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First Time Coming to the Capital (4)

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Du Xiao Li unexpectedly found a rocking chair in the room. Although it wasn't as comfortable as a guifei couch, she still had the rocking chair moved to the courtyard, lying on top, as she gazed up at the sky filled with stars, and humming to herself, "I love roast duck, crispy skin, tender mean, oh oh oh, fragrant and crisp, tasty and addicting, oh oh oh....I love baths, skin so nice, why did I hum to lyrics from the past, I love roast duck, crispy skin, tender meat, oh oh oh........."

(T/N: Trust me those lyrics sound just as cringy in chinese....)

"Miss, what song are you humming?" Xia Yuan came out and arrived at Du Xiao Li's side, asking with a smile.

Du Xiao Li inwardly thought, even if she said this was the 'Bath Song', you wouldn't know anyways, thus said, "Roast Duck Falling From the Sky Song."

"Everyone all say meat pies fall from the sky, yet with you, it becomes roast duck falling from the sky." A voice came from the rooftop in a fully playful manner.

Du Xiao Li immediately got up from the rocking chair and looked to the figure on the roof, happily shouting: "Big brother Luo Qi, why are you here?" 

"I heard someone singing 'Roast Duck Falling From the Sky', and thus came to deliver a roast duck." Luo Qi landed in the courtyard and looked to Du Xiao Li amused, even carrying a case in his hands. 

"Big brother Luo Qi." Du Xiu Heng heard the voice and came out from inside, also with a happy look.

Luo Qi nodded at Du Xiu Heng and said, "Come, try this roast duck from the skies, and see how it tastes."

"Big brother Luo Qi always laughs at my words every time, not fun at all." Du Xiao Li pouted. However, she still accepted the case from his hands and opened it up before her for a smell, "Smells really nice. I'm going to go wash my hands, don't secretly eat on your own."

She had the case handed to Xia Yuan and went to go wash her hands. When she returned, she saw several figures leaping down from the roof, each one carrying a food container in their hands. Ying Ge was also among them.

Food Container

Those people entered the room, had the food containers placed onto the table, then swiftly leapt onto the roof and disappeared. The last person to leave turned towards Luo Qi and Du Xiao Li, and said, "Young master, miss, we'll later come again to get the containers."

Luo Qi waved his hand, and that person very quickly disappeared from the prime minister's residence too. If there was a local of the capital present, then they would definitely recognize, this last person to leave was the capital's most prestigious restaurant's shopkeeper, Fu Wan San. 

Du Xiao Li watch this dish serving spectacle. This kind of operation for a meal, afraid even the great ministers all wouldn't be able to enjoy.

"Heard you all haven't eaten anything good all day, so I specially had the kitchen make some of your favorite dishes. Quickly go eat." Luo Qi said.

"Okay, I'm really starving to death!" Du Xiao Li came into the room. Xia Yuan and Ying Ge already had the dishes all set. After she sat down, she picked up the chopsticks and clamped a piece of roast duck. She dipped it in the sauce and downed it in one bite.

"How's the taste?" Luo Qi asked.

"Although compared to my cooking, it's just that tiny bit inferior, the flavor is still not bad." Du Xiao Li said. 

(T/N: It's 3AM and I really want to eat roast duck too ;v;)

"I also want to eat the roast duck you make, roast one for me sometime." Luo Qi said. 

"Alright. Anytime you want." Du Xiao Li said, "That's right, big brother Luo Qi, are you going to be staying in the capital?"

"I came to take care of some matters. Knowing you all were about to arrive, thus waited to come see you all before leaving." Luo Qi said, "If you all didn't come, I would still have to leave tomorrow." 

"Is that so, then you need to thank me." Du Xiao Li said.


"Because I let them hasten the speed. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to see big brother and I, then wouldn't you have waited these days for nothing." Du Xiao Li said, and then looked to Du Xiu Heng and said, "Right, big brother?"

"En, yes, right." Du Xiu Heng looked to Du Xiao Li's appearance and replied with a laugh.

"Big brother Luo Qi, I need to go stay at your Laifu Inn for some time, can you give me a discount?" Du Xiao Li asked.

"You want to go stay at an inn?" Luo Qi asked.

"Yes, that madam just prepared for us one courtyard, so I can only go stay at an inn." Du Xiao Li said.

"Then just go stay at Suiyuan." Luo Qi said.

"Don't wanna, Suiyuan is too high-end. Right now, I'm just a country girl who'd just entered the capital, how can I go live there. Staying at Laifu is enough." Du Xiao Li said.

(T/N: The names of these places are so....auspicious; Laifu = 'fortune come'; Suiyuan = 'follow fate')

"Then do as you please, you also have share of Laifu anyways, it's your own place too." Luo Qi said.

"Then I won't pay." Du Xiao Li said.

"Fine." Luo Qi flatly agreed

While this side was happily eating dinner, the other side, after Xiao Cui returned to the main courtyard, she had Du Xiao Li's situation reported to Zhong Mei Qing. 

"Did they say anything?" Zhong Mei Qing asked.

"Replying to madam, that Du Xiao Li asked for master. I said master went out with some sirs." Xiao Cui replied.

"I understand, you can withdraw." Zhong Mei Qing waved her hand and said, "That's right, order the kitchen to prepare a sobering soup. Tonight, master will come back dead drunk."

"Yes, madam." Xiao Li bowed and left.

"Mother, do you really have a way to let those two lowly b.a.s.t.a.r.ds leave the capital on their own?" Du Ke Xin who was sitting in the room said.

Speaking of which, this Du Yun Han's genes were quite good. His sons and daughters, each and every one, all good-looking and beautiful, very much visually pleasing to the eyes. Du Ke Xin, who was about the same age as Du Xiu Heng, appeared flawlessly beautiful, like an immortal fairy descending down into the mortal world, inheriting both her parent's best genes.

"Don't worry, mother won't let them block your path!" Zhong Mei Qing comforted her own daughter.

"But as soon as they came back, they had the di daughter and di son status s.n.a.t.c.hed away!" Du Ke Xin resentfully said.

"We can just s.n.a.t.c.h it back. Just this bit of problem and already losing your patiences, in the future, how can you still accomplish big things!" Zhong Mei Qing said.

"But I'm just unbearably angry! Du Manor's di miss has always been me. This is also something the entire capital all knows. But now, as soon as they came back, it became that s.l.u.t's. I feel so bitter inside!" Du Ke Xin said.

"You still need to endure. Before stealing back your status, you need to let others know, even if she has the di daughter status, she is still a brat from the countryside, someone too inferior to be seen in public! You have to let people know, you are better and more outstanding than her in all aspects of the four arts! You are actually the true di daughter of the prime minister manor! And not disgracefully getting angry here, understand!"

"I understand mother." Du Ke Xin lowered her head and replied, yet another kind of light flashed by in her eyes. 

"Xing Gu, the matters I let you take care of, how are they?" Zhong Mei Qing, seeing that her daughter already realized her mistake, asked a old mama to her side.

"Replying to madam, the news has already been spread a few days ago. Right now, in the capital, from the official family's misses, to the ordinary commoners, in fact even the beggars all know that the Du family's new miss had grown up in a village, not a dot of ink on her chest*, no talent, no virture."

(*T/N: Meaning she's illiterate.) 

"En, good."

"That's right madam, how come the people we sent today failed?" Xing Gu skeptically said. She'd gone out during the day and didn't see Liu Da return.

"Liu Da returned and said that those two lowly brats actually traveled with someone else on the road, and the other party's guards were very strong." Zhong Mei Qing said, "Xin'er, her reputation has already been spread out. In the future, when you go out, you need to display yourself better. Who is the true young lady of the prime minister manor, everyone will understand at a glance. It's very late now, you go back and rest first."

"Yes, mother." Du Ke Xin got up, bowed, and lead her servant girls away.

T/N: Tbh all these bullying antics of villains in cnovels make me cringe so much. It's so uncomfortable for me to sit through them, thank G.o.d there's not too much in this novel. I'm fairly neutral to their father, he comes back next part. I don't think he's an irredeemable ahole compared to most cnovel fathers, but he is pretty stupid sometimes. I find him to be that 'wants to be caring father but is bad at it' type, guess I do pity him. Tho in the parts where he goes full on shameless for MC are pretty hilarious. As someone with a chinese father, for him to throw his face out the window for his daughter, I'd say is quite praiseworthy.

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