Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 2

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(T/N: Hi! I’m Chiyo. Thanks for reading my translations! I’m a newbie so I may make some mistakes. Feel free to let me know. Actually, I would be super grateful. Thanks!)

"I wouldn't dare, Mother." Su Qing went up to support Li s.h.i.+, but Li s.h.i.+ forcefully pinched Su Qing's arm, causing her face to go white.

Although Su Qing was suffering, Su Qing still did not dare say a word. Seeing this, Li s.h.i.+ smirked, obviously pleased. "As expected, you are unfilial. Even when hearing that I had arrived, you did not go out to welcome me. Do you not respect me as your mother-in-law anymore?"

Despite her hurting arm, Su Qing still did not dare ma.s.sage it. She quickly shook her head, "Mother, I really would not dare to do that. Yao Er just woke up from her faint, I was too worried about her that I did not react in time."

Li s.h.i.+ widened her eyes a little, her eyebrows furrowing greatly, " So you are saying that I have wronged you? Do not think that I am unaware of your little games. When Cheng Er was still alive, you secretly incited him into no longer respect his own mother. You separated my family! Now that Cheng Er is dead, you disrespect me even more! You are such a poisonous woman! If I had known this earlier, I would have asked Cheng Er to leave you! I might even have had a whole house full of grandchildren!"

Mu Yunyao was getting angrier by the second.

Her Father had gone to the capital to earn a living but they had lost all contact with him once he left. Three months later, they received news of his death. Her Mother had cried and fainted many times. They held a rushed funeral for him, but Li s.h.i.+ made a ruckus at the funeral blaming Su Qing for not being able to give birth to a son, leaving no one to carry the coffin for Mu Cheng .

As Su Qing got sicker, Li s.h.i.+ got even more ferocious, continuously removing things from the house. To add on to that, she had hinted again and again for Su Qing to remarry to the infamous Zhang Caizhu as a concubine!

Mu Yunyao could take it no longer. She glared at Li s.h.i.+, murderous intent welling up in her. "Get out! Get out of my house!"

Li s.h.i.+, who had already sat down, shot up from her seat and pointed at Su Qing, "Very good, Su Qing! Not only did your luck cause the death of my son, you are also able to raise such a disrespectful wench! I see that you want to p.i.s.s off this old woman! You married into my house for twelve years to give birth to a single egg that grew up to be such an unlucky thing! You cannot do any work, give birth, raise children and caused my son to rebel against me! Very good!"

"Mother, I did not," Su Qing shook her head vigorously.

Li s.h.i.+ was starting to get impatient, "Hmph! Now that Cheng Er is dead, you are no longer welcome. Tomorrow, you better pack your things and go to Zhang Caizhu's house!"

"Mother, I have said this already, I want to take care of Yao Er for the next half of my life. I cannot remarry!"

"Ha! You have always lived extravagantly. If you marry Zhang Caizhu, you can live very comfortably. How are you not thankful for being given this chance? Zhang Caizhu has been very generous, even when he is taking you as a mere concubine, he had given me many betrothal gifts. I have already taken them, so you have no choice but to go, even if you do not want to! You have no right to mess up anything!"

Hearing this, Su Qing's face paled even further. "Mother, it has not even been two months since my husband's death, I am still mourning…"

"Cheng Er's death was caused by your unluckiness! You, who do not follow a woman's virtues…" Li s.h.i.+ trailed off as she glanced at Mu Yunyao, who was still on the bed. She pushed Su Qing to the side and pulled Mu Yunyao up. "You married into my family for a mere nine months and then gave birth to this little wench. Who knows whose sperm was it? You were never a clean woman, what mourning do you speak of? How laughable!"

"Mother……you……you……" How could you speak like this? Su Qing nearly loss consciousness on the spot.

When she had been pregnant with Mu Yunyao, Li s.h.i.+ had given Su Qing the cold-shoulder for not doing any work. Li s.h.i.+ took advantage of the times when Mu Cheng was absent to get her to wash clothes. Once, Su Qing had accidentally slipped, causing Mu Yunyao's premature birth. This had also caused Su Qing's body to become weak. But now, Li s.h.i.+ was actually using this to accuse her of being unfaithful!

"You shameless wench! You were able to trick Cheng Er, but you cannot trick me! You are unclean and that's that! Tomorrow, Zhang Caizhu's people are taking you away, you better clean yourself. Also, bring this little wench away, otherwise she will dirty the Mu family's land!"

(T/N: I forgot to mention that "Caizhu" mean "wealthy man". So Zhang Caizhu is a wealthy man with the surname Zhang.)

(T/N2: I actually don't really get how this Li s.h.i.+ has the right to marry her daughter-in-law off? )

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Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 2

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