Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Finding the Person Who Grafted the Profound Heart Jade

When Ye Qing Luo was still in the 21st century, she heard directly from those several old men saying this name 'Blink Movement'.

They made an issue of it one time.

But what made Ye Qing Luo remember this name extremely deeply was……the time when those several old men tricked her into going into the Ye family's old tomb to accept the Ye family's heirloom treasure.

They deliberately mentioned Blink Movement.

Blink Movement, as the name implied, was precisely the ability to move in a blink.

Compared to that strange footwork of hers in rank, it was much more astonis.h.i.+ng.

Supposing she cultivated Blink Movement to the highest level, she could be standing inside a large area like a big city and want to instantly move somewhere within, she would easily arrive there.

Unexpectedly, the rare skill that Ye Qing Luo obtained from the first layer of purgatory was this Blink Movement.

Those several old men spoke rare words of truth.

"The reward for successfully breaking through purgatory was also given based on your statistics when you killed the beasts and defeated the Azure Dew Bracelet's first layer of purgatory." Old Man Cang explained.

When Ye Qing Luo confronted the first layer of purgatory, she used precisely the footwork she learned from modern times.

As a result, the bracelet selected the most suitable reward for Ye Qing Luo.

With respect to this reward, Ye Qing Luo expressed that she's quite pleased.

So satisfied that she simply couldn't be anymore satisfied!

"Don't be pleased too soon." Old Man Cang watched the appearance of Ye Qing Luo's eyes radiating light and helplessly let out a sigh. "You need to recover the profound heart jade that had been dug out as soon as possible."

Mentioning the profound heart jade, Ye Qing Luo's hands subconsciously covered the pit of her stomach.

That's right……she almost forgot. The profound heart jade inside her thoracic cavity really wasn't her own profound heart jade.

A profound heart jade that wasn't originally hers, if it wasn't used properly, it could easily bring about a rejection from the heart jade.

Like how prior to her confronting the wild beasts, when she released profound qi in order to set up the wild beasts in first layer of purgatory, she was only a step away from suffering rejection from the profound heart jade.

"This profound heart jade of yours is unable to support a long period of use." Old Man Cang continued. "Perhaps, you can find the person to grafted the profound heart jade for you and have him help you reconstruct your current profound heart jade on your behalf."

Find Di Mo Xuan?

Ye Qing Luo then thought about how he set a date in one month's time.

He said that he'd give her one month's time to prove her strength.

Right away, she understood it.

One month's time is coming soon.

And she reckoned that this profound heart jade grafted by Di Mo Xuan would also only last one month.

In the event that Di Mo Xuan were to forget about her existence, and forgot about this one month date.

This profound heart jade inside her thoracic cavity could very possibly be engulfed by her.

Or perhaps, her efforts during this one month would amount to nothing.


She truly especially d.a.m.n hated this kind of fate like hers the most, the feeling of control residing in someone else's hand!

Without Di Mo Xuan, could she really not do anything?

Ye Qing Luo's fingers constricted one by one, as her charming eyes coldly flickered, full of unwillingness.

Her fate was to be controlled only by her!

She must quickly find her own profound heart jade!

Ye Qing Luo said goodbye to Old Man Cang and Cauldron Dragon, then left the Azure Dew Bracelet.

Her soul had just returned to her own body when Ye Qing Luo immediately felt the rumbling in her tummy.

While she was inside the Azure Dew Bracelet, she was unable to feel anything at all.

Once she returned to the real world……

Ye Qing Luo covered her belly and yelled with her dried throat. "Zi Ling, Zi Ling……"

Guarding outside the door, Zi Ling heard her voice and swiftly entered.

"My Lady, you finally woke up!" Zi Ling's face was filled with an anxious expression. She hobbled as she ran bit by bit, stumbling endlessly.

Ye Qing Luo's eyes narrowed as she became aware of something at last. "What happened?"

Zi Ling saw that her lady's lips were dry and didn't forget to pour her a cup of water as she replied. "My Lady, you didn't want anyone to disturb you, so Ling Er didn't dare to tell you all this time, just a moment ago……just now, the fourth young lady came. Because the eighth young master didn't want to disturb you, he then fought with the fourth lady……"

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 59

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