Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: This Offense, Can You Swallow It Down?

"Little Yu, help me give this servant who doesn't know manners a proper lesson!" Ye Qing Luo provocatively looked towards Steward Yuchi as a cold smile emerged at the corners of her mouth.

Steward Yuchi's complexion immediately ashened.

Even the expression of the two guards behind him looked like they'd eaten a fly.


Ye Qing Luo was slapping their faces 'pa pa pa' in broad daylight!

After his name was called, Ye Feng Yu froze in place.

The two guards were already level nine mystic profound grade experts, this Steward Yuchi's profound grade couldn't even be perceived!

Him, giving them a lesson?

Wasn't this the same as looking for 's.h.i.+t'!

"What? Want me to do the job myself?" Ye Qing Luo narrowed her charming eyes slightly and smiled sweetly.

This smiling expression made Ye Feng Yu s.h.i.+ver all over and forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Just as he was going to open his mouth to discuss it well, he saw the meaningful glance that Ye Qing Luo casted over. Immediately, he understood and laughed. "I'll take action, I'll take action. How can Elder Sister be put to trouble by such a trivial matter!"

He straightened his back, grasped his sword tightly and a.s.sumed an aggressive stance as he faced Steward Yuchi. "Excuse me!"

Ye Feng Yu suddenly jumped up as a shout exploded from his mouth. The longsword in his hand chopped out as profound qi circled above the longsword forming a sword light.

"You're courting death!" Steward Yuchi's expression turned cold.

A powerful qi exploded loudly from his entire body.

A magnificent wave fluttered and sounded.

A palm wind directly chopped horizontally towards Ye Feng Yu.

But to one's surprise, Ye Feng Yu's longsword trajectory turned and actually struck towards Ye Chang Wei.

"Be careful, Little Yu!" Ye Qing pretended to be fl.u.s.tered and cried out in alarm.

Ye Feng Yu heard her yell. With a somersault, he evaded that palm strike, but he was till grazed. After he half kneeled on the ground, he sprayed some blood.

"Little Yu!" Ye Qing Luo quickly stepped forward, one hand supporting Ye Feng Yu, eyes filled with worry.

When she saw the bloodstain at the corners of Ye Feng Yu's mouth, Ye Qing Luo already couldn't bear it and pointed at Steward Yuchi. "People from the Yuchi family are simply intolerable bullies! Forget that you stopped me at the city walls, you surprisingly even directly took unfair advantage and moved against us! I want to see how out of control your Yuchi family can be when all is said and done!"

When Steward Yuchi's palm struck outward, he already regretted it.

He didn't expect Ye Feng Yu and Ye Qing Luo to actually join hands and stage such a good trick!

They deliberately made him think that Ye Qing Luo was humiliating him and forced him to take the initiative to move against them.

When in fact, the person who Ye Feng Yu wanted to attack from the start was Ye Chang Wei!

As the Yuchi family's head steward, he moved against the Ye family's first wife's son on Three Springs Sect's territory.

No matter how he explained it, it would still be his wrong.

This lowly girl was actually so profoundly shrewd!

Ye Qing Luo straightforwardly ignored Steward Yuchi's ferocious and piercing gaze.

One of her hands supported Ye Feng Yu as her gaze directly compelled Ye Tian Kuang. "Respected Father, currently, in your presence, your son from your first wife has been humiliated by a little steward from the Yuchi family. This offense, can you swallow it down??

Couldn't swallow it down!

Of course, it couldn't be swallowed!

Ye Tian Kuang's complexion was similar to the color of vegetables.

His grand Three Spring Sect's prestige, if they were to lower their voices and suppress their anger in front of a steward from a cultivation family, a breath would always be choked in his heart.

Having been agitated by Ye Qing Luo like that, he felt even more that he'd been thoroughly discredited.

The unyielding nature in his heart was fiercely aroused by Ye Qing Luo at once.

No matter how much he disliked Ye Qing Luo in his heart. No matter how he loathed her, in an outsider's eyes, Ye Qing Luo was still an authoritative figure within Three Springs Sect after all.

It's fine for her own family members to bully her, but for outsiders to bully her, how would that not make outsiders sneer at everyone in Three Springs Sect?

Ye Tian Kuang's expression congealed coldly as both hands folded behind him while a deep cold pervaded the depths of his eyes. "Steward Yuchi, I believe that I haven't treat you rudely at all, yet you moved against the only son of my first wife right in front of my face. I can't tolerate this offense!"

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 48

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