Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: Dealing a Fatal Blow to a Spirit Xuan Expert!

That ‘turning ordinary metals into wonderful gold’ had genuinely allowed the Young Master Jun to cut through iron like it was hot butter. In fact, there seemed to be nothing which he couldn’t overcome. For example… he had only used his toothpick-like sword to make a hole in Baili Xiong Feng’s hand. And, this was a clear proof of that.

However, Jun Mo Xie was considering whether it was necessitated to kill his opponent at this time. [Should I kill him? Should I not kill him? What’s the advantage of killing him? What’s the advantage of not killing him? What’re the pros and cons? I need to consider this seriously.]

[Baili Luo Yun would have no choice but to obey me if I kill Baili Xiong Feng. He will have no way out!]

[If I don’t kill him…]

Jun Mo Xie chucked since he suddenly felt foolish. Killing or not killing this man would be roughly the same thing. But, he realized that there was one matter which was endlessly nagging at his mind. It was the condition that had been set by Baili Luo Yun that day… And, that was ‘to kill everyone the Baili Family had sent here’.

However, Jun Mo Xie wasn’t willing to do so.

It wasn’t that the Young Master Jun had had some misgivings about the conditions after he had accepted them. It was just that Jun Mo Xie was unwilling to follow Baili Luo Yun. [What would happen if I promise to do everything he asks? Who will hold a higher importance in that case? This will have a negative influence on my authority!]

Jun Mo Xie had found himself facing a conundrum at this time. Baili Luo Yun wanted him to kill his opponent. However, that was secondary. The real question was — did Young Master Jun wish to kill this man?

[Baili Luo Yun can request me to do it… he may even beg me to do it… but, his efforts will be in vain if I don’t wish to kill him. However, Baili Luo Yun may plead with me to spare that person’s life on the other hand, but I would still kill him if I wanted him dead.]

This had nothing to do with Baili Luo Yun.

This matter was related to Jun Mo Xie himself.

Jun Mo Xie’s body issued a hissing sound and his white robes fluttered in the air as his body sped up in an instant. He then changed directions three times in the blink of an eye. After that, he shot forward like a demon. Then, he quickly looped and retreated, and stationed himself around fifteen meters away. He looked at Baili Xiong Feng coldly. His eyes were brimming with an intention to commit murder. In fact, it seemed as if he was on the verge of dealing the final blow.

"Jun Mo Xie is going for the kill!" Solitary Falcon’s sharp senses became aware of the raging killing intention which had suddenly erupted out of Jun Mo Xie. Thus, he announced it in a dignified manner. He was the strongest amongst those present at the scene. The Great Master Solitary Falcon’s agility skills were world-renowned. And, only he could discern the Young Master Jun’s moves at this time. The remaining people found it hard to see Jun Mo Xie’s rapid movements; even the three Dongfang Brothers were no exception….

The Young Master Jun had quickly changed his position three times, and had attacked at three of Baili Xiong Feng’s loopholes in this process. Moreover, he had attacked Baili Xiong Feng’s loopholes in order to kill him.

However, there was a chance of a last-ditch counter-attack. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had retreated to look for better opportunities.

Sikong An Ye had been paying attention to the developments since the beginning. So, he couldn’t help but sigh, "This youngster has been consolidating his position with every step. His strategy is extremely brilliant! First, he gained an upper hand by using his murderous aura to force Baili Xiong Feng to show himself. And, that move pushed the Baili expert into a disadvantage. This kid’s moves are so fast that I can barely even see them. The result of this fight has no suspense to it.

"The Third Young Master has been

controlling this situation from the very beginning. And, he first provoked this fight. He then unleashed his killing intention instead of retraining it. And, he started to use his words to a great effect, and managed to provoke and enrage Baili Xiong Feng. In fact, he got the man to abandon common sense and judgment, and forced him into making mistakes. Then, he made that thunderous attack, and injured Baili Xiong Feng’s hand when he was in a chaotic state of mind. This allowed him to disrupt his opponent’s rhythm. It was then that Young Master Jun bared his fangs, and used his rapid speed to strike a fatal blow. This chain of events can only work in fight between two individuals. But, this is also the most efficient method, and saves a lot of unnecessary effort.

"The Third Young Master of the Jun Family… the rumored number-one debauchee of Tian Xiang has turned out to be such a ferocious character!" Sikong An Ye’s voice seemed textured with a sense of great admiration. And, Jun Wu Yi suddenly felt a sense of great pride and relief.

"But, I don’t wish to challenge this treasured nephew of mine again. I could learn a lot by training with him, but I genuinely don’t wish to be beaten by someone so young," Dongfang Wen Dao still felt somewhat traumatic from the last time.

"He’s not acting like a senior should. He’s action like a kid. I’m baffled by Baili Xiong Feng’s actions. Why is he even bothering with Mo Xie despite the seniority of his status? Why didn’t he go to Jun Wu Yi to seek justice? The Jun Family is very honorable. And, Wu Yi would’ve never shielded any mistakes. Mo Xie hasn’t behaved properly in this matter. But, that doesn’t even matter now. Baili Xiong Feng would have to live in shame if he got defeated. And, his victory would be no less than a joke. A Spirit Xuan expert harboring such a severe grudge against a sixteen-seventeen-year-old is a huge joke!" the voice of the eldest member of the Dongfang Family was expressing his undisguised contempt.

"But, he was already in a mess when he was forced to come out by Jun Mo Xie. So, this was basically a strife between the auras of the two men. And, this couldn’t have been sensed so easily by others either. In fact, we wouldn’t have been able to detect it if our strengths weren’t that great…"

The Great Master Solitary Falcon had extensive knowledge. And, he quickly pointed out the key factor, "Jun Mo Xie has completely grasped the moment. Mo Xie wouldn’t have had anything to go on if Baili Xiong Feng hadn’t opened his mouth in the beginning. But, Jun Mo Xie was able to use his aura to gain advantage since he spoke-up first. Mo Xie then controlled Baili Xiong Feng by making him increasingly enraged. After that, he acted to kill him…

"Baili Xiong… Xiong… Xiong… Xiong… Feng is too much… he didn’t have any restraint… he doesn’t have any…" the muscles on Duanmu Chao Fan’s big neck had started to pop-out as he said, "This… this… such a young man… has this… this kind of an aura! Good Mother! Look… him… not… rising!"

Sikong An Ye clasped his head in pain. That incessant stammering was making him dizzy.

"Is your self-restraint any good? Wouldn’t you be infuriated by Jun Mo Xie if we experiment and exchange your place with Baili Xiong Feng’s?" Sikong An Ye looked at Duanmu Chao Fan with disdain as he said, "It’s fine to talk, but doing it is a different matter. Why are you boasting so much?"

Everyone felt that this argument was reasonable. Anyone of them would’ve been left fuming if they had been in Baili Xiong Feng’s position. In fact, Duanmu Chao Fan would’ve probably choked and died on his own stammer…

[That brat is too cunning!]

"Pay heed! The most important part is coming!" Solitary Falcon had been watching the fight this entire time. He called-out to remind everyone to pay attention.

Baili Xiong Feng could feel Jun Mo Xie’s cold and severe murderous aura quite clearly. And, this sobered his hysterical mind. He could sense that an extremely dangerous attack was coming. In fact, his subconscious mind prompted him to use his unique skill — the Wild Dragon Palm.

Strong aura whistled from within, and a figure came out from his hand and covered the sky. Each strike of his palm carried enough strength to crush a stone to rubble. And, it rushed forward towards Jun Mo Xie with a rumble. The aura converged in his palms. It covered everything, and crashed down.

Jun Mo Xie’s silhouette moved and dodged the massive canopy made by this attack. In fact, his movements were so quick that he left after-images in his stead. The attack pressed down and crushed the image that had still remained where Jun Mo Xie had stood a moment ago. However, Jun Mo Xie’s real body had already arrived in front of Baili Xiong Feng by now. In fact, he had come face to face with his opponent. Moreover, he was smiling at Baili Xiong Feng with his glistening teeth.

His white teeth glittered faintly. They resembled the faint flash that is seen in the eyes of a hungry wolf on a cold winter’s night.

Baili Xiong Feng was shocked. And, he retreated with everything he had…

However, it was too late!

A golden light flashed, and a thin blood-red line splashed out. Then, Jun Mo Xie’s figure retreated with a ‘whooshing’ sound. Everyone saw that his figure had return to its original position. Baili Han Hai had been standing around ten meters behind Baili Xiong Feng this entire time, and had been watching the fight in an enraged frame of mind. But, he issued a cry of shock when he saw that Jun Mo Xie and that golden light had already in front of him, and his eyes became completely round.

Jun Mo Xie’s two thundering palms chopped down on Baili Han Hai’s chest. And, the Sky Xuan expert’s body shook thrice before his chest caved in.

Who could’ve thought that Jun Mo Xie would mount a sneak attack on Baili Han Hai while fiercely battling Baili Xiong Feng. [He was the real target! Baili Xiong Feng wasn’t!]

[He doesn’t wish to let anyone go!]

Then, Jun Mo Xie came to standing position before Baili Han Hai, and turned towards Baili Luo Yun. He then smiled, and whispered, "I will fulfill your wishes. I gift these two men to you."

Baili Luo Yun was silent, and his expression was extremely complicated.

Baili Xiong Feng and Baili Han Hai stood upright at this moment. However, they were trembling even though they were standing upright. Moreover, they had a color of despair painted on their faces.

Solitary Falcon sighed and muttered, "Two men… including a Spirit Xuan… were killed in an instant by the attack of a Sky Xuan expert. And, his white robes haven’t even stained. This scheming and these kinds of movements have left me to gasp in amazement! I have no words to praise him…"

Baili Xiong Feng stood still like a statue. He then slowly turned around, and fixed his gaze on Jun Mo Xie. After that, he spoke-up in a low voice, "Let me see that weapon of yours." Everyone had seen an arrow of blood shooting out of Baili Xiong Feng. However, no one had been able to spot a weapon until now…

Jun Mo Xie stood silently for a moment. Then, he turned his palm, and everyone was able to see that barely half-a-finger-sized toothpick like ‘sword’ shining in the sunlight.

Baili Xiong Feng smiled wretchedly and said, "I had seen your sword at your waist. And, I had always been on guard against it. But, I had never expected the real weapon would be in your palm this entire time!"

The seven powerful spectators who stood at the side suddenly understood everything as they heard these words. [So that’s why Jun Mo Xie never used his sword…? He had planned to use his sword as a decoy the entire time! The boy seems to have calculated everything from the beginning!]

"Good attack!" Baili Xiong Feng straightened his neck, and gave a strange smile. Then, his body suddenly slumped, and a slim fountain of blood gushed out of his neck. It shot out straight, and travelled many meters as it shone brilliantly in the sunlight.

Then, he went down like a sand-castle at a beach.

Jun Mo Xie had cut his throat with the flash of that golden light.

The Baili Family’s Spirit Xuan expert — Baili Xiong Feng — had died.

"Bang!" Baili Han Hai also went down in a similar fashion. A thin stream of blood slowly flowed out from underneath his body. That Sky Xuan expert hadn’t even had the time to say a single word until the time he was killed by Jun Mo Xie.

"I have fulfilled your desires. Do you still wish to fight me?" Jun Mo Xie smiled as he looked at Baili Luo Yun. His white robes hadn’t even been stained with blood during the course of these events…

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 400

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