Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 - Expectations of Each Nations

Author: 桜木桜 (Sakuragi Sakura)

Translator: Isekai Shousetsu

Disclaimer: This is a fan translation only. All rights belong to the author. Since the translator is around JLPT N2-N3 only, he cannot guarantee the translation is free from error. If you enjoy the story please support the author by buying the light novel or by visiting the manga serialization even if you can't read Japanese. Also try to leave a review of the novel at  Thanks!


De Morgal Kingdom

The revocation of Carlo De Morgal's status as crown prince of the kingdom has been decided.

Accompanying this is the degradation of the Carlo faction headed by Tonino.

Next is the main reason that the war had been lost - the Blouse clan.

Blouse, as the head of the clan, has been condemned to execution.

The first son has been decided to succeed him.

What to do wiith Rune Blouse, who had opened the gates to Blouse town without a fight, and Prince Carlo is still undecided.

The kingdom had lost too much power in this war.

They had lost territory to both the Rozel Kingdom and the Rosyth Kingdom. Furthermore, their population of more than 450,000 people had fallen to 350,000.

The only saving grace was that the territory they had lost had been limited to the border clans' territories.

The De Morgal clan itself did not take much losses.

But then, they have begun rapidly declining because of the forces unleashed by not being able to protect their territory.

In that De Morgal Kingdom, a huge flashpoint is being born - that of the succession problem.

By all rights, Carlo succeeding the throne as crown prince had already been settled peacefully. However, Carlo losing his social standing has again rekindled the problem.

In the fray are Second Prince, Pax De Morgal and Third Prince, Aldo De Morgal.

Because both are supported by big great clansmen, dispute is inevitable.

Fardam Kingdom

"Wahahaha, there goes DeMorgal!! Cheers!!"

"You musn't be complacent, my king. With this, the Rozel Kingdom's power has grown stronger."

A close associate advices King Fardam who's drinking liquor.

"Haha, how stiff of you. Listen here, there's always a plus in everything. Besides, there's one good thing we got from this, right?  It's the Gillbed Kingdom."

"…Certainly, the conquests by the Rozel Kingdom made them directly border the Gillbed Kingdom but…."

This means that the Rozel Kingdom would now have fronts not only at two kingdoms – Fardam and DeMorgal, but also at a third one, the Gillbed Kingdom.

Because they would have provided deterrence against such an expanded front, the Rozel Kingdom would now have a more difficult time conducting military movements.

"Besides, the Gillbed Kingdom's plans to push south would come to a halt, right? Well, Because of Zoldias' interference, it was bound to fail anyway. Fufu, that would happen if you steal a march."

"However, we basically have no means to stop the Rozel Kingdom from invading, right?"

King Fardam boldly sneers at his aide's inquiry.


"Do, don't tell me….."


"It's just as I thought, huh….."

From the very beginning, the Fardam Kingdom is being denied the south by the Gillbed Kingdom. Therefore, territorial expansion is impossible.

They had to make do with what they had now.

They will turn their focus to domestic affairs. They will train their soldiers, strengthen cooperation between the great clans, and construct forts.

This is the only optimal measure that the Fardam Kingdom could take at present.

As such, the strategy appeared to have been the correct one and, for the time being, they continue to hold back the Rozel Kingdom…..

Gillbed Kingdom

"Damn that Zoldias….."

King Gillbed punches a chair in frustration.

The GIllbed Kingdom's push southward had been going considerably well. They had been attacking the groups of small countries popularly called the unconsolidated territories.

The largest they could go was a population of about 10,000. Such countries that average only in the several thousands folded against the Gillbed Kingdom without any resistance.

However, the Zoldias Kingdom interevened. They entered into an alliance with the various countries of the Unconsolidated Territories.

As a result, the Gillbed Kingdom ended up having to hurriedly fortify their borders.

"Like hell we'd stop here and take this. Let's mobilize more soldiers.  Before the Rozel Kingdom fully mobilizes and invades, we must raise our national power."

King Gillbed's ambition continues.

Zoldias Kingdom

This country is one of the seven countries holding a 500 year history since their founding.

Their territory is vast but dotted with mountains, so their population is not that large.

"Listen here, no matter what happens, we will defend against the Gillbed kingdom's push south. If the Unconsolidated Territories were to be annexed by that country, our country is sure to follow. While our country is naturally defensible, once they have laid the groundwork, our fall is set in stone."

King Zoldias assertively supported the Unconsolidated Territories and protected them from the Gillbed Kingdom.

Naturally, there's no way that arrangement was "just" supporting.

They are buying grain from the Unconsolidated Territories at a low cost.

Because the Zoldias Kingdom cannot harvest much grains, this was an exceedingly helpful arrangement.

"My King.  An envoy from the Carnus Kingdom has arrived.[TLN1]

"N? What could this possibly be about?"

Carnus Kingdom

This country is not one of the so-called Seven Kingdoms.

It's an emerging country from two hundred years ago that became large from humble beginnings.

They have lots of Povenian and Cretian immigrants as such their technological strength is very high for an Adernian country.

The Carnus Kingdom's current objective is to unify the Unconsolidated Territories.

Therefore, both the Gillbed Kingdom who's invading directly by force and the Zoldias Kingdom with their alliance are an exceedingly unpleasant eyesore.

"We have conveyed to Zoldias that they should not lay their hands on the south. With this, Zoldias' influence won't extend to the Consolidated Southern Territories. Well, that depends on whether he obliges."

King Carne is drinking Adernian wine from a Persis-made cup while eating Povenian strawberries while sitting on a Cretian-made chair.

"So, is the plan advancing?"

"Yes. Three countries have agreed to an alliance with us."

"Good. Now then, let's send my daughters to those three countries. Recently, there are around three to four that have turned fourteen, yes?"

Because King Carnus has several concubines and mistresses, he doesn't have a good grasp of the number of children he sired.

"Understood. We will begin the marriage preparations immediately."

"I'll be relying on you."

King Carnus is still unaware. Under his kingdom, a troublesome being is about to wake up.

Eville Kingdom

The Eville Kingdom is a country located between the Zoldias Kingdom and the Rosyth Kingdom.

It's one of the so-called Seven Kingdoms.

"Hey, what do you think?"

"Huh….about what?"

King Eville frowns in discomfort.

"About the new King Rosyth."

"Ah, he's…..let's see, a fearless young lad."

"Are you an idiot? I don't mean that. I'm talking about whether that youngster would pose a danger to our country."

King Eville says in displeasure.

He's basically always in a bad mood so his aides are not particularly nervous.

"If His Majesty is that worried, then how about entering  a matrimonal relationship with them."


King Eville thinks for a little while and then shakes his head.

"Let's pass on that. We'll be rejected. And when that happens, my honor will be sullied."

"Is that so?"

"Isn't that obvious? It's not like that man has Royal Rosythian blood in him. Let's see what happens even if our country's daughter is accepted under these circumstances. There's a possibility our country might intervene; distrust may come from the great clans and the royal house; and relations may worsen with his current wives……well, it's completely all pain, no gain. There won't be any benefit for them if they entered a matrimonial relationship with our country.

The Rosyth Kingdom is comparatively wealthy.

The Eville Kingdom, although not to the extent of the Zoldias Kingdom, is dotted with mountens and have little plains. In other words, they can't harvest that much grains.

"Well, I guess it would be fine if we amicably contacted them. First, we must ascertain things through that youngster's personality. Will he be expansionist or domestically-oriented……"

Belvedere Kingdom

"This is really a problem."

"The Rosyth Kingdom?"

King Belvedere nods at his aide's words.

"Yeah. The Rosyth Kingdom has finally succeeded in centralizing their power. In other words, that country has become one united monolith. Moreover, they are proactively trading with Cretia with their industry called paper. This is truly a problem….."

A neighboring country is turning into a powerful country.

This is a worrying matter that must be stopped.

There's no mistaking that the Rosyth Kingdom would be expanding its territory. Based on that incident with the DeMorgal Kingdom, the possibility of them challenging other militarily is very high.

The first one to get attacked would probably be the Belvedere Kingdom. They have vast plains and therefore could harvest lots of grains.

They're a considerably rich and profitable country.

"One way or another, we won't be able to weaken them, huh….."

"I have one suggestion, if you may permit……"

King Belvedere lends his ears to his aide.

"What is it?"

"That is……."


Lezzad is one of the colonies of Claris, a Cretian city-state.

However, it's not like its being directly ruled from Claris.

It's a close relationship of being a vassal state.

They are able to exercise autonomy because of influiential merchants.

Today's agenda is about the birth of a new king in the Rosyth Kingdom.

"Ains-san. We want you to also introduces us to King Rosyth. Everyone shouldhave the right to trade. Naturally, we understand that you would have the preferential right to this……"

"That's so, isn't it. Of course, I would feel bad to monopolize him. Besides, I can only prepare so much goods. As such, I have a suggestion…."

Ains grins and declares:

"We should secure an alliance with the Rosyth Kingdom."

"An alliance…..is it?….."

Up until now, the Cretian City-states, including Lezzad, never had an alliance with peoples of a different race.

It's because they are sufficiently strong and consider themselves a superior race with no need of borrowing another race's power.

"Naturally, I understand everyone's dislike of allying with savages. However, we have recently seen huge movements from the Persis Empire. If our country descends into hostilities with the Persis Empire, then naturally they won't have leeway to support us. In that time, what would happen if Povenia or another Adernian country attacks us? It's a dangerous prospect, yes? I think it is necessary that we secure for ourselves a supporter."

Ains' proposition is reasonable.

However, Cretians, from the very beginning, have unpleasant feelings on monarchies.

They are a race that espouses Republicanism and are absolutely allergic to monarchs and dictators.

Furthermore, nothing could change the fact that the Rosyth Kingdom is of a different race.

"Actually, a wife of the Rosythian king is a half-Cretian."

Ains pulls out a card.

The parliament breaks into commotion.

"So…..what do we do about that?-We should support the succession of the child of the Half-Cretian Tetra-sama. We will then have that prince marry one of Claris' influential men's daughter."

The parliament focuses their gazes on Ains.

"Furthermore, they seem to want talented people able to speak Cretian. Fufu, let us fulfill that request. As a merchant. If we do that for several years….."

Ains smiles with a grin.

"The Rosyth Kingdom will become a Cretian Kingdom."

"What a superb response."

Ains enters his house and pushes his coat to a slave. While he wasn't able to secure approval, he managed to get more favorable response than he had imagined.

All of members of the parliament of the Claris colony of Lezzad are misers. If they divided the profit, then they would immediately agree.

He then sits down and takes out a paper. It's about the investigation reports regarding Helen, Tetra's mother.

In the Adernia Peninsula, there's a Cretian Colony called Gehenna. It's a colony of the Alto City-state.

The person controlling that colony is a noted noble born in Alto, a tyrant by the name Abraham.

Gehenna obtained complete independence from Alto's control and began practically changing into Abraham's Kingdom.

Amongst that Abraham's daughters is a woman called Helen.

She had run away from home around twenty years ago in opposition to his father's tyranny and had become missing since then.

If you investigated, it would seem that she had met Radou twenty years ago.

If that Tetra were the grandchild of Abraham, then making Tetra's child the crown prince would be simple.


"Haa…the problem is that she's a Gehennan."

Ains, in the first place, is an Alto citizen, who's currently an MP of the Claris-Lezzad Parliament.

If her blood relationship with Abraham were to be known by everyone, the Rosyth Kingdom's relationship with Gehenna would naturally grow stronger.

In that case, there would be no point to this.

"For the meantime, let's put this for safekeeping."

Ains put it in a seemingly important drawer.

"Oooi, Ains! I'm back."

The gate opens.

It's Ains' brother Nikolaos.[TLN2]

"Aa, brother. Welcome home."

"Na, Ains. ….Do you have an opening in your company?"

That's the first thing he says.

Having just moved to Lezzad, Nikolaos had sold all of his slaves and land so he has quite a fortune.

However, as one would expect, he had become worried at being jobless.

"Let's see…..Older brother doesn't have aptitude for commerce so….."

Ains thinks for a little.

"Then, how about you go to King Rosyth? Older brother's vast knowledge might be of great help to them, you know."

Author's notes:


Translator's Notes:

Note 1↑: Original is カルヌ. Phonetically Karunu. Google gives me Karniyarik (Turkish dish), Carne (meat), and Carnuntum (Roman Town in Austria). I don't really have anything to base his name on but I found one in Georges Carnus, the 1970 French Player of the Year in Football/Soccer which might have been the author's source since Japan is a football crazy country. His name uses the same characters. If you have suggestions that you think fits more, don't hesitate to comment them. Note 2↑: Greek Nikolaus. English Nicholas. I chose Nikolaus for immersion but Nicholas is good too. I'm reading as I translate so I don't have any constant rule for names like whether to use Greek, English, Latin, etc unless the author explicitly mentions the name's source.

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 75

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