Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Dark Move

"What? !" The light in Ye Qing Luo's eyes submerged.

Ye Qing Ling, that little mucked up prost.i.tute, was the lesson from last time not enough?

She now unexpectedly even dared to stir up trouble at her courtyard!

She'd forgotten the pain now that her wounds had healed, right?

Ye Feng Yu's profound rank was above Ye Qing Ling's.

But his nature wouldn't truly be able to hold up until the end. After all, Ye Qing Ling was his fourth sister.

Ye Feng Yu absolutely wouldn't go all out.

However……Ye Qing Ling wouldn't take brotherly affection into consideration!

"Where are they, let's go!" Ye Qing Luo flipped over and down from her bed. While doing that, she took out a strength replenis.h.i.+ng pill from her Dragon Phoenix Ring and stuffed it into her mouth.

Zi Ling promptly led the way up front.

Outside the abandoned courtyard, in an area of about twenty meters was a corner of Three Springs Sect's mansion's garden.

Ye Qing Ling grasped a longsword in her hand as a sword form's sword wave directly hacked at Ye Feng Yu.

A swis.h.i.+ng sound emitted from the longsword in the air.

She arrogantly and coldly mocked. "Call Ye Qing Luo, that little trash, out here for me. Isn't she quite aggressive, quite egotistical!"

Ye Feng Yu dodged continually, his forehead furrowed tightly into a ball. "Fourth Sister, we're all children of the Ye family, why is there a need to be so forceful?"

"Stop giving me nonsense!"

Yet another sword wave directly chopped down.

Ye Feng Yu's pair of palms pressed against the ground as he rolled. "Fourth Sister, if you continue being so overbearing, don't blame this younger brother for not showing you mercy and face!"

"Oh? I actually want to see how you'll show sentiment and face!' Ye Qing Ling laughed coldly nonstop.

In her eyes, Ye Qing Luo and Ye Feng Yu, these two people, were unwelcome existences within the Three Springs Sect.

One was a girl who was still a young head of the clan, and been left to her own devices after being humiliated.

The other was the son of a first wife. Although he could live in a courtyard arranged by their father, no one had paid attention to him ever since he was little. Their simply wasn't anyone who regarded him as the Ye family's first wife's son.

What was there to fear?

Ye Qing Ling narrowed her eyes. No matter what, the two children without a mother were incapable of standing firmly within the Ye family.

The way she executed her moves became even more ruthless and ferocious.

Ye Feng Yu became angry, profound qi broke out from his body as he waved his palm against Ye Qing Ling's sword move.

Ye Qing Ling's expression froze, endlessly astonished!

What she was surprised by wasn't Ye Feng Yu making a move against her.

Rather……Ye Feng Yu's profound rank was surprisingly higher than hers by quite a few levels!

What's going on here?

She remembered that Eldest Sister once told her that Ye Qing Yu's profound grade was at the border of the third level profound rank.

But Ye Feng Yu's personality was weak and worried about too many things. When he fought, his hands and feet held back.

When he truly needed to fight, even someone at Yellow Profound rank could easily subdue him.

But……but the Ye Feng Yu before her eyes was completely different from her Eldest Sister's description!

Even though Ye Qing Ling couldn't tell Ye Feng Yu's profound rank.

But she could feel that this wasn't the power of a third level profound grade boundary.

It was said that his personality was weak?

He surprisingly was truly making a move against her!

Ye Qing Ling didn't know at all that the current Ye Feng Yu's heart and mind was slowly changing under Ye Qing Luo's influence, intentionally or otherwise.

Ye Qing Ling panicked.

She wasn't a fool. If Ye Feng Yu truly wanted to move against her, the one to suffer losses would absolutely be her!

Looking at Ye Feng Yu's palm wind pressing on towards her, Ye Qing Ling's body moved and ingeniously evaded the heavy palm strike.

Soon after, it seemed she was struck by the wind from his palm as her body rolled high in the sky, and with a 'boom', she fell to the ground.

She covered her stomach, a faceful of pain.

"Fourth, Fourth Sister!" Just as Ye Qing Ling expected, Ye Feng Yu withdrew his hands and frantically looked at them.

His face full of worry as he ran to Ye Qing Ling and supported her up. "Fourth Sister, you……are you ok……"

He hadn't finished speaking when a cold tip of the blade flit across before his eyes and rested on his neck. The ice-coldness stuck to him……

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 60

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