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First Time Coming to the Capital (3)

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"Sigh, you'll know when you go back anyways, so I'll just tell you." Niu Jing sighed and had the entire matter explained from beginning to end.

"What did you say?! That girl is Du Yun Han's daughter!?" Ji Liu Feng widened his eyes and looked to Niu Jing in disbelief. 

"Her mother is Su Su Xin?" Han Ming Yi immediately guessed Du Xiao Li's ident.i.ty. Because of the living's taboo towards the deceased, when they were in Du village, they never heard anyone mention Su Su Xin's name before. Who would've thought that it was actually that year's number one beauty Su Su Xin. And who would've guessed that Du Xiao Li was actually Du Yun Han's daughter.

(T/N: Ah the cla.s.sic mother is number one beauty troupe....)

Ji Liu Feng sympathetically looked to Niu Jing and said, "Old man, you're screwed! That girl has a rather vengeful personality. You messed up her good matters, tsk tsk, even if you don't lose a layer of skin, you'll probably at least lose a piece of meat." He said as he patted Niu Jing's shoulder. 

"No wonder you would run to the border town." As Han Ming Yi imagined Niu Jing's appearance as he's about to get killed by Du Xiao Li, the expression on his face eased quite a bit. 

(T/N: Did I mention there's a black-belly tag on this novel, I'm just not sure if it's referring to MC or ML.)

"I figure if I stay at the border town for a year or two, then when I go back, that girl's anger will have dissolved. But unexpectedly, this battle ended this quick." Niu Jing let out a sigh. Right now, he best think about how to face Du Xiao Li's wrath when he gets back. Going head-on was definitely not possible; then he could only just go soft and pretend to be pitiful.

"That girl entered the capital?" Ji Liu Feng asked.

"With my understanding of Du Yun Han, he definitely will have Du Xiao Li and her brother brought to the capital. At present, they should've already arrived at the capital for a while now." Niu Jing said.

"Then in the future, the capital's going to be entertaining." Ji Liu Feng and Han Ming Yi's mood were both quite good. Only Niu Jing alone had a miserable look.

Niu Jing's guess towards Du Yun Han was correct, but what he didn't guess correctly was that Du Xiao Li and them had only just arrived in the capital today.

Chang Feng lead the horse carriage to a grand residence and stopped in front. Getting down from his horse, he said towards the horse carriage in the back, "Young master, miss, we've arrived."

Du Xiu Heng and Du Xiao Li got down from the horse carriage and looked to the very imposing residence, "Never thought that this old lair actually looked like this."

(T/N: Idk why it cracks me up every time she calls the place his old lair.)

Looking at the cold and desolate large gate, Du Xiao Li coldly laughed inside. Already want to intimidate them?

However, that's right. Right now, the entire Du Manor probably all don't want to see them return. No one coming out to welcome them is also something within reason. 

Chang Feng also didn't expect that aside from the two guards guarding the gate, there wasn't a single person inside and outside the gate. Originally, their task was just to have Du Xiao Li and them sent back, and all other arrangements were supposed to be arranged by madam. But there was no one right now, so he could only just put on a bold face and say: "Young master, miss, let's go in."

"Let's go, big brother." Du Xiao Li went up and pushed Du Xiu Heng forward.

Du Xiu Heng fury, upon seeing Du Xiao Li's smiling eyes, eased quite a bit. In the beginning, when they decided to come back, another reason was to get to the bottom of that incident that year, and restore their mother's innocence. That's this home, they needed to enter even if they didn't want to.

After walking past the courtyard in front, Chang Feng no longer knew where he should lead Du Xiao Li and Du Xiu Heng to. Just when he was in a pinch, a servant girl walked over and said, "You all must be young master and miss. Madam said, you must be tired from your trip, so to first take you all to your residence to rest. Guard Chang Feng no need to come along." 

Chang Feng knew this was Zhong Mei Qing's personal servant girl Xiao Cui. Seeing someone come take over Du Xiao Li and them, he thus said a word of 'trouble you' and afterwards, bowed towards Du Xiao Li and them, before turning to leave.

"Young master, miss, let's go." An arrogant att.i.tude, and a disdainful look, very much looking down on the siblings who came from the countryside. Before even waiting for Du Xiao Li and them to reply, she just turned and left. 

Du Xiu Heng wanted to get angry but was stopped by Du Xiao Li as she shook her head at him, pulling him along as they followed behind Xiao Cui towards the rear court.

Whoever loses patience first is whoever will lose. Since that madam wanted to play with them that much, then she'll just accompany her till the end!

Xiao Cui had Du Xiao Li and them lead to a shabby courtyard and said, "Madam said recently the living s.p.a.ces are rather tight, so will just have to trouble young master and miss to put up with this place for now. Once the courtyards in front are fixed up, then let young master and miss move over. Madam is still waiting for Xiao Cui to return, Xiao Cui will leave first."

"Wait." Du Xiao Li called out to Xiao Cui who wanted to turn away, "Where's my father?"

"Master went out with a few sirs. Xiao Cui will withdraw now." This time, without waiting for Du Xiao Li and them to speak, she turned and left.

Not at home? No wonder this madam dared to be this brazen.

They measured up the courtyard. Although it was rather worn-out, it was still relatively clean. Then again, this is the prime minster's residence, how worse can it get?

"Young master, are we going to move our things in?" Xi Gu, who was next to Du Xiu Heng, spoke.

Xi Gu was an eighteen to nineteen year old young man, and just like Xia Yuan and them, was also given to Du Xiu Heng by Luo Qi to protect him. Although in these years, Du Xiu Heng also learned some martial arts, he was still primarily focused on studying after all. The times he practiced were little, so he wasn't all that impressive.

"Let's move in first." Du Xiu Heng said.

"Sigh, you all just move big brother's, no need to move ours." Du Xiao Li said to Xi Gu.

"Miss?" Ying Ge looked to Du Xiao Li in confusion. If they don't move their things in, what are they going to use in a bit?

"When boys reach 10 and girls reach 8, they'll need to live in their own courtyard. Before, when we were in the countryside, we didn't bother with these, but now that we're in the capital, we need to pay attention to these. That's why miss can't live together with young master. Else, tomorrow in the capital, the biggest joke will be young master and miss coming from the village, doesn't understand etiquette, and actually lived together." Xia Yuan said.

"It's still Xia Yuan that understands me." Du Xiao Li said. "Then, when time comes, they'll say to the outside that they'd prepared for us two courtyards. By then, even if we have mouths we won't be able to clear things up. We just arrived here. First, it was the attempt outside of the city, and now, we've just entered the house and they're already scheming against us like this. When the time comes, ruining my reputation will also make big brother become the laughing stock of the capital, affecting big brother's official career."

"Younger sister is right. We can't live in this courtyard at the same time." Du Xiu Heng also thought of this and nodded.

"Then what do we do?" Ying Ge asked.

"What else can we do? I'm already about to starve to death, first let's fill our stomachs, then talk. Ying Ge, I want to eat roast duck." Du Xiao Li eagerly looked to Ying Ge, like as if she was a roast duck.

"Alright, miss, just wait!" Ying Ge had the luggage in hand handed to Xia Yuan and flew to the rooftop in one leap. She looked in all four direction, before flying towards the back. Even the guards of the manor weren't alerted. 

Right now, the sky had already turned dark completely. It'd long past the time for n.o.ble families to eat. Reasonably speaking, knowing that Du Xiao Li and them would arrive tonight, the manor should've prepared dinner. But judging by the current situation, this dinner naturally didn't exist. That's why, it was still best to rely on themselves!

Xi Gu and the others began moving Du Xiu Heng's things inside. Xia Yuan had managed to find a lantern from who knows where. They found the bedroom and study and had Du Xiu Heng's things moved in. Afterwards, everyone all waited for food to descend from the skies.

T/N: Luo Qi gonna appear next part so I'm gonna try to finish it in next few hours before I go to bed.

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