Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Lesson

The pentagram under Ye Qing Luo's feet, dazzlingly proclaimed that she'd already stepped into the territory of profound qi cultivators.

She was no longer the former trash that allowed people to disdain her.

However, Ye Tian Kuang wasn't excited the way one might have imagined.

His complexion was as deeply cold as before, his sharp eyes wrapped in cold frost.

He totally didn't think that a daughter of the Ye family's first wife becoming a cultivator was something worth celebrating.

"Seventh Sister! No matter what method you've used to be able to cultivate profound qi again, you should not have made a move against Fourth Sister!"

Ye Qing Jian suddenly spoke out, her gentle facial features full of solemnity.

She adopted the att.i.tude of an older sister. "Ling'er is your fourth sister, how can you be this merciless!"

Ye Qing Luo swept over Ye Qing Jian out of the corner of her eyes and could not help but sneer out loud.

Afraid that after Ye Tian Kuang found out she's a cultivator, his heart would soften?

Therefore, she deliberately aroused Ye Tian Kuang's fury and move against her?

Ye Qing Luo's line of sight returned to Ye Tian Kuang's face.

She could not discern the slightest bit of tenderness from Ye Tian Kuang's eyes.

On the contrary, it was more like he wanted to kill her.

Ye Tian Kuang's att.i.tude truly made her examine everything in-depth.

It's been said that Ye Tian Kuang was disgusted with Ye Qing Luo in the past because she was a trash and caused the Ye family to lose face.

But at present, she had already become a cultivator, furthermore, her strength was clearly higher than the other sons and daughters of the the Ye family .

Nevertheless, Ye Tian Kuang's att.i.tude towards her was still the same as before.

In other words, Ye Tian Kuang's disgust towards her had already become a kind of habit?

Or perhaps……it stemmed from some other hidden reason?

"Vile creature! As your father, if I don't properly give you a lesson today, then I would have been the Three Springs Sect's Patriarch in vain!"

Ye Tian Kuang's hot anger had been ignited by Ye Qing Jian.

During this short period of time, he had been led through the nose by Ye Qing Luo.

In front of the public, she did not give the Ye family the slightest bit of face.

In addition, when she schemed to turn the Three Springs Sect and the Yuchi family into enemies.

He was truly foolish to have stood up for her to call on the Yuchi family head.

Thinking about how he had been humiliated at the Yuchi family residence, the fury in the depths of Ye Tian Kuang's eyes burned fiercely.

The brown pentagram tracing suddenly burst forth from under her feet.

Ye Tian Kuang released profound qi as his palms simultaneously struck forward like a snaking dragon that suddenly swallowed mountains.

That was an extremely dazzling ray of light as his palms condensed a burst of rippling waves.

His palms seemed to have become illusory, it's speed so fast that Ye Qing Luo had no way of seeing it clearly.

"Oh my, Esteemed Father, such anger will make you age faster." Ye Qing Luo laughed coldly.

Soon after, the toes of her feet pushed off, and sent a roundhouse kick through his palm wind, straight towards Ye Tian Kuang's face.

"Courting death!"

This was obvious, bare naked provocation.

Ye Tian Kuang's eyes submerged as both palms suddenly chopped outwards.

He chopped several times in succession, sending huge waves that startled the heavens, layer upon layer.

Bang bang bang——ear-piercing explosive sounds, deafening.

Qi waves surged on, crushed rocks showered the air.

Within this section of the garden where was there anything that was still left in one piece.

Besides Ye Tian Kuang, Ye Qing Jian, and Ye Qing Ling, there was no other detectable life form.

Ye Tian Kuang withdrew his hands coldly and brushed the palms of his hand against each other, a sneer surging at the bottom of his heart.

A yellow profound grade cultivator had the cheek to the insolent in front of him, heh.

Did she truly consider herself to be the Three Springs Sect's young Martriarch?

If it wasn't because…….

"Dad, Daddy……"

Suddenly, an alarmed voice sounded and interrupted Ye Tian Kuang's complacent train of thought.

He turned his head around.

And saw that the daughter who he deemed to be dead under his palm strike was, at this moment, leisurely clutching Ye Qing Jian's neck in a contented manner.

Those eyes capable of charming all living things were holding a very faint smiling expression as she fixed her gaze on him.

Ye Tian Kuang immediately felt the pit of his stomach tremble.

Surprisingly, cold sweat actually emerged on his back.

Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 65

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