Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 392

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Jun Mo Xie slowly continued to drink the wine. And, the Young Master was eventually made to understand that the so-called Xuan Beast hierarchies. It turned out that the Xuan Beasts’ hierarchies were much harsher and delicate than the Xuan levels of humans.

A Xuan Beast would have to cross one more hurdle after they had reached the peak of level nine in case they wanted to become a Xuan Beast King. And, this hurdle was the challenge they would have to make to the-then Xuan Beast King. They would only be able to transform their body once they had succeeded in this challenge.

Some would change forms at the peak of level nine, and some could never do it throughout their lives. The peak of level nine was followed by level ten. However, this breakthrough was the most difficult one for a Xuan Beast.

A Xuan Beast would automatically be considered a Xuan Beast King if the said-individual could take human form at the peak of level nine. However, they would only be considered a genuine Xuan Beast King once they had stepped into level ten. In fact, they would then be considered a True Xuan Beast King! And, this was different from being the Xuan Beast King of a single race of beasts!

Jun Mo Xie had helped Long Crane and Big Bear make this difficult breakthrough a short while ago. But, that was only the first step. And, it was obvious that they would have to face more of such mountains as they’d go forward. However, Long Crane informed him that no one except their Sage King had ever reached that realm. Therefore, he didn’t mention much about it.

Jun Mo Xie grabbed a ‘strange’ wine cup and muttered, "So, you two are basically the primary Xuan Beasts of level ten. And, those four Xuan Beast Kings have taken their forms after they’ve reached the peak of level nine.

The six Xuan Beast Kings nodded.

"I will refine the pills from the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit, and give them to you. And, your level should… go one step further when that happens…" Jun Mo Xie said this with uncertainty. The Young Master was confident in his ability to refine those divine pills. But, he hadn’t tested them. So, he was unaware of the extent of their effect.

The eyes of the six Xuan Beast Kings were shining at this time. In fact, their eyes had coincidentally started to shine at the same time…

[We’ll advance by another step!]

[We’ve made a breakthrough only recently. But, we’ll get to do it again after three years? My God! This speed is amazingly fast! The Beast Kings of the past had never made breakthroughs with such speed!]

Three years wasn’t a short period for humans. But, it was a very short period of time in the long lives of the Xuan Beasts.

It was important to know that talking about advancing another step was very easy. But, the gap between the two ranks was very large. The six Xuan Beasts were breathing in a rushed manner, and their eyes were brimming fervent admiration.

This was followed by some silence. After that, Long Crane spoke-up with a stammer, but it seemed as if he was impatient as well, "Great Senior, you wish to refine those divine pills. But, don’t you lack some important herbs for those?" Everyone else picked their ears as those words were spoken. 

"Alas… it’s true. But, I only lack a few kinds of herb." Jun Mo Xie let out a long sigh at first. Then, he suddenly opened his eyes, "How did you know that I’m missing some herbs?"

Long Crane chuckled and replied, "That was a guess. He he… the senior’s possesses great skills. So, he would’ve already handed-over the pills if he had all the necessary herbs. But, the senior said that he’ll give us those pills after three years. That ought to mean that the senior still requires more herbs. And, it may be assumed that those herbs aren’t ordinary, right?"

"Crane King genuinely deserves his title. His thought process is meticulous and extraordinary!" Jun Mo Xie smiled. His tone was uncertain as he hesitated and said, "Yes. How could the refining process of such efficacious pills be comparable to something normal? The Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit is very rare. But, it’s only one ingredient at the end of the day. I still need to collect a massive amount of the other herbs before I can commence the liquid extraction. Many powerful and magical herbs will be mixed together into one. And, the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons fruit will be used to aid in it at a later stage. It is only then that I will be able to refine those unmatched divine pills."

Jun Mo Xie’s tone was heavy as he continued to speak. The Xuan Beasts Kings had held their breaths as they listened to him with their ears erected.

"This ‘unmatched pill’ would have a huge potential. It will be able to increase the life of an ordinary person by a hundred years or more. A Xuan expert could also take it. An Earth Xuan expert would become a level two Spirit Xuan expert in merely a few months’ time with the help of this pill… maybe even stronger. Moreover, there’s no chance of an accident since they body of the user will be under no threat of exploding. And, that’s because the pills will work in accordance to a person’s cultivation, and will spread out their aura in a gradual manner. It can be said that it is neither frightening, nor dangerous. It can genuinely be called the Divine Medicine that Seizes the Heaven’s Fortune…"

There was a sound of collective gasps. The eyes of the six Beast Kings turned as round as copper bells. And, their bodies started to shudder with excitement…

[Earth Xuan to level to of Spirit Xuan? Life increased by a hundred years? Neither frightening, nor dangerous?!]

[My God! This is a divine pellet! This is crazy! This is something we’ve dearly yearned for! Damn! Damn!]

"How many herbs are you missing? We can think of a solution together! Please don’t get me wrong. The senior has remarkable powers, but he’s still one man. Our strength isn’t as remarkable as the senior’s. But, we are far more than one person. That should be able to count for something…"

Big Bear’s eyes had become huge and round, and they had also started to emit a wolfish-green light. However, he had spoken in a very gentle manner.

"Yes, yes! Our Tian Fa is very huge. I’m sure that we can help the senior collect those heavenly herbs very quickly," The enthusiasm of the other Beast Kings also shot up to the sky. Many of them had spoken-up while licking their lips… they obviously seemed very greedy at this time.

"Well… that’s also good. Everyone wants to help. And, that will save me a lot of unnecessary work and time in my search. In fact, it will be very beneficial," Jun Mo Xie pondered for a while before he finally agreed to it. And, this made the faces of the Beast Kings light-up with happiness.

"The herbs which I don’t have are… Dragon Beard Grass, Phoenix Tail Flower, Nine Knot Lotus, Persistent Severing Root, Tricolor Manila Grass, and Seven Colors Lotus Root ..." Jun Mo Xie spoke with honesty. In fact, he was rather blunt as he named them in a long-drawn flow. He then took a short break to catch his breath before he continued onwards with the list, "Thousand Years Ginseng, White Vermilion Fruit, Nine Nether Grass, Nine Profound Root, and so on… a higher ranked herb will obviously be better. And, it will be better if you can get as many as possible."

The six Beast Kings had been stunned by this. The Falcon King had the most alert mind amongst them. And, he had quickly torn-off a large scrap of bark from a tree in order to use it as a scroll. He then used his claws to write everything down from memory. However, his wrist had started to ache by the time Jun Mo Xie finished…

Then, Jun Mo Xie related the details about how each of those plants looked… which environment they grew in… how to pick them, and so on. The Beast Kings listened extremely calmly and meticulously. In fact, they even held their breath for the fear that they might miss a tiny bit of detail which could later turnout to be crucial to the important matter of their advancement…

"I’m aware that collecting these precious and extremely rare materials at once would be impossible… even if the entirety of Tian Fa’s strength is used. So, you can collect as much as possible at one time, and you can keep dispatching someone to Tian Xiang City and deliver it to the Jun Family while you prepare the next batch. Anyway, I will be visiting the Jun Family at regular intervals," Jun Mo Xie chuckled.

"Ah, you can be responsible for collecting herbs inside Tian Fa. And, you can meet me in the extreme north to collect your pills in three years’ time. We’d get better results if we follow this two-pronged approach…"

Jun Mo Xie thought, [This matter won’t take long if we do it like this. I also have to take a trip to the North. This matter with the herbs is only one of several others. So, I might as well do them at once…]

[Third Uncle must be going crazy in wait. There’s a beautiful woman on a snowy mountain-top, and she has been looking forward to his arrival in hope for ten years… how many ‘ten years’ could there be in one life? How many decades can a pair of lovers wait? Would they wait till their hair turned white, and they became old and senile? What would they do even if they were united then?]

Besides this… there was the matter of the Dongfang Family’s vow! Therefore, that Snow Sword Mountain needed to collapse. And, Jun Mo Xie genuinely wanted to see the Snow Sword Mountain since its collapse would make for a wonderful sight. In fact, the Young Master had already prepared his plans to bring-about such a heavenly and impressive wonder!

And, it would be more suitable to get this matter done as soon as possible…

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had been making his preparations. He still hadn’t fulfilled his promise to Tian Fa. But, he had already started to make plans to go to the Silver City…

It wasn’t that the Young Master’s heart had any sinister thoughts. It was only that the Beast Kings had asked to help. Moreover, the list of herbs mentioned inside the ‘Book of Folk Remedy’ wasn’t easy to collect…

[These six Beast Kings may manage to collect these herbs. However, I may not have been able to do that for the life of me…]

The Young Master had come to Tian Fa to collect heavenly herbs. And, he had collected them in large quantities. However, that amount still wasn’t nearly-enough for his requirements…

However, Long Crane and the others had offered to help Jun Mo Xie. And, they too would get what they wanted in case he succeeded. So, Jun Mo Xie had decided to tell them his requirements in an honest and blunt manner. This obviously meant that he would save himself from unnecessary labor and effort. He needed many herbs and divine treasures for raw materials, and it would’ve taken him a long time to collect them on his own. In fact, he reckoned that he may have failed to collect them in eight lifetimes...

[I’m using these Beast Kings in this instance. But, none of them will suffer a loss if I refine the pills. Everyone will get their share. I believe that those pills are worth far more to them... far-far more…]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie didn’t feel guilty about this. In fact, his conscience was clear.

The Beast Kings accepted Jun Mo Xie’s requirements without any issues, and made a vow to complete the list. In fact, they wouldn’t mind even if they would have to put a stop to any other matter at hand. They would lend their full strength in order to look for those treasured materials. After all, it related to the Beast Kings’ breakthroughs. So, how could they not be meticulous about it?

Not to mention the fact that the Rainstorm and Hurricane Masters had blasphemed Tian Fa’s fierce dignity a few days ago. And, that matter had been burning in their hearts for a while. Therefore, the Beast Kings had endeavored to advance after that incident had taken place. However, they hadn’t been able to find a way forward before. But, the Lion and the Monkey Kings had suddenly become amongst the four living examples of a potential road to their success…

Moreover, that very skilled person had also devised an effective mode of contact via the Jun Family of Tian Xiang City. The Beast Kings felt even more assured since the goals had been set. In fact, the Beast Kings had only one thought in their minds… [Shouldn’t I volunteer to deliver those herbs to Tian Xiang City if we manage to collect each of those herbs in the first batch alone? I would become the first one to get my reward if that happens!]

Each of the Beast Kings was thinking the same thing at this moment. And, their faces had started to look somewhat strange. They then looked around, and saw the faces of their brothers. [No one will wish to miss out on this opportunity. It seems that some infighting will be inevitable…]

Jun Mo Xie looked to the sky to ascertain the time, and realized that it would be morning soon. So, he stood up to bid his goodbye. The Beast Kings strongly urged him to stay, but he had made his decision. So, he drifted away…

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 392

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