Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 565: Appreciation And Respect

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The giant Sun was hanging high in the sky, shedding down an endless amount of light. Yet it wasn't enough to chase away the coldness of this place.

Inside the purple bamboo forest, the Zhao Clan ancestor looked extremely fearful. As if he had fallen into h.e.l.l, his entire body ached from the chill.

The Black Shark Sect's leader was the same. The fear in him reached an extreme and his entire body was quivering uncontrollably.

To have personally witnessed the Mu Clan ancestor's soul being destroyed and leaving behind only traces of blood and flesh, the mental impact of that was aggressive and violent. Their hearts s.h.i.+vered in fear as they stared at Ling Xian with fright in their eyes.

At this moment, they were full of regret, regret of provoking someone as ruthless as Ling Xian!

Similar to the Mu Clan ancestor, they felt that, before a terrifying powerhouse like Ling Xian, the success of escaping was a luxurious dream. After all, they have been intensely wounded by Ling Xian and had no strength left in them.

Therefore, the two of them gave up on the idea of running away. They were fully aware of the fact that today will be the day their lives end.

"Ehem, ehem, if you want to kill me, then go for it."

The Zhao Clan ancestor's face was chalk white as he sighed. "I have been acting atrociously for over 300 years. I don't even recall how many powerhouses I have killed. I cannot believe that I will end up dying here."

"I am just the same." The Black Shark Sect leader's face was full of bitterness, "However, to lose under the palm of someone who destroyed the indestructible puppet, I am not ashamed."

"That's right. The gap between him and us is far too wide. Being defeated by him is nothing to be ashamed of." The Zhao Clan ancestor's gaze s.h.i.+fted towards Ling Xian, who was now walking towards them slowly. "I won't speak anymore. The victor is the ruler, and the loser has no power. Of you want to kill me, then go for it."

Ling Xian walked over slowly and his black hair softly tussled in the wind. "I have no interest in killing you two."

Just then, the two cultivators' eyes flashed with hope. However, Ling Xian's next statement dragged them back to hopelessness.

"But I think, someone will take an interest in killing you."

Ling Xian faintly smiled and looked over to Chu Zhong Tian. He teased, "Don't you agree?"

Hearing this, Chu Zhong Tian was a little startled but quickly, he realized what Ling Xian meant. Excitement flooded his face.

He realized that Ling Xian had left him with the weapon and was allowing him to kill his enemies. This naturally made him excited and highly appreciative.

"Thank you, your Excellency. Thank you for handing over the opportunity to kill them." Chu Zhong Tian's face was ridden with thankfulness and exhilaration. Even imagining the chance of killing these people made him so excited, he couldn't contain himself.

To him, revenge was everything in his life. After all these years, there hasn't been a moment where he hasn't thought of slaying these people. Before his eyes, he finally had the chance to do so, how could he not be excited?

"There is no need to thank me. Hurry up and end this hatred between your clan and theirs." Ling Xian brandished his hand. He then quickly retreated by hopping back and landing tiptoed on a bamboo leaf.

"Yes, your Excellency!"

Chu Zhong Tian nodded in a serious manner and paced over to the Zhao Clan ancestor and the Black Shark Sect leader. With every step he took, the look in his eyes turned colder and the two completion leveled cultivators' heart dropped a little further.

By the time he arrived beside the two, a dark snicker had appeared on his face and the opponents' hearts have fell down a cliff.

If it were Ling Xian making the move, the two of them could've at least died crisply. If the one killing them was Chu Zhong Tian, then how could they remain composed?

Don't forget, they were the murderers of the Chu Clan. Today, the descendant of the Chu Clan returned for revenge, even an idiot would realize that this death won't be a quick one. They will be tortured.

Because of this, they felt even more frightened.

"Hehe, so even you know how to be scared."

Staring at the quivering duo, Chu Zhong Tian's face turned monstrous, "Back then, you killed more than 100 men in the Chu Clan. Have you ever thought how scared they were?"

At this, the two of them parted their lips but no words came out.

There was nothing to say.

"Speechless now are you? Then quietly accept the trial I sentence you to. Don't worry though, I won't kill you easily. I want you to experience what it feels like to want to die." Chu Zhong Tian's face was dark. He took out a small blade out of his storage pouch and cold killer's intent circulated through his veins.

Then, he imposed an inhibition spell on the defenseless two. The small blade in his hand landed lightly on the Zhao Clan ancestor's arm.

"Now, please enjoy, what it feels like to wish for death." Chu Zhong Tian snickered. The small blade in his hand dug a little deeper.


The blade sliced across. Following it was a piece of flesh and a heart shrieking cry.

"Do you feel the agony now? You remember how my hatred towards you won't disappear easily. So, be quiet and enjoy it." Chu Zhong Tian's expression was terrifying as he stabbed the blade in hand again and again.

Every time he moved, a piece of flesh fell. The heart piercing pain forced the Zhao Clan ancestor to cry out in pain.

The hatred was far too dense and the anger was far too violent. Chu Zhong Tian was now delirious as he began to torture these two.

Cries of pain echoed throughout. It wasn't hard to imagine what level of agony the two of them were experiencing.

Only after a whole hour did Chu Zhong Tian regain his consciousness. By then, the Zhao Clan ancestor and the Black Shark Sect leader were looking deformed and were barely breathing.

Seeing this, Ling Xian softly sighed and said, "It seems like your anger has pretty much diminished. End their lives."

"Yes, your Excellency." Chu Zhong Tian nodded. Then, before the two's pleading gaze, he ended their lives.

From there, the three most powerful cultivators of the three controlling forces had died. The hatred he had against them also ended.

Without these completion leveled cultivators, the three controlling forces were pretty much done as they lost the pillar to their existence.

"Thank you for allowing me to avenge my Clan and letting me kill those two personally." Chu Zhong Tian calmed himself down. Then, he bended over and bowed down to Ling Xian deeply.

It was obvious how much he appreciated Ling Xian.

This was normal. All these years, not a single moment pa.s.sed when he wasn't thinking about his revenge. However, despite his desire, he had no capabilities. But now, he was awarded and was able to resolve his hatred. All of this was thanks to Ling Xian.

If it weren't for Ling Xian, Chu Zhong Tian would've died right away, or would've been handicapped. He never would be as happy as he is now.

Because of this, Chu Zhong Tian both appreciated and respected Ling Xian!

"Straighten up."

Ling Xian helped him up and brandished his hand. "As I said, I only helped because the three controlling forces tried giving me a hard time. It wasn't just to help you."

"No matter what your goal was, helping me achieve my revenge was a fact." Chu Zhong Tian's expression was serious, and he said something that made Ling Xian feel warm.

"I, Chu Zhong Tian, hereby promise that from this moment on, my life is yours. No matter what you want to me to do, I will do it. If I disobey even the slightest, I will accept lightning to strike upon me!"

Just then, the sky darkened. But very quickly, it returned to its original clarity.

This was because the Heavens sensed and remembered Chu Zhong Tian's Qi. In other words, he has made a heavenly promise. If he dare to disobey, then the lightning will strike down, and he will face his death!

At this, Ling Xian's expression changed. He didn't think Chu Zhong Tian would dare to vow to the Heavens. This had the same effect as handing over Ling Xian his life. How could Ling Xian not feel warm?

"Why was that necessary?" Ling Xian softly sighed. Looking at Chu Zhong Tian who highly respected him, an idea was born.

An idea that made him ecstatic.

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 565: Appreciation And Respect

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