Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 60

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Chapter 060

Mind-Blowing Sky Xuan Expert

Regular Chapter



In the distance, the m.u.f.fled sound of hooves could be heard, each sound resounding like thunder as they moved towards them. It appeared that this a.s.sa.s.sination attempt had been found out.

After a while, the eyes of the leader of the men in black burst with a cold glint. He waved his hand, and charged at Princess Ling Meng with a sword in hand! Since you refuse to talk, then I will try again. If you choose to stop us, then we will retreat immediately! If you do not stop us, then Princess Ling Meng will die! That way, our mission can be completed!

However, as he advanced forwards, he carefully avoided the flying dagger, not daring to come in contact with it. Who knew what kind of strange temper this expert might have? Coming in contact with the dagger might end up inviting a calamity!

A deep blue colour suddenly appeared in the middle of the air as another flying dagger carrying a blue glow shot down before this man in black! The speed of this dagger was obviously faster than before. It appeared that this mysterious expert was feeling somewhat angry at the Gold Xuan a.s.sa.s.sin’s act of not understanding his intentions!

The two flying daggers were inserted onto the ground, small and exquisite, its body quivering, just like a precious artwork that could be crushed by merely coming in contact with it. It seemed as though it would be blown away by the winds at any moment. However, in the eyes of the nine a.s.sa.s.sins, these two flying daggers had transformed into a mountain standing before them and Princess Ling Meng!

An insurmountable mountain!

Any attempt to cross it was tantamount to suicide!

As of now, if they wished to kill Princess Ling Meng, they must first kill the one who issued the flying daggers! However, that person is… a pinnacle Sky Xuan expert! Even if all nine of them were to join forces, it would only take the expert the time it takes one to lift one’s hand to finish them off.

At this time, the Sky Xuan expert hidden on the roof had already activated his entire spiritual awareness. Closing his eyes tightly, he endeavoured to detect every single powerful existence. Under his spiritual awareness’ scope of search, he was confident that he could detect the movements of a pinnacle Sky Xuan expert or even a beginner stage Supreme Divine Xuan expert.


After using his spiritual awareness to search, this Sky Xuan expert’s eyes widened in horror. Beads of sweat dripped down from his forehead, evidence of how much fear was within his eyes at this point!

Who was it that had helped Princess Ling Meng? The Sky Xuan expert considered this question within his heart, but he no longer tried to search for the immeasurably mysterious expert’s aura. Because his earlier search where he utilized his entire being had resulted in nothing! There were no xuan qi fluctuations in the air nor was there any trace of soul fluctuations. The person who shot out the daggers had actually contained all of those!

What could that mean?

What kind of cultivation was required for this? From the perspective of this Sky Xuan expert, this was something that he could not accomplish. Not even a pinnacle Sky Xuan expert or even a middle-stage Supreme Divine Xuan could accomplish this!

Could it be… for this mysterious expert to have such a high level of ability, could it a pinnacle Supreme Divine Xuan expert? Isn’t that an invincible being? That is simply an existence that belonged within myths and legends!

Oh, my G.o.d!

When he recalled how he who was merely a ‘minor little beginner stage Sky Xuan’ had tried to detect the whereabouts of this powerful existence, the Sky Xuan expert became drenched in sweat! Even though he was unable to determine the location of this person, such a kind of existence would certainly have found out about him! If this person had chosen to reveal his soul and retaliated by slapping his spiritual awareness, then his mind would have been crushed without any difficulty at all! Should that happen, there was no doubt that he would have become a basket case by now!

Fear, terror, how long has it been since he had felt such emotions?

But at this moment…

The heart of this Sky Xuan expert could not help but feel fearful. A look of grat.i.tude appeared within his eyes as he silently saluted the empty air. His manner was respectful, as though he was seeing his ancestors. He knew that the other person was able to feel and observe his current actions.

How could he have known that this pinnacle Supreme Divine Xuan existence within his mind was currently sprawled on the ground like a motionless, dead mutt. As for the matter of him failing to detect any ‘powerful’ soul, that was simply a matter of course… the Xuan Qi soul power of this ‘pinnacle Supreme Divine Xuan expert’ that was lying on the ground like a dead dog was not even at the Silver level, it was simply too weak. Back then, even though he had detected his presence, he had completely ignored it… it was simply too weak…

Of course, there was the question of why the ‘pinnacle Supreme Divine Xuan expert’ would use the cultivation level of a Sky Xuan to deter these a.s.sa.s.sins. This was a very easy question to answer. The radiance of xuan qi would return to its original state once the Supreme Divine Xuan rank was attained and the xuan qi used would have no colour at all. If this person had used his true abilities to issue the daggers, those a.s.sa.s.sins would have simply ignored it, not knowing what kind of meaning it held. Wouldn’t that be unsightly? And if he were to personally come forth to stamp down those few ‘ants’, that would simply be too demeaning for him. On the other hand, the highest possible cultivation level that could still radiate colour when using xuan qi would be the pinnacle Sky Xuan rank, which radiated a dark blue ocean glow! Even those who have no Xuan Qi cultivation would be able to notice this!

Evidently, this senior was a very compa.s.sionate and thoughtful person. Moreover, he was also a man of great benevolence, his heart was simply… too thoughtful.

The Sky Xuan expert lamented as his heart was filled with admiration. It was no wonder that this person could achieve such a high level. Just by observing this senior’s level of cultivation, this kind of disposition, the Sky Xuan expert felt himself to be far inferior! This senior is a true master!

If these thoughts within his mind were to be known to the ‘pinnacle Supreme Divine Xuan expert’ who was lying on the ground, he would likely spew out a mouthful of blood and faint: You are simply giving me too high of an evaluation…

In the street below, the leader of the a.s.sa.s.sins revealed an expression of resignation on his eyes. His expression changed for a bit before finally looking up and shouted. “Since senior would not permit this junior to be presumptuous, this junior will leave!” After waiting for a while, there was still no response. Realizing that the Sky Xuan expert had no intentions of revealing himself and hearing the sound of horse hooves getting closer, he waved his hand. “Withdraw!”

The nine men retreated simultaneously, together their golden and silver light flashed out as they prepared to escape far away. But just as they were about to do so, a cold voice suddenly spoke out. “After killing so many people, you want to leave by just saying that? Did you think you could get off that easy?”

Following these words, a blue figure suddenly appeared in the corner of the street, blocking the escape path of the nine men in black. This man’s entire body was covered in blue radiance, his eyes akin to a pair of light blue pearls, his body tall and lean. Standing in the midst of the darkness, those who saw him could not help but feel a sense of loneliness within their hearts.

Loneliness, dismal, solitude, bleakness… embodied within this man were all these negative emotions that would cause anyone to feel extremely sad! Even the slender long sword held within his hand seemed to be exuding an aura of loneliness…

Princess Ling Meng’s face lit up as she cried out. “Uncle Ye, it is really you. Meng’er feels so happy!”

The expression of the two a.s.sa.s.sin leaders suddenly underwent a great change, their eyes contracting at the same time as they coldly asked. “Solitary Star of the Horizon, Ye Guhan? It turned out to be you! Isn’t your weapon of choice the sword? Since when did you start to use flying daggers to mystify people?”

“It does not matter what I use, it will be more than enough to kill you pieces of tras.h.!.+” Ye Guhan glanced over the nine a.s.sa.s.sins before looking at Princess Ling Meng. His eyes revealed a rare expression of warmth and affection. “Little Meng is misbehaving again, going out of the palace secretly. Now you have encountered a dangerous situation, are you frightened?”

“With Uncle Ye here, Meng’er will definitely be safe,” Princess Ling Meng smiled lovingly. Before this world famous solitary figure, Solitary Star of the Horizon, Ye Guhan, Princess Ling Meng did not appear to have any resemblance to a Royal Princess. Her bearing was more towards a little girl who had just met her dear uncle, her face showing an incomparable amount of respect and dependence.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 60

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