Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: "Strength"

"Aww~ fainted just like that?" Ye Qing Luo had on a look of disappointment as she shook her head and let out a  sigh. "Everyone, the play has ended, time to go home."

She stretched lazily and turned to walk into the residence.

Everything that has happened, in her eyes, was like watching a play.

Leng Feng Hua quickly caught up to her and smiled happily, "Seventh Miss, that means you've forgiven-"

"Stop right there." Ye Qing Luo stretched her hand out and raised her finger.

"Crown Prince's ability to coax a woman is too bad, this Lady has decided to annul our marriage engagement."

She said it in a light mannered tone.

Her beautiful eyes lifted with a slight flirtatious glint, her smile captivating.

That perfect face with a tinge of languidness adding on a touch of arrogance that she exuded. It was at this moment that Leng Feng Hua's heart hardened in determination and decided that he wanted her.

"This doesn't matter, this Lord is confident that I can capture the heart of Seventh Miss."

He had on a confident smile.

Ye Qing Luo rolled her eyes. "Leng Feng Hua, do you really not understand my words?"

She looked at him feeling grossed out from his unfound confidence.

She was simply too lazy to patronise him any further as she closed the fan in her hand and looked around the crowd, searching for the man whom the fan belonged to.

After glancing around, she couldn't see his figure within the crowd. Had he left?

Forget it then, the city is so big, when she has the chance to see him, she'd return the fan back to him. At the same time, to also give him thanks and repay him for today.

Ye Qing Luo held onto the fan and swaggered back into the residence.

A few lackeys wanted to stop her but thinking of how aggressive she had been just moments ago, who would still dare step forward to block her path?

They could only watch Ye Qing Luo disappear from their sight helplessly. Ye Tian Kuang wiped away his cold sweat as he nervously laughed as he turned to Leng Feng Hua who had on a blank expression. "Your Highness, please do not be angry over that trash… Later I'll teach her what's good.."

"Who are you calling a trash? She is the future Crown Prince Consort!"

Leng Feng Hua glared at Ye Tian Kuang coldly.

Ye Tian Kuang was stumped and quickly nodded. "Yes… Yes Your Highness"

When she entered the residence, she followed the body's memory and walked back to her courtyard.

This was the most remote courtyard in the entire residence where she had lived here with her Mother.

It was dilapidated, with dried branches all over, and it also had a dank and musty smell.

Once she stepped in, one could see that the surroundings were filled with cobwebs everywhere. Since the death of her Mother, Ye Qing Luo had lived here alone and was taken care of by a lame girl.

Ye Qing Luo had no concern over the condition of her living s.p.a.ce now.

The moment she stepped into her yard, she immediately sped up her steps to rush into her room.

The moment she stepped in, she felt a ripple in her chest and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Her body fell heavily into the ground.

From that palm strike that Ye Tian Kuang had struck out, although she had narrowly avoided it, however she was still injured by the profound qi.

Her arm had been broken and had been hurting since then.

She had been enduring and enduring. All these while, she had been enduring, not showing the slightest trace that she had been injured.

Ye Qing Luo fiercely wiped off the blood with her sleeves and struggled on, using the squeaking door as a support, with every step she took, she had to gasp hard for breath.

To survive in a strange new world, she had to make use of her Profound Heart Jade as soon as possible to cultivate!

Only with sheer strength, could she survive in this world!

She had no redeeming qualities, the only thing she truly advocated was to return any favours.

Today's injury - she would return it hundred folds!

"What's wrong Miss?… Miss?!" The sound of an iron pot that fell to the ground accompanied by a flurry of fl.u.s.tered irregular footsteps sounded behind her.

A little girl wearing a robe full of patched up holes was limping towards her. This was the only maidservant she had, her name was Zi Ling.

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 24

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