Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Guardian

"Girl, you're really lucky! I envy your luck!" Old Man Cang pushed Ye Qing Luo towards the Dragon G.o.d Cauldron. "It's fine. You can go over there now."

Ye Qing Luo was stupefied.

Just now, she wasn't allowed to go there, why was it ok all of a sudden?

She thought that if she neared it again, the Dragon G.o.d Cauldron would oppose her.

But…….her body directly knocked against the cauldron.

An ice-cold feeling instantly invaded her body.

Ye Qing Luo s.h.i.+vered and thought of leaving when she heard a strange voice by her ear. "New owner, I'm the Dragon G.o.d Cauldron's guardian. My name is Cauldron Dragon."

The cauldron's dragon?

New owner?

G.o.d d.a.m.n, what the h.e.l.l!

"Girl, the cauldron absorbed your blood. That means it already formed a blood contract with you. It'll follow you for life, allowing only you to make use of it." Old Man Cang watched Ye Qing Luo's shocked expression and gave an explanation.

It wasn't merely Ye Qing Luo who was shocked, he actually was also overwhelmed!

When he was still alive, he obtained the Dragon G.o.d Cauldron.

But all the way until his death, when he became the Azure Dew Bracelet's guardian, he still had no way of taming that cauldron.

He didn't expect that the cauldron's guardian actually took the initiative to sign a blood contract with Ye Qing Luo.

It seemed that this girl could not be compared to normal people……and at this moment, Ye Qing Luo was communicating with Cauldron Dragon.

From what cauldron said, she found out that the Dragon G.o.d Cauldron was previously owned by an immortal emperor to refine pills.

Ever since the immortal emperor pa.s.sed away, the cauldron fell into Nirvana Kingdom.

After that, it was unexpectedly obtained by Old Man Cang.

Then after that, she appeared.

"Why am I the one?" Ye Qing Luo was puzzled.

It's the first time she saw the Dragon G.o.d Cauldron. She heard Old Man Cang say before that during his whole life until he became a guardian, he had no way of taming it.

She couldn't figure out why the Dragon G.o.d Cauldron chose her to form a blood contract with.

Cauldron Dragon's voice was loud and clear and possessed the dragon race's prestige. "It's due to your smell."

Ye Qing Luo raised her hand, and smelled the smell on her body.

She bathed everyday, there didn't seem to be any special smell.

"This smell is not something humans can smell." Cauldron Dragon replied.

Ye Qing Luo's hand covered the decorative designs on the cauldron.

The cauldron suddenly trembled and accordingly changed to become palm sized before falling into Ye Qing Luo's hand.

Cauldron Dragon's voice sounded again. "I can become large or small according to your wishes. In regards to refining pills, I'll absolutely do everything I can to instruct you."

The implication was that it wouldn't care about anything besides refining pills and wouldn't get involved.

With the Dragon G.o.d Cauldron in hand as well as Old Man Cang, this Ancestor Rank senior present, as well as Cauldron Dragon's teachings.

Ye Qing Luo suddenly felt that within the pill refining masters' circle, she'd soared to the skies in one fell swoop!

"I want to refine the marrow cleansing pill!" Ye Qing Luo's charming eyes s.h.i.+ned dazzlingly, completely filled with happiness.

Ever since she started to refine pills, she'd really wanted to refine an even better pill.

She wanted to open the seal on her meridians, and wanted to stabilize her brother's profound rank. She also wanted to cure Zi Ling's leg……

Now that she had the cauldron, everything that she thought of could be achieved.

Cauldron Dragon was silent for a short period of time and seemed like it was investigating the condition of Ye Qing Luo's body.

Soon after, that powerful voice spoke unhurriedly. "It's possible, only two days are needed."

Two days! Truly worthy of a cauldron that an immortal emperor had used before!

It spoke so confidently!

Ye Qing Luo was thrilled. "Cauldron Dragon, let's start to refine pills now!"

"Before then, you need to ensure that no one will bother you while you refine the pills." Cauldron Dragon said solemnly.

"The Dragon G.o.d Cauldron is unlike other common cauldrons, if your heart isn't firm, then not only will your divine sense receive damage, your soul would also be swallowed along with it."

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 54

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