Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 666 Gaining Great Fortune From A Grunt!

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"Is it still very pleasurable now?" Du Jue asked lightly, his tone laced with mockery. He was already using 30 percent of his strength. Even Supreme realm experts would not necessarily be able to endure it. Although Jun Mo Xie's strength was not weak, he was still only at the Supreme realm. Using this much strength should be sufficient.

Unfortunately, reality was often different from one's expectations.

"Of course it's… amazing! If you can exert some more strength… that'd be even better!" Jun Mo Xie gritted his teeth and sweat poured down his brows. It seemed to take him a great effort to utter each word.

"Very good! Your bones are indeed tough enough! Since you've opened your mouth to ask, this Seat will naturally allow you to enjoy to your heart's content." Du Jue took a deep breath and instantly raised his strength to 50 percent! Only a small portion was used to deal with the Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun. Most of his efforts were centered on Jun Mo Xie's body.

The ground beneath Jun Mo Xie's feet cracked with a ka sound, but he braced the fall with his body, stubbornly holding on with the att.i.tude of one who would not drop tears unless they saw the coffin!

Du Jue furrowed his brows and his smile disappeared. "Are you still going to try and hang on stubbornly?"

Du Jue did not dare to push things too far. If he really accidentally killed this pretty boy, the consequences would not be a laughing matter!

Jun Mo Xie lowered his head slightly, but his teeth were still clenched tightly as he cursed aloud, "Drop the act… old thing! This Young Master has experienced too many situations like this… Just with your… third rate suppression power, you think that you're very awesome? This Young Master hasn't enjoyed enough yet! Why? Don't tell me that those old bones of yours do not have anymore strength?"

A blood red light flashed across Du Jue's eyes, and his ramrod straight back shook for a moment… His head had actually tilted forward a little in his rage.

Instantly, the pressure doubled!

Jun Mo Xie's body was like the tall peak among the clouds, unmoving and steadfast!

However, that kind of tyrannical pressure was something that could cause even heroes of a generation to submit!

In reality, Du Jue was also feeling extremely gloomy in his heart. He found it exceedingly difficult to advance or retreat in that moment. He was hoping to express his good will to the mysterious master by coming in person and had expected some cooperation; but, that brat was just a little too unyielding! Right now, he was already using 60 percent of his strength, but the kid was unexpectedly still able to endure!

If he continued to increase the might, it would exceed the boundaries of his control, and might yield unexpected results at any time. The slightest mistake would change the entire thing from expressing his good will to a show of might and aggression!

If the kid ended up dead somehow, it will result in an irreconcilable hatred and a powerful enemy!

But if he were to stop now, with the smug look on this kid's face, there was no possibility of him gaining anything from this. That d.a.m.ned old thing hadn't appeared either, so in the eyes of the crowd, wouldn't it look like he'd lost?

If that happened, he would really have lost all his face…

Wouldn't the Heartless Venerable turn into a laughing stock in the eyes of the ma.s.ses?

He could clearly feel that this kid was barely hanging on, but why wasn't he willing to admit defeat? Could it be that his master had frequently used this kind of method to temper him?

Yes! That must be the case!

Jun Mo Xie grunted lowly and opened his mouth to laugh, "It's so enjoyable ah, carry on, carry on ah…"

Du Jue instantly lost his temper!

For hundreds of years, how many people dared challenge him like that? Yet, this little hooligan that hadn't even finished growing all his hair was taunting him repeatedly, testing his limits? His eyes glowed with anger, and a faint silver light flashed past his pupils. At the same time, the pressure in the air thickened like numerous small mountains slamming into each other!


A soundless boom rang out, and the crowd was shocked to see that the s.p.a.ce in a 10 zhang wide area above Jun Mo Xie's head had turned as dark as a black hole! This blackness was even darker than ink!

It was broad daylight right now! Not only was the sun s.h.i.+ning fiercely in the sky unhindered by clouds, the snowy ground was also reflecting it's rays, causing a glaring brightness! But the area above Jun Mo Xie's head was clearly… as dark as night!

Eighty percent strength!

An 80 percent force from the Heartless Venerable was something that even Mei Xue Yan would need to treat seriously!

But the moment Jun Mo Xie felt this pressure, he instantly felt a wild joy surge through his heart!

Yes, a wild joy!

When Du Jue first roused up the Power of Heaven and Earth, Jun Mo Xie had already felt the anomaly.

Jun Mo Xie first felt a wave of pressure, after which, the Hongjun PaG.o.da in his sea of consciousness opened up and began rotating at high speed.

Only, this time, it did not release large amounts of spiritual Qi. Instead, a large portion of Du Jue's aura was sectioned out, turning into a ball of white mist which was swallowed by the Hongjun PaG.o.da in an instant!

The spiritual Qi this time was unusually thick and pure. Furthermore, it contained a faint aura of boundlessness! Jun Mo Xie instantly understood what this was: Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi!

At the same time, Jun Mo Xie could feel that after the Hongjun PaG.o.da finished refining the energy and transferred it into his body, the speed of his spirit energy increasing was actually over 10 times greater than before!

What was going on?

Although he didn't know what was going on, Jun Mo Xie was not willing to go and investigate at such a moment!

Right now, Jun Mo Xie was like a dried up pond, while Du Jue was using his own ability like one- no, like several hundred high powered water pumps, drawing in water from elsewhere and pouring it into him!

It was such a good matter; where else should he go to look for it?

This was truly an enjoyable matter, an extremely pleasurable thing! When Jun Mo Xie said that it was enjoyable earlier, he was speaking from the heart!

Thus, Jun Mo Xie was not going to waste such an opportunity! In fact, he was practically shouting internally. Keep it coming! Do not stop! The more strength you use, the better! I won't mind even if you keep this up until the skies collapses…

If you can continue supplying me with this energy, I'll be able to break through to the fifth level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune soon…

For this reason, Jun Mo Xie put on a show as if he was on the verge of collapsing, yet forcefully hanging on by sheer grit, giving Du Jue a misconception that he would not be able to hang on at any moment! As long as he gave it a little more push, the little brat would be done for…

But despite increasing his strength by several times, Jun Mo Xie still looked the same, like one who was struggling on the line between life and death… Du Jue was finally enraged now… thus, he began to increase his power output again…

Jun Mo Xie did not know what was happening, and Du Jue was naturally even more confused…

But at the root of everything, it all boiled down to two words: Spiritual Qi!

The Hongjun PaG.o.da was naturally extremely sensitive to Spiritual Qi. The moment it meets an environment that was rich in Spiritual Qi, it would begin absorbing frantically. But in this Tian Xiang City where the population was extremely high, the Hongjun PaG.o.da was unable to absorb much Spiritual Qi… Apart from the pure Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi that Jun Mo Xie absorbed in during his cultivation, other ordinary stuff was simply unable to rouse the interest of this grandpa paG.o.da.

But Du Jue was different. His cultivation was simply too high!

He was actually able to move large amounts of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi for his own usage!

He directly gathered the Power of Heaven and Earth and compressed it to launch his own attacks!

This kind of high level technique would be extremely troublesome for even same level Venerable experts to face!

This was a completely different implication from Mei Xue Yan's World Cage.

The Power of Heaven and Earth; how could it be weak?

But this formidable weapon that was extremely deadly toward others had become a supreme nouris.h.i.+ng tonic when it came to Jun Mo Xie! This kind of power was a great present to the Hongjun PaG.o.da!

To think that such a great personage would have come along and gathered so much Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi painstakingly and pour it into the Hongjun PaG.o.da…

Furthermore, this was the kind that he could not reject even if he didn't want it!

Thus… everything progressed in such a dramatic manner!

The thing that caused the Young Master Jun even more joy was that in order to control this kind of power, Du Jue would need to first adjust his own spiritual sense, communicate with the Power of Heaven and Earth, merge with it, before moving it to attack!

What the Hongjun PaG.o.da lacked the most right was actually Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi!

As long as it did not lack Spiritual Qi, it would never run out of resources. But Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi was a vast and boundless energy; with Jun Mo Xie's current abilities, he couldn't absorb much of it. Most of the time, he still required the Hongjun PaG.o.da to overcompensate for him…

But now, this Heartless Venerable was using his peerless Xuan cultivation that he'd bitterly trained for several hundred years to directly replenish all that the Hongjun PaG.o.da had used up, even topping it up more than before! And he'd done that with in extremely arrogant and maniac manner, within an extremely short amount of time, without even a flinch in his expression!

Of course, Jun Mo Xie naturally would not know the intricacies of this matter.

However, this did not affect the Young Master Jun's ecstasy over his gains!

Young Master Jun demonstrated the entire range of his award-winning acting skills as he gritted his teeth resolutely and panted raggedly like a dead dog, sucking in numerous breaths of cold air repeatedly. His face turned a strange shade of green, and his lips were as white and cracked as a ghost's… From time to time, the clattering of his bones could be heard, and sweat lined his face in huge beads. The stone slabs under his feet had already shattered, and spider web-like marks were spreading out from there…

Even Du Jue's heart was thumping with fright and worry for him. If I used a bit more strength, would this brat suddenly disintegrate into a pile of meat paste? But from what he observed, the kid was clearly on the verge of surrendering; just a bit more, and he would not be able to hang on…

A little more… a little more… a little more…

Just like this, the two fell into a stalemate of endurance!

If Du Jue knew that the strongest attack which he prided himself on was being treated like some kind of nouris.h.i.+ng cultivation energy, and the "agonized" look on his target's face was simply him enjoying the treatment as if he was receiving a ma.s.sage… the Heartless Venerable would probably cry out with rage and humiliation, followed by him spitting out a mouthful of old blood before falling dead on the spot! Furthermore, his eyes would remain open even in death, unable to close!

For the past few hundred years, when was the last time that the Heartless Venerable had been fooled and played by others like this?

It was not that he wanted to perform some kind deeds, but that Jun Mo Xie… was simply too queer!

Soon, Jun Mo Xie discovered to his disappointment that the pressure on him was no longer increasing. That would not do! Could it be that this old fellow was skiving off? Thinking this, his eyes opened and he snorted twice fiercely as he growled fiercely with a voice that seemed to have been squeezed from his lungs. "HA… HA… so this is the famed Heartless… Venerable. Is that all you have? You should just… let me up now… I'm very disappointed… to think that the peak level expert of the Supreme Golden City… is actually… kekekeke…"

Finis.h.i.+ng these words, he coughed twice in a wretched manner, as if his soul was screaming in pain and barely holding on… it seemed as if he would not be able to bear the pressure any longer…

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 666 Gaining Great Fortune From A Grunt!

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