Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 381

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"Your elder sister is having it…" the Solitary Falcon couldn’t help but laugh. But, he felt that this little girl was very bold and adorable.

Dugu Xiao Yi was dumbfounded. It may be a.s.sumed that she gave the matter some thought before she asked, "Elder Sister Guan… that can’t be… is cooking rice the same as undressing?"

The men were left to stagger. [This girl is too naïve! She still doesn’t understand it!]

"Young Lady! How is undressing not the same as cooking rice?" Dongfang Wen Dao stared back. It seemed as if he wanted to impart some education to her. After all, she wanted to cook with his nephew. So, he couldn’t help but worry since he was the youngster’s uncle. [I’m only trying to enlighten you so that you can ‘cook’ with my nephew properly the next time.]

However, he hadn’t said much when Dongfang Wen Qing kicked him into the distance and said, "Get lost! Such an old man talking like this… don’t you know that those words are taboo? Don’t corrupt a child!"

However, Dugu Xiao Yi still stood there dumbfounded. Two tears streamed down her cheeks after a while. She then sat down on the ground on her haunches, and burst out crying since she was broken-hearted, "Boo hoo…! I don’t want to live… boo hoo… I spent so much effort! But, it’s those two who are cooking rice! Boo hoo…"

Everyone burst into laughter once again…

The sun was setting in the west, but no one had come out of the tent yet. Moreover, the faint sounds were still emanating from it. The five people had slowly started becoming worried with the pa.s.sage of time. Dugu Xiao Yi had spent her strength in crying, and was sitting there with a blank expression on her face.

"Still not done…?" Solitary Falcon looked at the sun impatiently. "Those sounds are proof that the two of them are still at it. But, hasn’t it been too long? Isn’t this too much?"

Dongfang Wen Qing smiled in an awkward manner, but remained silent.

Dongfang Wen Jian didn’t cross his limits either, and remained silent as well. No one said anything…

Dingfang Wen Dao smacked his lips. His face twitched as he muttered, "He’s too fierce… even for someone who has eaten that medicine. I feel a bit inferior now…"

A long time had pa.s.sed. The moon was high in the sky…

The sounds of activity inside the tent eventually came to a stop. Those five great experts stood outside like clay models, but remained at a distance. Their bodies were drenched in sweat, and their foreheads had a weary color…

[It’s been so long… this Young Master Jun… he has persisted for too long even if he has taken that medicine… good stamina… ah!]

Jun Wu Yi looked anxious. He was antic.i.p.ating that the two people would quickly come out of the tent. But, he didn’t know how he would deal with them once they had made their way out. Moreover, he was afraid about what he would be able to do if those two couldn’t bear the shame…

After all, this was unfortunate coincidence, and a freak accident. And, no one had been prepared for it. It was true that Guan Qing Han had suffered as an innocent victim. But, Jun Mo Xie hadn’t been at fault either. He too had suffered as another victim. And, the fact that was most unbelievable was that… Dugu Xiao Yi had been the culprit behind the entire incident.

This had left everyone speechless…

Even the wise and far-sighted Jun Wu Yi couldn’t help his head go around in circles at the thought of such a complicated matter.

[But… who can I blame for this? Can I blame Dugu Xiao Yi?]

[That’s right. She is the main cause for this evil. So, she is the main culprit. But, she did this out of love for that brat. Moreover, she didn’t realize or understand what she did. And, the little girl has also realized that she has run into a disaster, and her tears haven’t stopped since then. Do I have the heart to scold her?]

[Moreover, Qing Han… that poor girl! She couldn’t have done anything to resist Jun Mo Xie if he had forced her after having lost his mind. But, she didn’t even call for help. What does that mean? She must have understood that something was wrong with Jun Mo Xie. In fact, she might’ve realized that an aphrodisiac was at play. So, she must’ve wanted to save Jun Mo Xie. That may be reason why she has endured everything in silence…]

[I don’t know what those excessive toxins would’ve done to Mo Xie’s body if it weren’t for Qing Han’s sacrifice. This means that Qing Han has sacrificed her virtue to save Mo Xie, and has done a huge act of kindness towards the entire Jun Family!]

[So, how should the Jun Family reciprocate? After all, her ident.i.ty is very ambiguous. Perhaps the more appropriate question is… how do we treat her?]

[This issue is giving me a headache!]

[Qing Han’s status must be announced to the entire world without delay!]

The Third Master Jun’s mind was in chaos. It could be said that he was finding it very difficult to make a decision. But, how could the others share his thought process? For example, the Dongfang brothers would only be concerned with Jun Mo Xie. And, they wouldn’t have a problem as long as their nephew was alright. Why would they care about their nephew’s wife? [We’re a wealthy family. Can’t we afford to raise another person? We can even afford to raise a hundred children without any problems!]

[Moreover, having a multi-talented daughter-in-law is always a good thing since it means better qualities in the future generations. This Guan girl is obviously very good for us in that respect. She is beautiful. She is courageous, and daring. Plus, she can also take responsibility for her actions. We know Mo Xie’s paternal uncle well. Wouldn’t he consider these points in a good light?]

It was hard to say how much had pa.s.sed…

Jun Mo Xie finally woke up in a leisurely manner. He felt very comfortable. A pleasant aftertaste still lingered inside his head from the events of the past. He looked around with a distracted look on his face, and it took him a moment to sober-up.

The Young Master Jun swayed, and shook his head. Then, he slowly remembered what had happened, and couldn’t help but groan. He sat up. But, he heard a pained and frail moan the moment he moved. And, this sound had come from beside him.

Jun Mo Xie turned to look, and couldn’t help but become startled.

There was an elegant and divine beauty next to him. But, her pretty face seemed to be in profound pain. Her breathing was labored. He leaned over, and saw that her delicate skin didn’t appear white anymore. It was green and purple… as a result of the havoc he had inflicted on her.

However, the Young Master Jun wouldn’t have been so startled because of this fact alone. His astonishment was more strongly attributed to the fact that the said-woman was…

[Guan Qing Han!]

Jun Mo Xie got gooseb.u.mps due to the shock.

[What’s going on?]

[I clearly remember drinking the whine which Dugu Xiao Yi had brought me. And then, I had realized that she had put aphrodisiac in it. After that, she had said I would cook rice with me. Then, I felt a burning desire, and I soon turned into a ravaging wolf. After that… after that… I don’t remember what happened after that…]

[But, how come I find Guan Qing Han next to me now that I’ve woken up?]

[This is a strange mystery!]

However, Jun Mo Xie then saw the bruises on Guan Qing Han’s body, her pained expression, and her faint breathing. And, he couldn’t help as the strand of a strange feeling emerged from his heart.

[The little girl had given me a very powerful aphrodisiac. Even my special physique couldn’t resist it, and I had lost my mind. Heavens know how much pain Guan Qing Han was forced to endure!] He looked up to the sky to figure the time, and was left shocked once again.

[It’s this late at night?!]

[I remember drinking wine from that bottle. But, that had happened in the morning. So, did I torment Guan Qing Han the entire day? How could her delicate and soft body endure so much of it…?!]

"I’m genuinely wretched!" Jun Mo Xie let out a long sighed. His mind was in chaos. Jun Mo Xie wouldn’t have felt this way if he had found Dugu Xiao Yi there. After all, it was her medicine that had done this. And, she had also talked about "cooking rice". So, that would’ve been natural and logical. But, it was Guan Qing Han instead… Jun Mo Xie felt extremely guilty…

He wouldn’t have felt any remorse if he had killed someone… or if he had committed arson.

But, this was a woman’s innocence!

Moreover, it had to be said that Guan Qing Han was completely innocent.

Jun Mo Xie hurriedly got up, and started to look for his clothes in confusion. He found them under his and her bodies. A few sc.r.a.ps of green and white clothing were also present there. And, there were also a few blotches of bloodstains on them…

Jun Mo Xie was vexed. And, he hammered his head with his fist. The light green clothes belonged to the little girl. But, where was Dugu Xiao Yi?

Jun Mo Xie tried hard to recall everything, but he could only remember bits and pieces. However, this situation was enough to allow him to guess that Guan Qing Han must’ve arrived to save Dugu Xiao Yi. However, he had lost his mind under his urges, and must’ve held Guan Qing Han there by force…

Jun Mo Xie sighed and walked over to the table. He then picked up the water bag, and drank some water from it. His footsteps felt light. In fact, he felt like he was floating. But, he still needed support for his tired body. Then, the Young Master Jun carefully picked up Guan Qing Han, and gently put her down on the bed.

His body had undergone a great change, and his physique was unusually strong as well. Moreover, his physical ability to withstand powerful toxins was also quite strong. Any other individual would’ve died due to excess release of the aphrodisiac… even before the drug had managed to reach their belly. The man would’ve at least been gravely injured if not dead. And, the possibility of permanent impotence couldn't be discarded either… 

Jun Mo Xie looked at the painful scars on Guan Qing Han’s body… even her lips had been bitten, and left behind in a b.l.o.o.d.y and injured state. He felt extreme tenderness as he looked at her. The Young Master Jun hadn't felt this way in either of his lives. It would’ve been okay if Guan Qing Han had merely saved Dugu Xiao Yi and left. But, she didn't leave. [She must’ve seen my condition. And, she must’ve figured out that I was affected by a heavy toxin. So, she must’ve figured that the consequences would’ve been dire if I didn't give vent to them. And so, she must’ve sacrificed herself…]

How could Guan Qng Han not have antic.i.p.ated the things she would have to bear… especially given her sensitive ident.i.ty as a woman?! It had to be understood that this world’s society deemed a woman’s chast.i.ty to be more important than her life. And, losing it in such a manner was worse than dead to a woman…

And, Jun Mo Xie felt guilty because he had wanted to take it.

He had felt so much guilt for the first time in either of his lives. In fact, the guilt pierced the very bottom of his heart.

For the first time... he felt as if he owed someone…!

Jun Mo Xie looked at the staunch woman who had nearly died while saving his life. But, he couldn’t understand what he felt in his heart. He felt pained. This feeling was complicated and painful. And, it was something he couldn't put into words. This was the first time that he had developed such a large soft-spot for a woman in his heart.

Jun Mo Xie gently covered Guan Qing Han with a quilt. Then, he took the water bag, and softly moved it to her lips in order to make her drink the water. But, she had been devastated, and had lost her consciousness long back. So, the water from the bag refused to go down her throat since she was unable to take it in.

Jun Mo Xie hesitated a bit. Then, he finally made a firm decision. He faced up, and took a mouthful of water in his mouth. Then, he looked down, and lowered his lips to hers. He then transferred one gulp of water… then another... then another...

He had transferred a lot of it before he finally felt her heartbeat stabilize. He stopped after that happened, and gently held her hand. And then, he started to transfer his extremely exquisite and pure innate aura into her body.

Guan Qing Han's breathing eventually stabilized to a normal level after a long time pa.s.sed. Even a bit of color had been restored to her face. She soon slipped into deep slumber. Jun Mo Xie stopped transferring his aura once he felt rea.s.sured. He then saw Guan Qing Han slender face. Her face was usually cold and aloof, but it appeared like a thing of unmatched beauty at this time. Suddenly, a trace of tenderness welled-up in his heart.

Tender feelings!

This was a new and different feeling for Jun Mo Xie!

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 381

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