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Translator: Hasr11

23. The Unit Name and Unforeseen Work.

『Three Ossans in a set』might be unusual, but little by little, their jobs as models increased.
They'd certainly be called for GAINA's Suit Feature. Their impression at that performance seemed to be strong.
s.h.i.+ju was bewildered at first, but using his skill as a former host to the fullest, he was able to handle it somehow.
「Come to think of it, Miroku had no experience as a model, yet you did so well, right……I respect you……」

s.h.i.+ju lay all exhausted in the waiting room after the photoshoot got over. Yoichi, who was a member of s.h.i.+nies in the past had a gap, but he wasn't as tired as s.h.i.+ju, he was checking mail on his tablet computer.
Miroku handed over PET[1] bottles filled with water to care for them.

「At first, Fumi-chan cheered me on, and accompanied me to the photoshoots, so I was able to do it somehow. Of course, I do fine even if Fumi-chan isn't there nowadays.」

「Is it love?」
「It's definitely love.」

「That's not it! Fumi-chan was doing her work!」

「But n.o.body said that it was Fumi's love?」
「What? Did something happen that made you feel her love?」


Teased by the two Ossans, Miroku made a sullen face.
Yoichi, who'd been grinning, suddenly made a serious face.

「This……It's a mail from producer Onee, a request for us to appear on radio.」


「Also,he's told us to decide our unit's name. It seems it'll become our corner's name. Within the three hour live broadcast programme daily, it seems we'll have a 15 minute corner twice a week. He said something like『The three of you all sing well, so I'll be thrilled! Heart[2]』, but what should we do?」

「Let's just pretend we didn't hear the second half.」

It was at such times that Miroku would become outstandingly manly. Yoichi praised Miroku like a proud parent, saying, 「He's all grown up, hasn't he?」.

「Hey, Onee said he won't become our official producer, right?」

「That's right.」

「Therefore……This work?」

「Yeah, I'm surprised too. At any rate, we haven't even debuted.」

The surprising thing was in fact that, but they didn't think that Onee would be that serious. Bring the job in his hands thinking they'd antic.i.p.ated it, He(?) showed them the true meaning of『Serious』.

「Haa, we have to do this. An Idol.」

「Are you serious?」

「Lets first decide the name of our Unit,」

「Miroku, Yoichi and s.h.i.+ju; is 344(MiYos.h.i.+) all right?」

「Uwa, this guy's spot on.」

「It'll become the name of our radio corner? What'll become of it, if our t.i.tle call is 『Miyos.h.i.+!』!?」

「It's surreal, isn't it? It's possible, on the contrary.」

「「It's possible!?」」

「For the time being, let's apologise to all the Miyos.h.i.+-sans in j.a.pan. Here we go!」

「「「We're extremely sorry!」」」

Miroku, who took a breath, taking the headphones, met eyes with Fumi, who was grinning widely on the other side of the gla.s.s. When he waved his hand with a broad smile, she returned it with a blus.h.i.+ng face.

「It is really good with just this much.」

Onee was impa.s.sionately going about, saying 『It's fine for you three to be as usual! With an easygoing feeling! Talk about how you'll do your idol activities, and the listener will be involved!』, but it couldn't be helped that the three felt anxious.
The top of the official site of the office had only the three's silhouettes put up, once the radio show that were taping right now would be broadcast, the unit name and the three's picture would be put up.
Incidentally, the designer-sans were right now desperately thinking up a design for 344 MiYos.h.i.+ outside the room.

「Usually we'd only plan in the office, how to sell ourselves as Idols and the like.」

「Well, you're idols, or should I say, Ossans. It's unreasonable to do a frontal attack.」

「Once again, good evening, I'm the planned lead vocals for 344, Miroku, age 36.」

「I'm Yoichi from the same, 41, I'm the director of an office tentatively though……」

「s.h.i.+ju from the same, 40, is it all right to call myself in charge of dance?」

「The three of us together……」

「「「We're 344(MiYos.h.i.+)!! We'll be in your care!!」」」

Thank you for reading.
The unit name I'd always been troubled by, somehow became this m(_ _)m.

T/N :
1. PET, aka Polyethylene Terephthalate, is commonly used for making disposable plastic bottles. Coincidentally, plastic has been banned recently here.↩

2. Yup, j.a.panese is weird. Just imagine him saying that while making a heart symbol with his hands maybe?↩

Ossan (36) Ga Idol Ni Naru Hanashi Chapter 23

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