Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Pill Refining Guild's Young Lord

What did 'act as if nothing happened' mean?

What did he mean by Seventh Young Lady won't look into their wrongs?

What did he mean by this matter will conclude at this point?

Did they still leave any face?

Yuchi Ya resolutely gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

It was as if he already forgot that he was the one who took the initiative to provoke Ye Qing Luo to begin with.

Mu Zi Fan took out a command badge from his waist and calmly smiled as he said. "Besides my ident.i.ty as the Mu family's head son, I'm also the Pill Refining Guild's young chief."

That command badge was as big as a palm, gold colored.

The word 'medicine' could clearly be seen.

The two middle aged protectors opened their mouths and gaped as if they hadn't heard Yuchi Ya's command.

Pill Refining Guild. Who among them didn't know of the Pill Refining Guild's strength?

The Pill Refining Guild was reckoned to be either Nirvana Kingdom's strongest or second strongest influence. They specialized in recruiting pill refining masters throughout the entire Nirvana Kingdom.

Although pill refining masters were rarely seen, when gathered together, they actually still numbered two to three thousand people.

Each continent also contained a subdivision of the Pill Refining Guild.

Don't look down on the Pill Refining Guild for not having as many members as other large powers.

The fact was that the Pill Refining Guild was a target that countless influential clans wanted to curry favor with.

They possessed countless numbers of powerful supporters.

The Pill Refining Guild's objective was to provide every single person with a pill and to spread throughout the world.

The guards didn't expect that……the Mu family's Mu Zi Fan surprisingly was the Pill Refining Guild's young chief!

If they were to touch the Pill Refining Guild, with only a single word, countless numbers of powers would rush forth on behalf of the Pill Refining Guild.

"What are you guys still blanking out for! Advance on behalf of this young master! Any consequences will all be born on my shoulders!" Yuchi Ya was so angry that he lost his head. How could he still care that the other party was some young chief. All of his mind was only filled with the desire to kill these three people.

"Fourth Young Master, even if the master were to come, he will still have to show some consideration when meeting the young chief." The middle aged guard moved by Yuchi Ya's ear and spoke in a hushed voice.

Yuchi Ya's malicious look suddenly congealed.

The young man's prestige entirely depended upon his old father.

Once he heard that his old man also must show consideration, as a son who relied on his dad's prestige to get ahead, he became totally terrified.

"Fourth Young Master, we should go back and report this matter to the master and have him take revenge on your behalf!" The guard offered his opinion.

"Fine!" Yuchi Ya clenched his fists tightly and forcefully suppressed the fury in the bottom of his heart. "This young master will allow the caged bird to fly today and leave you with a horse. If we meet again next time! You'll absolutely bear the consequences!"

After he threw down these hate filled words, Yuchi Ya dejectedly left under the protection of his guards.

Mu Zi Fei excitedly rushed to Mu Zi Fan's side, his pair of eyes filled with excitement. "Elder Brother, you……you obtained the young chief's command badge?"

The Pill Refining Guild was careful in using strength to convince the public.

In order to become the Pill Refining Guild's chief, besides having the moral quality to earn the respect of the entire guild, he must have his own pill refining skills.

And a young future chief must go through layers upon layers of selections and evaluations, before the Pill Refining Guild's future chief was finally decided upon.

Once Ye Qing Luo recalled how the Pill Refining Guild's affairs were arranged, her expression as she looked at Mu Zi Fan became somewhat more thoughtful.

By coincidence, Mu Zi Fan's line of sight crossed hers.

And caught her red-handed stealing a glance at him.

Ye Qing Luo didn't plan on covering it up in the slightest. On the contrary, she sized him up openly.

"Young Seventh Lady, this is what's called 'an exchange of blows lead to friends.h.i.+p'. I quite admire your att.i.tude. How about……we become friends?" Mu Zi Fan smiled mildly and asked.

Ye Qing Luo's fine eyebrows raised slightly and feigned disappointment as she sighed. "I even thought that we're already considered friends. It turns out that the elder Young Master Mu only take me to be a friend just now."

Mu Zi Fan couldn't help but laugh.

Mu Zi Fei's line of sight circled between the two of them. "The two of you……shouldn't be……"

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 42

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