Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Teamwork

Seeing his helpers arrive, Yuchi Ya's frantic expression immediately became arrogant.

His morale in meeting his opponent head-on also became filled with confidence.

He had two opponents, yet there were twenty something people behind him, including the Yuchi family's elite guards.

How could he still be afraid of a trash and a Second Young Master Mu?

"Ye Qing Luo, Mu Zi Fei, this young master is going to open your eyes today and have you look at the consequences of messing with this boss!"

Yuchi Ya's longsword sliced through s.p.a.ce and produced a greenish black slash, as if lightning flashed and thunder rolled, yet contained a sword's cold air.

In a split second, an entire swath of sky was covered with lightning and thunder from all directions granting death to the Ye Qing Luo and Mu Zi Fei duo.

Ye Qing Luo and Mu Zi Fei glanced at each other. As they saw the smiling expression flash by within each other's eyes, the corners of their mouths curved simultaneously.

Killing aura emerged in the depths of Ye Qing Luo's eyes as she held the handle of her folding fan between her fingertips and spun it around.

She pointed her foot and her body immediately transformed into a destructive shadow.

Mu Zi Fei's longsword condensed profound qi and sliced horizontally. With each sword strike, the earth seemed to be shaking and rumbled like thunder.

A long path was opened on Ye Qing Luo's behalf.

Once Yuchi Ya's twenty something guards saw this, they charged forward all together.

Profound qi soared. Tables from the vendors' stalls in the surrounding area were completely overturned.

Things were smashed on the ground and crushed.

At first, when Mu Zi Fei and Yuchi Ya were entangled in their fight, they didn't injure any surrounding people at all.

These twenty something people simultaneously struck and immediately, the entire street continually filled with screams.

The folding fan in Ye Qing Luo's hand was just like a sharp blade, rotating rapidly at her fingertips.

The degree of its sharpness was extremely high, its speed was exceedingly fast, and also accompanied by the exclusive footwork honed from her past life.

Several cultivators didn't even have time to execute a move and only felt something cool on their necks before they already collapsed on the ground.

"Hurry! Stop her!" A ninth level mystic profound grade middle-aged man shouted sternly as wind moved in his palm and split apart the sword qi formed by Mu Zi Fei.

Following which he pulled out a broadsword from his waist and chopped towards Ye Qing Luo.

The tip of Ye Qing Luo's brow rose as her foot pointed and retreated several steps dodging to one side and evaded the cutting sword wave.

A 'boom" sounded. The only thing visible was that the ground where she was standing had already been split into countless numbers of sword shadows by the middle-age man's broadsword.

Someone with a ninth level mystic profound grade already could be ranked among one of the western continent's most powerful people.

His reaction naturally was extremely quick.

After he chopped at empty air, he immediately jumped up and directly struck at Ye Qing Luo's vital body part with his incomparably ruthlessly fierce broadsword.

"Your opponent is me!" Suddenly, Mu Zi Fei, who could only be seen to be beleaguered by tens of people, sent his sword qi flying and released a huge movement which clashed open the wall of people.

White clothes fluttered, long hair flew and scattered, longsword crossed, profound qi released as a resplendent sword blade, resolutely collided with that middle-aged man's broadsword.

Two sword blades struck at the same time.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Qing Luo operated her strange footwork and within a few flas.h.i.+ng steps, already covered the distance to hem in the middle-aged man.

Her goal was to directly move against Yuchi Ya.

There were only two of them. Only by capturing the leader first, as long as Yuchi Ya was firmly suppressed, who of those twenty something people would still dare to move?

This was also the strategy that they perceived in the depths of each other's eyes when hers and Mu Zi Fei's four eyes connected.

The two people's teamwork was incredibly well coordinated.

As if they'd practiced together countless times.

A few meaningful glances was all that's needed for them to sense what the other was thinking.

Under the protection of twenty something people, Yuchi Ya naturally relaxed his vigilance.

He was simply unable to imagine that Ye Qing Luo, a trash devoid of any profound qi under the watch of two level nine mystic profound grade and four level seven mystic profound grade protectors surprisingly was able to approach him.

Suddenly, Yuchi Ya abruptly felt his back breakout in a cold sweat.

It seemed as if a pair of viper like eyes fixed its attention him.

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 38

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