Piece Invincible Chapter 18

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