Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 Fight Poison with Poison!

Jun Wu Yi’s hands trembled and the wine from his cup to spill. He silently looked at the wheelchair handle that’s supporting his right hand. Although he remained completely motionless on the outside, his heart was pounding, and his mind was reeling from the news!

Ten years as a cripple!

Now he can see a glimmer of light!

Jun Wu Yi remained taciturn and did not say a word before Jun Mo Xie left.

Three days later, Jun Zhan Tian directly sealed the main gates and made an announcement: In the following days, no guests will be welcomed except by the royal decree of His Majesty! If anyone dares to take a step inside the inner courtyard without permission, he will be killed without question!

The oppressive atmosphere that enveloped the Jun Family was as if it were the eve of a great battle! The air was so thick that some were unable to breathe!

The doors to the inner courtyard were securely closed. Two rows of guards stood at attention outside with their swords unsheathed. The blades of their swords were glistening with the reflection of the ardent sun in the sky. Human figures could be seen moving in the shadows. The might of Jun Family that had once shaken the capital was out on full display at this moment.

Moreover, these guards were all veterans who have served for decades as the backbone of Jun Zhan Tian’s elite forces. Even if they have any personal misgivings, they will discard such thoughts when they are on a.s.signment. Each and every one is loyal and worthy of trust!

Every possible and even impossible threat must be accounted for during this operation. Not a single thread or hair can be out of place!

On the other side of the four zhang tall perimeter walls, a ma.s.sive iron caldron was positioned in the center of the inner courtyard. The size of the caldron was so great that it can be described as a small-sized water reservoir. It has previously been filled with water and was raised on top of a raging fire. Six burly men continuously added firewood as bubbles start to emerge on the water surface.

Jun Zhan Tian’s entire body is dressed in black and was wearing a pair of strange gloves with long sleeves that completely covered the rest of his arms. A solemn expression appeared on his face as he paced anxiously back and forth in the courtyard. In contrast, the white-clothed Jun Wu Yi’s appearance was exceedingly tranquil. It seems that he had come to terms with his inner demons and cast off the shackles on his heart!

Jun Mo Xie was nearby organizing the Nine Leaf Gra.s.s, Common Heart Gra.s.s, and Persistent Severing Root on a table next to an oversized jade basin. Both his hands proceeded to put the herbs into the basin, mashed them to extract their juice, and collect it in a wide mouthed jade bottle. His movements were swift but controlled and methodical.

Jun Mo Xie finally called out. “Third Uncle!”

Jun Wu Yi trembled from head to toe as a bright-yellow Earth level Xuan Qi rippled out and shredded the gown covering his body. Grandpa Jun flashed forward to support his son’s body in a supine position. Jun Mo Xie promptly spread the dregs that remained in the basin on every inch of Jun Wu Yi’s body.

The five medicinal herbs prescribed by Jun Mo Xie were all highly toxic weeds! Just one by itself is so lethal that a victim can take no more than seven steps uphill, eight steps downhill or nine steps on level ground before dying. Now with three of the herbs, Jun Wu Yi instantly felt as though he had been thrown inside a blazing inferno as searing pain spread from head to toe. He held in a groan and clenched his jaws as cold sweat dripped down from forehead! The kind of excruciating pain caused by applying three deadly toxins simul
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taneously on his body cannot be put into words!

But this was only the beginning!

Without any hesitation, Jun Mo Xie swiftly s.n.a.t.c.hed the jade bottle, pressed down on Jun Wu Yi’s chin to open his clenched jaws, and poured the contents of the bottle down his throat!

The concentrated liquid had slid down Jun Wu Yi’s throat before he had time to react, causing him to feel as if a ball of fire was burning him from the inside out. He couldn’t endure the pain anymore and was just about to shout out in pain when Jun Mo Xie heartlessly stuffed his mouth with a balled-up piece of plain white cloth he had prepared long ago.

Jun Zhan Tian s.h.i.+vered as he watched Jun Mo Xie work with such practiced ease that he was even beginning to suspect that his grandson may have tortured others before! His expression became increasingly disturbed; how can a father continue to watch his son suffer at the hands of his grandson?!

“This is something that had to be done. Even a person with a high tolerance will succ.u.mb to this extreme pain. It is highly likely that he would have bitten off his tongue if I did not intervene by stuffing his mouth.” In the time that Jun Mo Xie took to explain himself, he had already prepared the Intestinal Cracker Flower in the same way as the previous three herbs and even took a short break.

Suddenly, the three deadly toxins simultaneously flared up inside Jun Wu Yi as his skin transformed to a shade of purple and black! The change had just appeared when Jun Mo Xie sprinkled the Intestinal Cracker Flower fragments evenly on his body. Moving at extreme speeds, Jun Mo Xie removed the gag in his uncle’s mouth, poured the Intestinal Cracker Flower’s extract down his throat, and stuffed his mouth once more before he was even aware of what happened! Jun Wu Yi let out a m.u.f.fled scream as his bloodshot eyes bulged out.

The potent extract of the Intestinal Cracker Flower reacted explosively with the c.o.c.ktail of poisons already inside his body and rapidly spread from his insides out. Jun Wu Yi could feel a wave of soul-searing pain rush forth from his dantian and frantically course through the parts of his body that had been severely injured ten years ago!

The four poisons did not exist in a state of harmony inside Jun Wu Yi’s body and was constantly attacking and resisting each other. His bare skin transformed once again—this time to the colors of the rainbow—as an unbearable pain emerged from the parts of his body he had thought would never have sensation again!

The deep-seated poison that has hidden in his legs for a decade is finally being forced out!

Jun Mo Xie sighed in relief as he stared attentively at the crotch area between Jun Wu Yi’s legs. At such a critical moment, Jun Mo Xie couldn’t refrain himself from thinking in his mind: it appears that mine is…bigger!

While this thought surfaced in his mind, his grandfather was having an emotional outburst. “Stand up! I said stand up!” The old man’s white beard trembled as he vigorously pointed at his son’s crotch. As if heeding the call, the little Wu Yi shook its head before suddenly becoming a pillar that can support the sky! The movement was so sudden that it almost pushed against the bridge of the old man’s nose as he had previously moved closer to lean over in examination.

When Jun Mo Xie proceeded forward with the Blazing Heart Meridian, his grandpa jumped up in fright and almost fell over. Shaking his head, Jun Mo Xie reprimanded. “Heneeds to stand up. If he can’t stand then what is the purpose of this treatment?! Is it worth making such a fuss over something so small?!”

Grandpa Jun repeatedly hiccupped, unconcerned about his grandson chiding him, as his face lit up with a hard to conceal delight. His disable son has finally recovered a man’s basic function after ten long years. To speak of nothing else, the Jun Family could at least grow branches and scatter leaves*. This was something that he had always brooded over and his son’s recovery simply could not have arrived at a better time! This was great news!

[*add to the family tree by having children.]

Jun Wu Yi’s lips trembled and his face grimaced in pain. A warm sensation could be felt in his lower region followed by the stench of urine. In his mind, he thought that the originally famous iron blood man, veteran of a hundred battles, has now unexpectedly…

Only in his fading consciousness, he can see two men—one old and one young—unexpectedly unable to take their eyes off of his junk as he loses control of his bowel movement. Between the smell and the shame, he gave a pitiful groan before directly fainting!

What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over!

As to the pair of men doggedly staring at the middle-age man’s treasure? The old one wanted to reach out to fiddle with it! This isn’t something an ordinary man can endure! Even if he is his father, isn’t Jun Third Master more than thirty years old?

The several men who had been maintaining the fire all poked their head up in succession to take a peep before quickly lowering their head in shame and returned to adding firewood. An impressive general is an impressive general. He can still be so awe-inspiring even after ten years of inactivity. We really are inferior…

After a while, every part of Jun Wu Yi’s skin finished changing into a bright multicolored color—

“It’s time!” Jun Mo Xie roared. His left hand swiftly pressed on Jun Wu Yi’s chin while his right hand circulated the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune to break the skin of the Blazing Heart Meridian. A viscous black liquid gushed out and dripped into Jun Wu Yi’s mouth before he gagged his mouth again, but he also used another strip of cloth to cover his mouth before tying a knot behind Jun Wu Yi’s head. Even if he regains consciousness, it’s impossible for him to spit out the white cloth!

Finis.h.i.+ng up, Jun Mo Xie effortlessly discarded the skin of the Blazing Heart Meridian. His right hand continued circulating the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune as he firmly pressed against Jun Wu Yi’s chest and directly injected his Spiritual Qi!

In the blink of an eye, Jun Wu Yi’s body swelled up like a balloon at a speed visible to the naked eye. His meridians gradually appeared on the surface of his skin meandering like countless purple earthworms, appearing sinister and extremely nauseating.

At Jun Mo Xie’s prompting, Jun Zhan Tian reached out with one hand before an illusory tool formed from azure colored Xuan Qi materialized out of thin air. In no time at all, he had finished constructing a crude bamboo raft before throwing it directly into the large caldron. At this moment, the water temperature had almost reached the boiling point!

Jun Mo Xie leaped up into the air with Jun Wu Yi’s body before releasing him over the large caldron. Right before impact, his body slowed down before gently landing face up on the bamboo raft.

Jun Mo Xie followed soon after, landing as light as a feather on the raft and extending out both hands. Under the earnest gaze of Jun Zhan Tian, several dozen s.h.i.+mmering silver needles appeared out of thin air on both of Jun Mo Xie’s hands!

A needle flashed as it inserted into Jun Wu Yi’s Bai Hui point*. His movement was direct and efficient and did not betray the slightest hesitation. Even the usually steady Jun Zhan Tian s.h.i.+vered from head to toe; just one misplaced needle could strike a lethal acupuncture point and kill his son. But even his best efforts couldn’t stop him from blinking and rubbing his eyes.

[Bai Hui point, also known as the Hundred Convergence point, is the acupuncture point situated on the crown of the head and is known as the point where the body’s Yang energy naturally converges in traditional acupuncture.]

At the moment he rubbed his eyes, the silver needles in Jun Mo Xie’s hand rapidly issued forth and entered the rest of the acupuncture points on Jun Wu Yi. Jun Mo Xie kicked out with his tiptoes to flip Jun Wu Yi’s body in the air before landing p.r.o.ne on the bamboo raft.

Jun Mo Xie extended out his two hands once again causing more needles to appear. After several more flashes, all the silver needles were inserted Jun Wu Yi’s wide back! With a sigh of relief, Jun Mo Xie pulled the bamboo raft from under Jun Wu Yi and his body directly rolled into the steaming hot water!

The water surface constantly let out “glug glug” boiling sounds as the water temperature steadily rose. Jet-black liquid continuously exuded from Jun Wu Yi’s pores and the seven orifices of his head*. In a moment, the large basin of water had dyed pitch-black in color similar to ink!

[*two ears, two nostrils, two eyes, and the mouth]

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 103

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