Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: "Viciousness (2)"

The reason why Ye Qing Luo noticed him was not because of his handsome face but that pair of eyes and astute gaze.

They were deep as ink, with a glance, one cannot see through his thoughts.

Ye Qing Luo quickly went towards him. The crowd quickly cleared a s.p.a.ce for her, trying to avoid the danger she brought along with her.

Only that man stood there, leisurely fanning himself with his fan, not moving a single inch.

Ye Qing Luo approached him and reached out, the next second, the fan was in her hands as she called out behind her: " Young Master, let me borrow this for awhile!"

That handle of the fan felt good.

Her fingertips nimbly ran along the fan as she played with it skillfully. Very smooth.

"Seventh Sister! How can you afford the t.i.tle of the Young Matriarch of Three Springs? Since you are not willing to be disciplined, don't blame your elder Sister for being merciless!" On her flawless face, Ye Qing Qian finally had on a slightly twisted smile.

If she had escaped that first Attack, she could be counted as lucky.

But this second lash… it was impossible for her to escape it based on luck alone!

Her Illusionary Whip has never missed!

No one has ever escaped the illusions she created!

When did that little s.l.u.t become so powerful?

Looking at that pair of bloodthirsty eyes that were staring back at her, Ye Qing Qian involuntarily took a step back as she felt her forehead exude a few drops of cold sweat.

She, actually felt fear.

And the object of this was actually from Ye Qing Luo?

No matter what, the always arrogant Ye Qing Qian refused to admit that she actually felt a shadow of fear towards a waste!

She reinforced her whip with profound qi once again as she lashed it towards Ye Qing Luo with added vigor and bloodl.u.s.t.

Her killing intent surfaced as she narrowed her eyes.

"Oh, so Eldest Sister also knows that I am the Young Matriarch?" Ye Qing Luo scoffed as she no longer avoided the whip and skillfully maneuvered her fan, with her fingertips playfully moving in succession.

Her foot work was very strange, somehow, she had seemed to accurately calculate where the whip would land and even more precise was how high the arcs were as she effortlessly avoided all the attacks.

Everyone could only see a crimson red silhouette gracefully fleeting about, like the magnificent sunset.

In the blink of an eye, she had flapped the fan open and close countless times and the soft whip was securely lodged in her fan.

The soft whip was now trapped between them.

"Ye Qing Luo!" Ye Qing Qian gnashes her teeth and stared at her incredulously, as she mustered her strength and pulled hard, wanting to retract her weapon.

But no matter how hard she pulled, she could not retract her whip.

This…How was this possible?

"Eldest Sister, don't worry, the show… has just begun!"

Immediately, she saw Ye Qing Luo's complex hand movements, and in her hands, the fan seemed to come alive.

Her hands danced about, when she flicked her wrist and released the handle, her fan turned on its own, like the wind, she swiftly flipped it once again and the whip was completely wrapped around the handle.

A two metres long whip was suddenly rolled up, and only half its length was left.

The fan continued turning and wrapping the whip snugly around. With a strong force, Ye Qing Qian had no choice but to release her grip on her whip.

When the soft whip twirled around the fan completely, the fan actually returned to the palm of Ye Qing Luo.

"Wow, Eldest Sister, not bad! This whip is actually of a supreme grade!" Ye Qing Luo stroked the coiled up whip on her fan, as she looked at the faint purple light it emitted.

"Supreme Grade?"

People's eyes shone when they heard that as they stared at the whip in a daze.

Although in this lifetime they would not be able to use one, at least let their eyes feast on it for all they can!

"Seventh Sister…" Ye Qing Qian's heart started beating erratically, and her trembling voice betrayed her calm expression.

Before she could finish her sentence, a black shadow suddenly appeared.


A shrill scream resounded.

Ye Qing Qian's hands covered her face as blood flowed through her fingers.

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 20

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