Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 393

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Jun Mo Xie felt very happy as he floated in the air. In fact, he almost wanted to sing at the top of his voice. The Young Master had never thought that everything would go so smoothly. However, he was also unaware that any other individual wouldn’t have been successful if they had been in his position… even if they had been in the same circumstances.

The Hong Jun Pagoda had been the key factor here. The Hong Jun Pagoda’s aura had made the Xuan Beast Kings feel warm to the very bottom of their hearts. And, this first impression had been a lasting one. And, he had somehow managed to create a mysterious and a fabulous impression as a result. Would anyone else have been able to pull this off?

Jun Mo Xie looked at the surrounding environment in search of a quick way out. And, he found himself rather surprised at this. This was because the place where he had run into that little beast wasn’t very far from his current location. In fact, it was very close since he could already see that orderly formation of towering tree which created that "mansion" of sorts…

Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but feel comfortable as he looked at that scenery. And, he scuttled forward with a "whooshing" sound. [He he… It will be a lot of fun if I can get my hands on that adorable little thing and take her back with me. Kneading that soft and mushy meat felt so good… especially that little butt! It is something that I would never tire of pinching… I’m really looking forward to it…]

It had to be said that Jun Mo Xie’s thought process was somewhat nasty. Other people would be very protective towards adorable animals, and would raise them with care… just like the little girl adored Little White. However, his approach was very disdainful...

That tiny beast was extremely cute. However, this rare specimen human of the species was also very different from ordinary people. So, he could only think of catching that tiny thing, and pinch its posterior again. He genuinely had a nasty taste…

The Young Master entered that little valley with joy and expectations. He had wanted to meet that creature again for a long time. The sight of the beautiful flowers filled is eyes after he set foot in the valley… same as before. And, their exquisite fragrance assailed his nostrils once more. But, this place was deserted. In fact, not even a little sound could he heard...

Jun Mo Xie took two steps. Everything was quiet inside, and he could only hear the echoes of his own footsteps. The place was obviously full of vitality. But, this valley was as quiet as a ‘valley of death’. This silence was in complete contrast with the bright and colorful scenery. And, this contrast left him to feel extremely strange in his heart...

The Young Master Jun circled around as he meticulously searched. But, he didn’t find a thing. So, he walked to that pleasant-looking stone cave, and looked inside. That black cloak was still there. But, there was nothing else there…

There wasn’t a single trace of the adorable little creature…

Jun Mo Xie was still didn’t wish to leave. So, he initiated his spirit sense to search… just in case that little creature had gone out to forage or hunt for food. The Young Master’s spirit sense had become much more powerful ever since he had crossed into the third level of Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune. In fact, his ability then-and-now couldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath. He could only sense to a radius of about thirty meters before. But, his range had increased to hundreds of meters now.

The Young Master’s spirit sense had increased to a large degree. In fact, it had reached a very high level. And, this had nothing to do with the Hong Jun Pagoda’s divine aura since this power was sourced from Jun Mo Xie’s Sky Xuan cultivation level…

However, no one would that a Sky Xuan ranked expert possessed such a powerful spiritual sense…

Jun Mo Xie continued to expand the reach of his spirit sense in a step-by-step fashion. And, he went over his surroundings in an extremely meticulous manner. However, he didn’t discover a single trace of that tiny creature. Everything was as silent as before. In fact, this place was dead-silent…

[How can this be? This place was quiet the last time I was here. But, it was a peaceful silence at that time. But, the silence has some malice about it now. How can I not feel suspicious?]

[This is Tian Fa’s core, and it is understandable that common high-level Xuan Beasts don’t dare to venture inside. But, do even the top Xuan Beasts like the peak level nine ones not dare to come here?]

The Young Master had exchanged many words with the six Beast Kings. Therefore, he knew that there were other level nine peak Xuan Beasts besides them. It was only that these other beasts couldn’t take-on the human form…

[There’s deathly stillness here. This shouldn’t be happening, right?]

Jun Mo Xie strengthened his heart, and mobilized his power to its optimum. He then sent out his spirit sense to the depths of the Tian Fa Forest like incorporeal arrows.

The Young Master sent his spirit sense to a diameter of over six-hundred meters. He found the noise of Xuan Beasts’ activity to the north, east and west. However, the southern side was deathly silent.

[It seems that the source of this weird event is in the south.]

Jun Mo Xie retrieved his spiritual sense from the other three directions, and narrowed his search to the south. He had understood that the strange things happening in the core of Tian Fa had something to do with the weird situation in the south.

Then… suddenly!

The movement of his spiritual sense towards the south seemed fine at first. But, it then hit an exceptionally thick barrier. And, the Young Master’s strong spiritual sense got caught. In fact, it was unable to move either forward or backwards. It was like an air-borne fly had been caught in a spider’s web.

Jun Mo Xie was startled at first. But, he recovered quickly. Then, a powerful spirit sense arose, and rushed forward to meet Jun Mo Xie's spirit sense. This spirit sense then collided head-on with Jun Mo Xie’s.


Jun Mo Xie spirit sense wasn’t weak. However, he felt that it had no margin to resist against the powerful spirit sense which had arisen before him.

There was something like an explosion inside his head. He became dizzy and fell down. The seven orifices of his head had started to overflow with thin wisps of blood. In fact, the Young Master would’ve been hurt very seriously if he hadn’t reached the powerful and tyrannical state he was currently at…

Jun Mo Xie's spirit sense had already reached a powerful level. So, he hadn’t expected that it wouldn’t be able to face even a single blow from the opposing spiritual sense he had just encountered. He had never anticipated that he would’ve been defeated so thoroughly by this force.

His opponent had used a sneak attack. But, he couldn’t deny the formidable strength of their spirit sense. The opponent had a very powerful spirit sense. In fact, he reckoned that they must be stronger than the Great Masters. This person might not have been more powerful than Venerable Mei, but their power was more or less the same.

[Could Tian Fa be hiding another strong person?]

He had been worried about the conflict between the various lands since he felt that Tian Fa would be defeated. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had helped the Xuan Beast Kings breakthrough the barriers of their advancement, and had healed the injured ones. The Young Master had done this because he liked the Xuan Beasts' honesty and simplicity. So, he had enhanced their strengths since they would need it to defend themselves.

There was no need to aid the Xuan Beast Kings if they were to face a power like the City that remained hidden in the snowy peaks. The Beast Kings’ future would perhaps remain unchanged. But, the matter regarding the very future of Tian Fa was completely different.

Even the usually calm and collected Jun Mo Xie had turned pale with fear in the face of such a powerful and terrifying spirit sense. His own spirit sense had dispersed even though his opponent’s attack hadn’t ended. Moreover, the said-opponent hadn’t let up in their attacks. In fact, it seemed that they had decided to chase after.

Jun Mo Xie’s mind moved like electricity. He strove hard to suppress his mental injury, and used the last bit of his consciousness to somehow launch the formidable and endless aura from the Hong Jun Pagoda. It was like a broken sword that had chopped forth into the blue sky. And, it rushed forth to attack the spirit sense which had clashed head-on with that of the Young Master’s.

Jun Mo Xie’s spiritual sense obviously couldn’t be compared to that of the Hong Jun Pagoda’s. In fact, they couldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath. It started a powerful counter-attack, and went after the powerful spirit sense which had confronted the Young Master’s in order to intercept it. The spirit sense from Hong Jun Pagoda then unleashed a fiery reign. The opponent’s spirit sense was also bright and alert. And, it had quickly adjudged that the second wave of spirit sense would be greater than the one before. In fact, this individual seemed to have assessed that the second wave would be much stronger than their own by the time the two sides clashed again. Jun Mo Xie’s damaged spirit sense was finally able to pull away from that thick barrier, and was then able to retreat with the help of Hong Jun Pagoda. It was then gently escorted by the aura from the Hong Jun Pagoda, and retreated into his body.

A miserable and tragic shriek was heard from the south as this happened. This individual’s spirit sense was extremely powerful. In fact, it was far more powerful than those of the Great Masters’. Moreover, the reaction time of this individual was amazing. However, their spirit sense was no match for the Hong Jun Pagoda’s. This individual had managed to recall their spirit sense very quickly after the second collision. However, they had been defeated very thoroughly. Thus, it was evident that they must’ve suffered a heavy damage.

The sound of that screech was somewhat low, but it was still very incisive. In fact, it even shook the trees at Jun Mo Xie’s side. After that, a slight rustling sound was heard as this shriek made its way into the distance.

Heavens know when Jun Mo Xie’s slamming heart returned to normal, and that feeling of helplessness and powerlessness disappeared. Jun Mo Xie then wiped the blood from his mouth. He looked towards the south like a wolf on a cold winter night. [There is another great power!]

[That place seems like an area even an incorporeal and formless spirit sense can’t penetrate…]

[What is that place?]

[And, who is inside it?]

Jun Mo Xie jumped-up with the entirety of his strength, and initiated the Yin-Yang Escape. He took large strides, and vanished as he covered the distance between him and his opponent.

[Going to that weird area will only increase my wisdom and experience. I anyway wish to make a comfortable life for myself inside this forest in the future. So, why would I not wish to learn about such a mysterious and powerful individual?]

[That person could be a huge threat!]

A strange milky-white mist appeared in front of Jun Mo Xie. It could be said that there hadn’t even been the slightest of hints of this mountain-like mist before he had turned around that mountain. In fact, there had been no sign of it in the sky either. However, he was faced with a pure white mist the moment he had crossed the mountain. And, this mist had seemingly shrouded everything…

It was vast and boundless.

This didn’t seem like an ordinary form of mist. It didn’t have any divine aura inside it either. Moreover, this thing seemed to be made of something which could turn it pitch-dark inside. The mist seemed like it would be weak, hollow, and delicate from the outside. However, it was very pliable in reality...

This strange white mist couldn’t be penetrated by a spirit sense, but a physical body could still enter it…

Jun Mo Xie tried to make his way by moving his hand inside. He stretched it, and felt nothing obstructing him. The Young Master then extended it further inside, and it became evident that there was a huge space beyond this mist-barrier.

Jun Mo Xie tried to penetrate the white mist with his spirit sense again. However, he again felt like he had encountered a thick barrier. He couldn’t get into it that way. The mist was extremely tough for his spirit sense. It was similar to poking a tenacious balloon with one’s finger. The finger might go inside the balloon, but the balloon wouldn’t burst.

The Young Master felt this exact-same way as he tried to force his spirit sense forward.

[This is really strange!]

[This is the first time I’ve seen such a strange place where the body can enter, but the spirit sense can’t explore it…! It is either another mystery of Tian Fa forest… or some sort of an enormous existence…]

Jun Mo Xie snorted. It was nearly impossible to change his mind. He would use the Yin-Yang Escape, and he would then enter this place…

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 393

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