Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Magnificent Jewel Hall   Of course, Magnificent Jewel Hall was not a place that anyone could enter as they pleased. It was a place catering to the elite.   But, at Magnificent Jewel Hall, they gave face to the Tian Xiang Kingdom and inside their place, one of the biggest box was reserved for the royal family of the Tian Xiang Kingdom. Irrespective of if someone from the royal family came or not, this place would always be reserved and kept ready. Several other countries also enjoyed this privilege of having their own private box but of course, when compared relatively to the royal family’s, they were smaller.   In the Tian Xiang Kingdom, each of the major families had a balcony of their own but each of them had to pay a substantial amount of ‘reservation fee’ on a regular basis and because of this particular rule, no other family was unhappy. In contrast to other auction houses around the country, in addition to the limited number of rooms, almost all the other seats had a fixed seating, which were basically in the large hall. And, if the youngsters of the major families actually were seated in the hall, it wasn’t even the least bit loss of their face!   So, Magnificent Jewel Hall’s box area had already transformed into a special status symbol!   It was extremely rare for people with newfound wealth to be added to this exclusive guest list.   In addition, Magnificent Jewel Hall on the surface seemed as if it was only interested in making money like crazy and that it wouldn’t be interested in government affairs and would not interfere either. However, if there was any fugitive who escaped to the Magnificent Jewel Hall and hoped that they would receive their blessing, they would have been delusional! Magnificent Jewel Hall would just tie them up and charge them of their crimes and would actually save the time of the officials to hunt down the criminal. Regardless of who you are, trying to stir up trouble in the Magnificent Jewel Hall is the biggest mistake one can make.   Jun Mo Xie closely looked at the wide gates that appeared before him. These were the tall majestic gates which were the entrance to the Magnificent Jewel Hall and though Third Young Master Jun had never set foot in here, he too knew the workings of this auction place. Here at Magnificent Jewel Hall, almost every day they would have an action to sell off items but, the items of great rarity, the ones which were priceless were only sold in the auction once a month.   And today happened to be that very special day!   And always during this period, the Magnificent Jewel Hall would be extremely lively.   Another biggest oddity of this Magnificent Jewel Hall was the items that it would auction. Almost no one knew the origin of these items and no one had ever seen the Magnificent Jewel Hall perform any form of acquisition or let people pawn items for money. Were all the items manufactured by they themselves? This had become a really big puzzle!   Fatty Tang  seemingly had come over here more than once as he turned and greeted a few of the bodyguards stationed over there. Jun Mo Xie followed Fatty and left behind eight of his bodyguards to collect money from the others he had sent over to his residence while the rest moved in with him.   As Jun Mo Xie was walking, he suddenly frowned.   This Magnificent Jewel Hall is really not a simple place!   Since the time he had walked into the door, there was at least five or six times that different spiritual awareness swept through him, inspecting his whole body and at every corner! This made Jun Mo Xie’s heart to beat faster! According to his calculations, the cultivation of all those experts was surely at the Jade Xuan Qi level!   This was just assessing the strength through internal inspection!   Behind Jun Mo Xie, came two groups of people, each of them emitting an eerie murderous aura. This was something that Jun Mo Xie was most familiar with and could absolutely not be mistaken. And one could see the heavy tension between the two groups, it was just like armies facing off each other on the battlefield! Jun Mo Xie immediately concluded that the two groups following him were definitely not friends.   Moving forward and walking up the stairs behind Tang Yuan, Jun Mo Xie suddenly seemed to slip on a step and stagger back. He took this opportunity to glance back and saw six people in black walking the other way. Both the groups walked into two different boxes. One of them was covered by a curtain which was embroidered with a golden tulip flower while the other had a black cloth curtain on which there was an elaborate embroidery of a white snow lotus.   At this moment, the hall was already overcrowded, but everyone was sitting comfortably and the whole atmosphere was calm, harmonious and peaceful. A waiter was walking around with a tray and although the number of people was enormous, it was extremely quiet. After all, these people felt that they were not eligible to run wild inside the Magnificent Jewel Hall.   Inside a box, Jun mo Xie looked at the insides of his own box to observe the Jun family’s box. There was a white curtain upon which was drawn a huge blood red coloured orchid flower and he couldn’t help but smile. Since the Jun family had bought this box, Grandpa had seemingly come here less than two or three times. Grandpa surely does not know how to manage wealth well and still paid regularly to keep this box. He really gave Magnificent Jewel Hall too much face!   “Those two boxes belong to whom?” Jun Mo Xie pointed out to the boxes that the two groups had just entered and asked.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 89

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