Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 47

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Chapter 047 Blood Shedding Snot


Jun Xie turned around to see a young man wearing blue silk robes standing upon the centre of the stairs. His left arm was hugging a gorgeously dressed woman. The man’s face was filled with rage as he urgently tried to wipe away a yellow lump on his right cheek. That yellow lump was none other than Tang Yuan’s snot.

Tang Yuan was seated with his back facing the stairs when he bounced his snot off to the ground. Under such circ.u.mstances, the snot should not have hit anyone, much less a person’s face. Coincidentally though, the very moment when Tang Yuan was bouncing his snot was when the youngster and the woman were ascending the stairs. At that moment, the young man was preoccupied with kneading the woman’s bosom as they ascended, their heads just emerging from the stairs. It was then that the ma.s.s of snot flew over. If not for the fact that they had their faces turned to the side, it may have directly entered his mouth…

Jun Xie was dumbfounded as he stared with bulging eyes. After a moment, he laughed out loud while he clasped his hands as a gesture of respect for Tang Yuan. “Fatty Tang, your accuracy is truly impressive, respect!”

Tang Yuan who was also dumbfounded stayed speechless for a good while before laughing bitterly. “How could this be about the impressiveness of my accuracy? This is simply this son of a b.i.t.c.h’s Heavenly defying luck…”

This argument from Tang Yuan was certainly on point. Amongst all the notorious Young Masters within Tianxiang City, Tang Yuan and Jun Xie knew most of them. This young man was expressing an overbearing att.i.tude with a face full of arrogance, indicating that he was no ordinary person. And yet, neither Tang Yuan nor Jun Xie recognized him. This could only mean that this man was a n.o.body amongst the local debauchees.

Not only did this n.o.body got his face hit by snot, he had currently provoked Jun Moxie and Tang Yuan, the two most notorious debauchee in the capital. As such, his luck can truly be considered Heavenly defying.

As the two of them were speaking, the young man suddenly turned his attention towards them. Releasing the woman from his left hand, he marched over aggressively and roared at Tang Yuan with a twisted expression. “You d.a.m.ned son of a b.i.t.c.h fatty, are you looking for death? And you, flower boy! What are you laughing at, you son of a b.i.t.c.h?”

Jun Xie’s face suddenly became dark and sinister. He had originally thought of advising Tang Yuan not to beat him to death. After all, the one at fault was still Tang Yuan. But after listening to those words, he slowly sat down. This person simply deserved to die!

Tang Yuan was not a virtuous gentlemen. In addition, this happened to be the most depressing moment of his life and he was in dire need of a punching bag to relieve his stress. Once he heard those words, he flew into a rage. His fat spherical body blasted off like a volleyball that was kicked at full power as he slapped the youngster in the face. A palm as big as a bear’s fell upon the youngster’s cheek.

The youngster had never expected that Tang Yuan, who was in the wrong, would actually attack him without uttering a single word. This type of bully was indeed very rare in this world!

His body was weak and simply unable to avoid. All he could do was take it straight on, his body spinning twice before falling with his a.s.s on the floor. Before him, stars flashed and his brain felt displaced. Then, his mouth was forced open as he spat out blood and four white teeth.

With a ferocious face, Tang Yuan rushed forward, his near four hundred jin (241.9 kg) body slammed down upon the poor b.a.s.t.a.r.d, landing one punch after another on the man’s face. He cursed. “Screw your granny! You dare to play victim when I am in a bad mood? Me bouncing off my snot on your face is a way of showing you respect, but you dare to curse me? If I don’t beat you to death today, then I will be letting down your mother, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Each word was accompanied by a punch, each punch following a certain rhythm. The resulting sounds were similar to that of a pig being miserably slaughtered.

A “crack” sound was heard as the poor b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s leg was abruptly broken from the sheer weight of Tang Yuan’s body… The youngster cried out miserably one more time, his body convulsing, his head tilted to the side before fainting.

It was at this moment that the woman who came together with the youngster recovered from shock. A shrill high-pitched cry burst out, instantly rising in intensity.

“Stop crying!” Tang Yuan shouted ferociously, his eyes staring at her viciously. The woman stopped in shock. She grasped her neck with a face filled with fear before running down the stairs. A huge “bang” was heard followed by a wretched cry and a tumbling sound. Apparently, the woman had lost her balance while running down the stairs and ended up tumbling down.

“That is enough! Since you have already vented your anger, just leave him be. If you continue beating him, he will really die!” Jun Xie frowned, as he began to feel tired from today’s outing.

“So what if I really kill him? Trouble? Who dares give this senior trouble?” Tang Yuan gave the man two more vicious punches before standing up. He panted as he did so. Punching people was something that required effort after all. Tang Yuan was obviously quite tired as his eyes squinted. “In this whole capital, there are really not many people that I, Tang Yuan cannot kill!”

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d seems to have some background,” Jun Xie indicated towards the outside with his chin. Outside, urgent footsteps could be heard as no small amount of people rushed towards them.

Tang Yuan dismissed it with curled lips. “He is someone that neither you nor me recognizes. What kind of background could he have? Just a bunch of damaged goods! Even if his ancestor were to come, this Young Master will use my one finger to push him back home!”

“The… the two wicked people are upstairs. Qin… Young Master Qin is also up there.” The panicked voice of the woman was heard from below. Following that, the sounds of swords being drawn out from their sheaths were heard. The sound of iron was heard as the sound of footsteps on the stairs came.

In an instant, roughly six warriors with cold looks on their faces came to stand before the two of them. Noticing the young man covered with blood sprawled on the floor, their faces became furious. One of them bore some resemblance to the youngster, his face squarish, sporting a beard, he roared angrily as his eyes seemingly discharged waves of fire. “What are you doing just standing there? Help the Young Master up and deal with these two audacious beasts!”

Four of the warriors acknowledged the order. They stepped forward, ready to act.

Beside them stood several men wearing officer uniforms. They laughed as they asked. “Clan Leader Qin, do you want to let us handle this matter? We will certainly…”

“What nonsense! My son has already been beaten to such a sorry state, and yet you want me to hand this over to you? Today, I will be taking these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds with me! Not a single one of them will be let off the hook! I am curious to know, which b.a.s.t.a.r.d dares to touch my, Qin Hu’s son! Especially in this Drunken Immortal Establishment located in the northern area of the city!” The man was greatly furious.

The two officers originally wanted to ingratiate themselves up to him, but instead ending up provoking him. They felt embarra.s.sed and became silent.

The person who was furiously clamouring on about revenge was the Clan Leader of the Northern City Clan, one of the Six Great Clans within Tianxiang City. As for the youngster lying on the ground, he was none other than the only son of Qin Hu, Qin Xiaobao, a debauchee with quite the considerable background.

“Your son is “untouchable”?” Jun Xie stared at him with cold eyes as he watched Qin Hu express himself in such a domineering manner. “Then what if your son tries to “touch” us? Are you saying that the common people, like us can only be bullied by your precious son?”

Qin Xiaobao could certainly be considered as a debauchee with a considerable background. But that would depend on who was being compared with him. And today would be a calamitous day for him, for the two person he had b.u.mped into just happened to be the two debauchee with the biggest backing in the city. In addition, one of them happened to be in dire need of venting his wrath. Qin Xiaobao’s current situation was tantamount to a little rabbit showing off before a tiger and a wolf. This truly was a case of Heaven toying with the will of men.

“Hahaha… who dares touch my, Qin Hu’s son? Whoever dares, I will destroy his entire clan!” When he heard Jun Xie claiming to be “common people”, Qin Hu’s heart became set as he viciously stared at him. “Little flower boy, for you two to beat up my son until he is in such a sorry state, it seems like you have a death wish.”

[TL: Btw, to those who did not read the post “Jun Moxie”, I have changed the MC’s new name to Jun Moxie because i believe that was what the author intended.

PS: What i meant was MC’s current body is named Jun Moxie, but in his past life, his name was Jun Xie. That is why he keeps referring to himself as Jun Xie while everyone else calls him Jun Moxie. Sorry for the confusion.]

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 47

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