Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 143

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Chapter 143 – Yin and Yang escape


“Is personal honor more important to you than your country?” Fei Meng Chen raised his eyebrows provocatively.

“The personal honor of a military soldier?” Zhao Jian Hun smiled sadly: “Yes, and I’ve already told you that, but you wouldn’t be able to understand it. You’re so high and mighty that you’ll never be able to understand the things mere men like me cares about it. How could you ever understand the honor of a military soldier, you just care about the results, right?!”

Fei Meng Chen laughed grimly and pointed to the Tian Xiang City: “You’re not stupid, and even though you’re not extremely strong but even you can sense that if a power like the one we just sensed partic.i.p.ated in a war, then such a power could easily create a gold-banded empire in a very short period of time, and would be able to unify the entire Xuan Xuan continent under one banner! That would obviously mean the end of us! What would your military honor do then? As the teacher of the state, I need to look beyond your pedantic military honor! As far as Jun Wu Hui’s death is concerned, I had no part in it! And even if I had to get him killed for the sake of the Yu Tang Empire, my conscious would still be clear!”

Zhao Jian Hun’s spine erected like javelin, and then rotated slightly and he stated coldly: “You fire arrows behind people’s backs and you still claim to have a clear conscious? This just shows that you have no ethics or morals.”

Fei Meng Chen tried to control his temper, What is this man? I have really never seen such a brain-dead man in my entire life. Each time we come to this topic, he starts acting like this… it’s been ten years since that war, and he still can’t accept it…..

Inside the Tian Fa forest, a team of savage soldiers was walking steadily as they tried to make their way out of the forest step-by-step!

This group of people was dressed in very ragged clothing; in fact most of them barely had any clothing hanging from their body. Most men were only wearing animal fur or hide, and just sufficient amount to cover their crotches, while their bodies were studded with scars from top to bottom. The almost dozen or more scars on each man’s body made it impossible to detect the real color of their skins. It was evident from the scars on their bodies that these men had almost been delivered to doors of death several times!

It was obvious from the limp in the walk of several men that their legs were severely injured, but even then they were walking in a very solid and firm manner, refusing to accept a supporting shoulder from their comrades. The injured men were dragging their bodies with so much effort that they weren’t even falling behind the rest of the party; no one was using any kind of support for help, not even crutches!

Even though their bodies looked exhausted, their spirits were still soaring high! Each pair of eyes were sharp and resolute, and the hundreds of such men in this team were enough to put any other platoon to shame; they would look no less than messengers of death, in case they were ever put on a battlefield!

Each person was carrying a package on their backs, and even the men with injuries were no exception. Each time a man would touch his package, a trace of pride would flash in the man’s eyes. It was obvious that these men were carrying their winnings from their exploits in their backpacks!

They were resolutely walking step-by-step towards the Tian Xiang City and although their pace was slow, but their steps were extremely firm and stable. Although their eyes exuded a sense of urgency, their feet were still steady and no man was wavering
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from their steady pace of advance.

These people were the survivors from amongst the three hundred Jun Family guards who had been sent to the Tian Fa forest on a suicide training mission by Jun Mo Xie! If these men were metallic ore a few months ago, then they had now been smelted into steel! If they were steel back then, then they had now been shaped into the sharp and murderous weapons now!

Two shadows suddenly breezed above the Tian Fa forest and over their heads from behind them, while the speed of their flight made a sharp piercing sound as these two flying objects made their way towards the Tian Xiang City. However, the occupants of these flying objects never saw the men in the Tian Fa forest below since they had already concealed themselves in the dark of the forest.

Jun Mo Xie felt another surge of Aura rus.h.i.+ng through his body, and it felt as if his meridians would burst under the effect. As the Aura continued to flow through his meridians, it almost instantaneously filled his meridians up, but then disappeared into the Hongjun PaG.o.da, almost as if it was bottomless pit. Then soon the Aura started rewinding backwards in frenzy, and then the Hongjun PaG.o.da suddenly suspended the intake of Aura.

The flow of Aura continued to grow in his meridians, and but in a much more condensed form, and it seemed as if his meridians were now full! At this point, Jun Mo Xie had already gathered enough Aura to break past the bottleneck of the next layer of ‘the art of unlocking the heaven’s fortune’, and easily managed to enter into the second state in one single swoop!

If Jun Mo Xie’s new strength was measured by the standards of the Xuan Xuan continent, then he had already broken past the level nine Xuan cultivation mark, and had entered into the Silver Xuan realm! But in terms of his power’s roles and functionality, even a Spirit Xuan wouldn’t be able to match up to him!

This was equivalent to a big leap forward!

The Hongjun PaG.o.da had managed to absorb that entire Aura in a matter of moments, while the left over Aura continued to trickle into the PaG.o.da slowly! The Aura was so ma.s.sive that even the Hongjun PaG.o.da had been unable digest all of it in one go! Even though the PaG.o.da inhaled an ocean of Aura, there was no creation of waves inside it!

Jun Mo Xie had never antic.i.p.ated that the Hongjun PaG.o.da would explode with such terrible force upon the excitation he had induced! He had never imagined that the sheer force of the PaG.o.da would have enough momentum to send the whole world trembling!

However, this didn’t mean that Jun Mo Xie’s power was unrivalled in this world. The Hongjun PaG.o.da was an ancient and mysterious object, which is why its natural starting point was so mighty, and even though Jun Mo Xie’s strength had seen a major improvement, the improvement had only been proportionate to his original strength.

Since the Hongjun PaG.o.da had already absorbed the entire Aura in the atmosphere above, Jun Mo Xie’s courtyard seemed perfectly normal now. In fact, it seemed as if it was the same as before, but in case someone entered his courtyard consciously seeking for a change, then they would notice it upon taking their first steps into the courtyard: the entire ground of his courtyard was now three inches below its original level! Shelves, tables, chairs, and stools which had once existed inside his courtyard had now disappeared without leaving a single trace behind, just the way ice melts in water.

Jun Mo Xie’s face was covered with pain, and although he had already attempted to disconnect his energy from the Hongjun PaG.o.da several times, but he was unsuccessful since they were already locked-in very firmly. Since Jun Mo Xie had no idea about what was going on, he had no other option but to wait patiently.

Suddenly, the Hongjun PaG.o.da started to churn inside his body once again, and Jun Mo Xie felt a sharp and intense pain inside his brain. Then, the Hongjun PaG.o.da suddenly slowed down and the rays of light which were previously surrounding it instantly disappeared. Simultaneously, Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt as if a strange image had been projected inside his mind.

“Days and nights are Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth are Yin and Yang, the biochemical cycles of beings are Yin and Yang. A person is also a Yin Yang from the time of its origination, and whether faced with good luck or bad, and whichever side the person decides to show, everything is Yin and Yang. Everything can be hidden, and everything can be investigated, because everything will always remain…. Yin and Yang.”

Yin and Yang escape!

Jun Mo Xie slowly read each and every word of this ‘Yin and Yang escape’ law, while pondering over them. He started to realize that this so-called ‘Yin and Yang escape’ method would require a lot of practice, but could eventually grant him means to hide his body anywhere and at any time. If fact, upon reaching its peak, this law could even allow him to hide his body in the air! He could escape into water for hundreds of years, or even burry himself in the mountains!

“The Hongjun PaG.o.da is definitely not an ordinary object. I could use something like this for…..” Jun Mo Xie sighed contently. Suddenly an idea sprouted in his mind: I could use this method to spy on beautiful women, such as my beautiful sister-in-law……..

Just as this idea popped into his head, Jun Mo Xie spat on the ground below and shouted: “Jun Mo Xie, you might be dead now, but I still curse you for leaving such thoughts inside my head!”

If the original and now dead Jun Mo Xie had heard his words, then he would have certainly left wronged and would have complained: Isn’t this your own thinking Brother? The truth is that these ideas are your own, and they have nothing to do with me! So stop blaming me for your shamelessness…..

Jun Mo Xie hadn’t yet realized that this Yin and Yang escape law wasn’t as easy to comprehend as he was a.s.suming it to be! There are only five elements in the world: metal, fire, water, wood, and earth, but understanding all five elements was beyond the scope of an ordinary man. Based on individual qualification and merit, a person could only hope for achieving specialization in one of these elements.

Although this Yin and Yang escape law had several limitations, it was still an advancement as compared to the first layer of ‘the art of unlocking the heaven’s fortune’ since this would allow him to hide himself anywhere freely!

But Jun Mo Xie hadn’t yet realized that the power of this law was extremely rare and great. Since he had gotten it from the Hongjun PaG.o.da, he was already beginning to take it for granted, but….

If the outside world found about such a power, then it would start a blood battle for this power – no man would show any shame in trying to procure such a power…..

Jun Wu Yi looked shocked as he cautiously stepped into the courtyard again, unsure of the ground he was stepping on. His advanced and keen Sky Xuan senses were enough to instantly discern that he was stepping on ground which was now three inches below its original position! The floor hadn’t disappeared, and the land under his foot was still solid….

How is this possible? The floor has eroded by three inches….. what kind of a terrible power is capable of doing this?!

That’s not even the most surprising thing… what’s even more surprising is that the flowers in the garden are still completely intact!

Such an intense and powerful force impacted this courtyard, and not even a single leaf was harmed….. that’s just too weird!

But the most surprising thing is that the jade stools, on which our eight guests were sitting, were very st.u.r.dy and durable, and even those stools have simply evaporated….

Land falls, things disappear, but why were the plants not harmed…… how could this outrageous phenomenon be explained?!

“Mo Xie…… this…….” Jun Wu Yi felt like he was in the middle of a dream as he gazed at his nephew, expecting his baby nephew to give a statement to explain this strange phenomenon.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 143

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