Pampered Fei Brimming with Cuteness Chapter 37

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Translator: lilcupcakez

I am a Good Lady 

“Wu, wu (cries)…young miss, is w.a.n.gye really not going to go home with you? Who knows how the Lord and the concubines will taunt you?” Xiao Rou thought of all the injustices that the young miss had gone through in the prefecture. Her heart felt bad for the young miss.

“I originally didn’t even have the intentions of letting him go back with me. With him there, I would resent him for being in the way.” Qian DuoDuo had long wanted to go back to the Qian’s prefecture and obtain revenge. Since she had taken over the body then she should get revenge for the previous owner of the body!

If people in family Qian still thought of her as the little sheep that allowed anyone to take advantage of her from before, then they are blind.

“But…before I heard about how w.a.n.gye had decided to repudiate you. Young miss, how do you plan to respond?” Xiao Rou was scared she might have mentioned the young miss’s grieving matters. Therefore, she had cautiously asked about the matter.

“Hehe…We had already signed the contract. 200,000 banknotes, I had sold the w.a.n.gFei’s position!” When Qiao DuoDuo had said up to here and she grinned from ear to ear. She saw how Xiao Rou’s rim of the eyes contained tears, a look as though she was about to cry. She was a little impatient so she exclaimed: “Xiao Rou, your family’s young miss hadn’t even died of a heroic cause and you had already started crying. I had just got a divorce, that’s all. Plus your family’s young miss is still a pure good lady waiting to harm the countless beautiful men of Sheng Chen Country.”


“Stop saying ‘but.’ You also know that in Long YuTian’s heart, there is only Zhu SiSi. Now for her, he could’ve tortured me like this already. When she comes into the w.a.n.g Fu[1], do you think there’s going to be good days for us anymore? You also know that the people in this w.a.n.g Fu are those who only try to please people that were high in the social ranks. Maybe, later on, we might not even be as good as servants.” Actually, she wasn’t someone who wasn’t afraid of getting in trouble. She had only said that just to scare Xiao Rou.

Just one Han Xiang Xue had led her to be a little moody. If she was in the middle of a group of women, Qian DuoDuo sincerely felt that she won’t love again…

Once she saw that Xiao Rou’s expression seemed a little moved, Qian DuoDuo continued to infuse Xiao Rou with more thoughts: “So ah, I might as well take the opportunity when the time is right to talk to about the conditions and now is a perfect time. In the future when I have s.h.i.+ning white silvers, will I be afraid that there will be no attractive young man who will come over to me? Why should I give up the whole forest for Long YuTian, this crooked neck tree?”

Xiao Rou’s ears were knotted from what she had heard. Ever since young miss had woken up, her temperament had changed completely. She didn’t understand the things the young miss had said. However, she really liked this brave and decisive young miss right now. If it was before, she would have washed her face with tears and collapsed after one problem.

This kind of unique and fascinating young miss should have a man who treated her with all his heart and takes care of her!

After Long YuTian got the ‘contract’ that Qian DuoDuo personally wrote, he left the w.a.n.g Fu and went to Prime Minister Zhu’s prefecture.

On the journey there, he coincidentally met his fourth brother. Long YuTian knew his brother of the same blood also had a favorable impression on Zhu SiSi. He pondered over it and decided to end his thoughts today. Therefore, he went with his fourth brother together to the Prime Minister’s prefecture.

When Prime Minister Zhu heard from the servants that the two w.a.n.gye had honored him with their presence, he respectfully led them into the main hall: “This lowly official didn’t know that the third and fourth w.a.n.gye would grant him with their presence. Excuse this lowly official for not going out to meet them, excuse this lowly official…”

“No need to be over-courteous, prime minister Zhu. This time Ben w.a.n.g and fourth brother had come here to see SiSi.” Long YuTian explained his motive straightforwardly.

“Go call for the lady!” Prime minister Zhu had ordered. Not long later, a servant had brought Zhu SiSi over.

“SiSi greets the third w.a.n.gye, fourth w.a.n.gye…” Zhu SiSi wore a blue Cuiyan[2] s.h.i.+rt and a Sanhua mist gra.s.s skirt. Looking down, she faintly smiled which brightened up the entire room. She gracefully and humbly greeted them. In that gesture, she had revealed the character of an unmarried daughter of a n.o.ble house.


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[1] w.a.n.g Fu – Long YuTian’s prefecture.

[2] Cuiyan – It’s kind of like an outfit that people in the ancient times wear.

Pampered Fei Brimming with Cuteness Chapter 37

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