Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 379

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Chapter 379: As Furious As the Claps of Thunder!

The little girl had hurried on her way, and had forgotten to breathe properly in her rush. She was gasping for breath, and had been barely coherent as she had spoken those words to express the urgency of the situation. Then, her tongue shot out of her open mouth, and she started to pant. She had lowered her hands to her small knees for support. Her delicate body was covered in sweat, and she was unable to stand up straight.

"What happened?" Jun Wu Yi turned pale with shock, and stood up. The other four also looked at Dugu Xiao Yi with an inquisitive expression.

"Hurry… Go…" Dugu Xiao Yi chocked and coughed as she weakly waved her hand in worry.

"Go!" the five men flew out as that word was spoken, and disappeared.

Dugu Xiao Yi panted for a moment. Her hands and feet trembled as she walked after them. The little girl was very worried. [How would the two of them be right now? Nothing is going to happen, right?]

[Indeed hateful!]

[Those guys had clearly said that eating that item wouldn’t cause a problem. But, why did it seem like that brother Mo Xie was unwell? It doesn’t make any sense! What’s the matter… My G.o.d…]

Jun Wu Yi had fallen behind the other experts. The Solitary Falcon was obviously the fastest of them, and had covered more distance than the rest in a blink of an eye.

Jun Wu Yi and the other three hurriedly arrived outside Jun Mo Xie’s tent. But, they saw that the Solitary Falcon had an extremely strange expression on his face. Moreover, he stood there motionless. In fact, the man didn’t even motion to go in… or to go back. [What’s going on here?]

Then, the Solitary Falcon quickly blocked the way of the four men after he saw them impatiently trying to rush inside, "Don’t go in!"

"Why?" the four people asked at the same time. However, they didn’t need Solitary Falcon’s reply. The four men were grown-up adults. And, the sounds coming from the tent were far from faint. The four of them were experienced men, and there was no way they couldn’t have understood the meaning of those sounds. A dark line suddenly creased across their faces…

Jun Wu Yi looked up at the sun in the sky. His face reddened as he sighed. [My nephew’s behavior is extremely absurd…]

Commander Jun thought of something, and shouted in a loud voice, "Every man must listen to this order! You will move out, and go to the training ground for a drill practice! Any man who isn’t able to do this before half-of-the-incense stick burns out will be shown no tolerance under martial law!"

The bugles started to blare loudly as soon as that order was given. The men had been scared out of their wits, and hurried to the large ground as a result. No one dared to delay.

The Solitary Falcon narrowed his eyes, and followed the Third Master Jun and the others to the trees in the distance. Then, he sat down and sighed, "The Commander Jun is very smart. That order should get the boy out of his tent. But, that youngster’s ‘extravagant’ actions aren’t that big a deal at his age…"

Dongfang Wen Qing and his brothers started to laugh. Everyone believed that Jun Mo Xie was only acting a bit ‘lasciviously’ in the middle of the day. And, that was a bit preposterous to think of it. But, they couldn’t think of anything else with regard to this matter…

Jun Wu Yi’s face reddened as he looked at his nephew’s tent and frowned, "The sound of such a huge military activity must’ve been heard inside as well. Why is there no response from the tent? Military orders must be obeyed. He shouldn’t…"

"He he… I would’ve also pretended that I hadn’t heard the order if that were me in his place. Mo Xie is only a boy. Right, Elder Brother? Dongfang Wen Dao spoke those vulgar words, and moved his neck back to flash a mischievous smile.

"Perhaps you would act like that, but Mo Xie usually doesn’t. I’ve always thought that there’s been something strange about him. I’ve always felt that there has been

a weird side to him. But, I’ve never been able to understand it properly…" Jun Wu Yi frowned and pondered in a serious manner…

Dugu Xiao Yi eventually arrived at this time…

She was astonished after she looked at the strange expressions on the faces of the five men who stood there. After that, the little girl looked around, and got extremely angry since she didn’t see Guan Qing Han...

"Where’s elder sister Guan?" Dugi Xiao Yi asked in nervousness and anger, "You haven’t rescued her yet? Brother Mo Xie isn’t his normal-self right now… An accident might occur!" Dugu Xiao Yi seemed anxious and agitated as she mumbled those words while pacing two-and-fro…

"Xiao Yi, did you say that the woman inside is Qing Han?" Jun Wu Yi’s complexion underwent a drastic transformation in great alarm. This matter would turn into a big deal if the woman inside was indeed Guan Qing Han...

He looked at the distant tent, and snarled with hate, "That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He doesn’t know any shame, and does such despicable things! I… I will never forgive him!"

The "b.a.s.t.a.r.d" in-question obviously wasn’t Guan Qing Han. It was obviously the ‘violently attacking’ Jun Mo Xie.

However, it was too late now.

How could Guan Qing Han be able to live without shame if they rushed inside to stop it in the middle…? That wouldn’t be rescuing Guan Qing Han… it would be more along the lines of pressuring her to commit suicide. So, they could only deal with the aftermath, and hope that Guan Qing Han didn’t commit suicide…

Jun Wu Yi felt a searing headache for a moment.

He thought that it didn’t matter much if Jun Mo Xie acted absurd or made some trouble. Who hadn’t created trouble when they were young? But, he had suddenly realized the seriousness of this matter…

[Guan Qing Han has a very cold and aloof att.i.tude. How could she be making love with Jun Mo Xie in broad daylight? Didn’t she say that the two of them were never that close…? And, Guan Qing Han would never do such a thing in broad daylight even if they had been married off!]

However, none of that mattered because this was happening right in front of him. But, how could he explain that? It had only one explanation — Guan Qing Han was being forced. This obviously led him to believe that the mistakes had been made by Jun Mo Xie alone…

And, Jun Wu Yi’s hair stood up in anger as a result!

[This is a huge scandal!]

[Guan Qing Han has been given freedom over her body, but this edict hasn’t been announced to the world yet. This issue would obviously be seen as a case of brother-in-law and sister-in-law having immoral intimate relations if this news gets out and spreads. How can that be good for us? The Jun Family has been well-reputed for several decades. Won’t that name be destroyed?]

"Jun Mo Xie, that little beast! I, I, I must kill him!" Jun Wu Yi’s face was becoming purple since he was unable to contain his rage, "He’s shamelessly ruining the family’s name! He’s very… retched! I have to kill him!"

The Third Master Jun looked like a ferocious beast that had been trapped in a cage. And, he kept pacing back and forth with a fierce and upset expression on his face.

[Breaking off Jun Mo Xie’s legs would be too light a punishment if this goes out! It won’t stop at breaking of his legs alone! This is lasciviousness to the extent of being the greatest taboo! Jun Mo Xie is violating a person. Moreover, the person he’s doing this to… is his own elder sister-in-law!]

Jun Wu Yi could also imagine the extent to which his father would get enraged…

"Brother Wu Yi, the matter has already reached to such a point. It could already be too late. So, we could take Mo Xie and make him hide with our Dongfang Family if need be. And, we can deal with this matter once your father’s anger calms down," Dongfang Wen Qing stroked his beard as he made this proposal. He seemed prepared to clean-up his nephew’s mess.

He also understood Jun Zhan Tian’s temperament very well. And, things didn’t look very optimistic. But, one of the individuals involved in this matter was his own nephew. So, how could Dongfang Wen Qing allow him to suffer hards.h.i.+ps? His younger sister had already suffered enough…

"Exactly! Which real man doesn’t have three wives and four concubines? What is the big deal about playing with a woman? How can such a trivial matter incite such hostilities?"

Dongfang Wen Dao’s words had nothing to do with his nephew’s situation, "What are you fussing about? There’s nothing strange about this! Others won’t speak of this, but let me tell you something… Eldest Brother used to have more than twenty concubines at one time. What came of it…? There was still no scramble over that…

The Third Dongfang Brother hadn’t even finished speaking his ‘well-intentioned’ words for conciliation when his eldest brother gave him a murderous scowl, "You shameless thing! What c.r.a.p are you talking?"

Dongfang Wen Qing's elegant face had deformed with anger. And, he looked at his third brother like he wanted to crush him. The Eldest Dongfang Brother clenched his fists so tight that they made cracking noises…

Dongfang Wen Dao pulled-back his neck, and retreated a few steps to hide behind Dongfang Wen Jian. He then continued somewhat fearlessly, "What did I say…? I just stated the facts... who doesn't know about the matters with you in those days...? Why get mad at something like that... Have I said something wrong…? You can’t say that I’m speaking c.r.a.p...

Everyone laughed and sneered.

"You evil creature!" Dongfang Wen Qing shouted and pounced.

"What's going on? What are you... don't tell me that brother Mo Xie?" Dugu Xiao Yi's big eyes blinked with innocence.

"Don't take that evil creature's name! It infuriates me!" Jun Wu Yi started to pant heavily in anger.

"Why are you cursing brother Mo Xie? Third Uncle, why are you cursing him like that when he has nothing to do with this matter… but, you're cursing him in such an unpleasant and vulgar manner," Dugu Xiao Yi seemed embarra.s.sed. She had somehow summoned her courage. But then, she lowered her small head again.

"What?! He's not related to it?" The five experts were stunned once again.

"He's not related to it!" Dugu Xiao Yi's head was still lowered, but her voice was firm.

[Good Heavens! How can you say that he's not related to it? What else can you say is related to it?] The Dongfang brothers weren't very familiar with her, but they knew that the little girl had affections for their nephew. [We reckon that she’s trying to help him. You may have feelings for him. And, you may wish to help him, but you can't invert right and wrong! That brat has done such an outrageous thing. And yet, this little girl still says he isn't related to it! Then, whose doing was this?]

The Great Master Solitary Falcon was even more stunned. [You guys deal with this matter between these children!]

The Third Master Jun was extremely angry. But, the enraged man still managed to speak-up in a very calm manner, "Do you know what's happening, Xiao Yi? What's the matter here?"

"Oh! It's true that brother Mo Xie didn’t initiate this matter. Actually... it's me!" Dugu Xiao Yi's face was red. She fiddled with her clothes as her head remained lowered. She was so embarra.s.sed that it seemed as if she would go into the ground.

"What's the matter? Little Xiao Yi, you explain it carefully. And, you can speak slowly… you needn't worry about anything," Jun Wu Yi's eyes flashed. [Is it possible that this matter might have some other reasons as its cause?] The Third Master Jun was calm, but how could a man of his generation understand that little girl's anxieties? She was anxious and wanted to speak up. But, she couldn’t speak because about the matter because it wasn't something she could tell this man about very easily…

"I… I… That day when Third Uncle Jun had talked about pairing brother Mo Xie and elder sister Guan... I... I… I had become very angry!" Dugu Xiao Yi’s words weren’t very clear. But, she felt extremely wronged as she spoke of the ‘anger’ she had felt at that time. And, her anger suddenly bubbled up. And, her voice suddenly became very loud, "I was extremely angry! Very, very angry!" she said fiercely.

"Ah, I get that you were quite angry. Very, very angry… but, how is that related to this immediate matter?" Jun Wu Yi was a little confused. [This matter relates to Jun Mo Xie. So, why is this girl trying to take the blame? How are these two related?]

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 379

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