Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Success

"He is the Azure Dew Bracelet's guardian, as long as his soul is still inside the bracelet, there won't be an issue." The cauldron dragon said.

Ye Qing Luo's pearly white teeth bit her lower lip. "Mn, nothing will happen to Old Man Cang for sure."

The Cauldron Dragon was the Divine Artifact's spirit guardian, it wouldn't lie to her.

In any case, she was the Cauldron Dragon's owner.

"Girl, even though the marrow cleansing pill has already been successfully refined, we have to immediately attend to eating the marrow cleansing pill and undoing the seals on your meridians."

Old Man Cang's voice sounded even more softly. "I need to go into closed door meditation for a period of time. With the cauldron dragon here, it can guide you."

Ye Qing Luo nodded her head continually. "I can handle it. After you return, I certainly won't disappoint you!"

The corners of Old Man Cang's lips moved weakly.

Soon after, white mist rose in spirals and wrapped around Old Man Cang's entire body.

After the mist dissipated, how was there even a shadow left of Old Man Cang?

"Don't think too much about it. Let's start." Cauldron Dragon didn't allow Ye Qing Luo to ponder about other things. Ye Qing Luo held back the uneasiness at the bottom of her heart.

Actually, even if she continued to dwell on the matter, it would be of no use.

Currently, the only thing she really must focus on was to undo the seals on her meridians, cultivate profound qi, and allow herself to become even stronger!

Based on Caudron Dragon's method, Ye Qing Luo was to sit in the lotus position on a slab at the side.

Immediately, she felt slight chills from her beneath her.

"Millenium Glacial Ice?" Ye Qing Luo was astonished as she stroke the slab with her hand.

At once, an incomparably penetrating coldness spread through her arm from the palm of her hand.

Millenium Glacial Ice was some good stuff. It's a treasure that countless numbers of cultivators sought.

It'd been said that as long as one cultivated on top of the Millenium Glacial Ice, the cultivator would accomplish double the effect with half of the work.

Because of the Millenium Glacial Ice, the world's spiritual qi would be successfully refined.

And also because it was placed inside the Azure Dew Bracelet, the slab's spiritual qi was even more rich, even more pure.

She didn't expect that Old Man Cang actually h.o.a.rded so many good stuffs inside the Azure Dew Bracelet.

Ye Qing Luo sat up straight and swallowed a marrow cleansing pill.

The marrow cleansing pill entered her mouth and instantly, a fresh medicinal scent spread inside her oral cavity.

The medicinal scent slid down her throat into her body, traveling throughout her meridians.

The process was extremely painful.

Several times, Ye Qing Luo was unable to hold down the pain and uttered low groans.

Within her meridians, wave after wave of medicinal scents continually collided and squeezed.

Her entire body felt like her muscles were ripped from her bones and then reattached once more.


A sharp, painful groan emerged from Ye Qing Luo's mouth.

Fishy sweetness burst forth in her throat after the groan, then suddenly, she threw up a mouthful of blood.

That blood was dark, so dark that it glowed purple.

Right after that, an ice-cold stream flowed from beneath her and spread through the hundred bones throughout the four limbs of her body.

The painful pressure already no longer existed.

At this moment, Ye Qing Luo only felt light and comfortable from head to toe, incomparably relaxed.

A boundless and frightening profound qi exploded from Ye Qing Luo's body.

That profound qi emitted dazzling rays of light, contrasting with the red clothed woman with the slab of ice, ravis.h.i.+ngly alluring, her splendor rivaling the sun and moon.

Cleaning the marrow was a success……the blocked meridians had been opened.

A steady flow of profound qi spread throughout her body.

"Owner, take advantage of this momentum. You can begin to challenge the first layer of Azure Dew Bracelet's Core Techniques."

What? I can begin to challenge the first layer of Core Techniques now?

Without waiting for Ye Qing Luo to regain her senses, that huge cauldron violently trembled.

She stepped unsteadily as her body b.u.mped into something.

In the next second, the thing that she knocked into was like a vacuum as it sucked her towards it.

It suddenly became dark.

Within a very short instant of time, Ye Qing Luo opened her eyes again to discover that she already stood on a compet.i.tion stage.

The area that she stepped on had a very big number one written on it.

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 56

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