Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Have No Need For Useless People

"It's not the rice that's the problem." Ye Qing Luo sat up and brought that bowl of porridge over.

She then stuck one finger into the porridge and brought it to the tip of her nose.

"Miss? This porridge…"

Ye Qing Luo's gaze hardened as a trace of malice flashed by.

She handed the bowl back to Zi Ling and took out a cloth and wiped her fingers.

"Whoever gave the rice to you, let that person drink it."

Zi Ling's hands trembled when she heard that. "Miss means that…. someone …"

She did not dare think any further.

Her entire face paled as she immediately dropped onto her knees and knelt on the ground.

"It's all Ling'er's fault, Ling'er didn't even realise that the porridge was poisoned…"

"If you really feel that you're at fault, then follow my instructions closely." Ye Qing Luo glanced at her lazily.

"Bu…but Ling'er… " Zi Ling bit her lower lip. "Ling'er isn't able to.." the one who had given her this bowl of porridge was Aunt Zhang from the kitchen.

Although Aunt Zhang was in charge of the kitchen, she held quite a bit of power. She was fully supported by the Second Lady and she could be considered to be the head of all the servants.

If she said one, no one dared to say two. Whenever she spoke, there would be many servants trying to b.u.t.ter up to her and take their own initiative to follow her instructions.

How…How was she going to feed that bowl of porridge to Aunt Zhang?

"I have no need for useless people at my side." Ye Qing Luo threw her a casual glance and the side of her lips curled up. "If you can't even accomplish such a simple task, you can leave."

Zi Ling froze immediately and was just about to plead.

However, when she saw that pair of eyes looking back at her, she felt her throat go dry and no words could come out.

She trembled slightly and lowered her head, her scalp went numb as she finally squeezed out a word. "Yes…"

Zi Ling tightened her grip on the bowl of porridge in her hands as she turned to leave.

Just as she approached the door, Ye Qing Luo voice trailed from behind her. "Zi Ling, don't think of me as cruel. If she has the courage to poison me, then she has to bear the consequences. If she doesn't die, sooner or later, the one dead would be me instead."

Zi Ling's back stiffened.

After a moment, something seemed to have changed.

Zi Ling turned around, her eyes filled with tears. However, she had on a resolute gaze as she firmly said: "Don't worry, Miss! I will definitely complete this task!"

After her declaration, she ran out of the room.

Ye Qing Luo recovered her line of sight and her brows tightened into a frown.

She closed her eyes and she appeared within the Azure Dew Bracelet.

"Hey, Old man. Is there anything I can do immediately to cultivate profound qi?"

He replied without hesitation. "There's a method, but there are some problems as well."

"Tell me."

She needed to grow stronger quickly. Her thirst for power was apparent.

As long as there's a way, the excess baggage that came with it wasn't too much of an issue.

"There is something very strange about your body." The old man frowned. "Your meridians seem to be sealed by some kind of force, blocking off any profound qi, that's why you're unable to cultivate at all."


"Even this Old Man cannot determine the source of this seal, so the only way for you to cultivate is to change your body's physique by was.h.i.+ng your marrows with a top grade Marrow Cleansing Pill."

Even the old man couldn't provide her the answer she sought.

Top grade Marrow Cleansing Pill?

Ye Qing Luo cleared her throat. "Saying it is easy, since you're so powerful, it's better that you do it."

What a joke!

In her memory, a top grade pill requires an Alchemist of the grandmaster level to refine it. Moreover, the success rate of refining one was only 50%!

Alchemists had eight different levels.

The most basic was at the attendant level, followed by the disciple, the master level and the grandmaster level.

The following levels of the elder and emperor were so rare that in the entire Nirvana Realm, you could barely count them with ten fingers.

There was no need to mention the mythical levels of the divine and Immortal level.

She had never dabbled in refining before, so not to mention a semblance of a pill, how was she going to refine a top grade Marrow Cleansing Pill?

Joking had its limits!

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 26

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