Parameter Remote Controller Chapter 32

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Houshouin Seira ①

Houshouin Seira is a freshman at our school.
It’s an awesome woman.

What is special about her? Firstly, the name is amazing, “Houshouin” and then “Seira”. I don’t know well, but there’s no doubt has a power in it.

And her family is also shocking.
The Origin n.o.ble Family.

Has tremendous wealth.

After the war, in the middle n.o.ble families fallen one by one, Seira’s great-grandfather has shown a business talent, rather than letting down the family, Houshouin Family has even more glory than the prewar days.

Houshouin Group, There are more than 100 affiliated companies now, Their field range have construction, medical, education and finance.

From relatives in great numbers are mayor and prefectural governor, It can be said the local city around here is control by Houshouin.

This school that I am going to is also a private school operated by a school corporation based on the Houshouin Group.

Well, in short, the superior Ojou-sama that can’t be attracted to the common people.

Well, in short, common people can’t be attracted to this superior Ojou-sama.

Lastly, Her looks amazing as well. It’s a beautiful girl.
s.h.i.+ny and smooth legs, the tighten waist, that ripened b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Lastly, Her looks amazing as well. It’s a beautiful girl.
s.h.i.+ny and smooth legs, the tighten waist, that ripened b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
Long hair that makes you feel the elegance and well-organized beauty.

There is no harm to see her from a far away place and it will be preserved to the eyes too, but she had a bad personality.

One day, When I walked pa.s.s the corridor, I encounter Houshouin Seira and her group is surrounding a girl there.

s.p.a.ce between the school building and the school building which is continuing to the schoolyard.

The girl surrounded by Houshouin Seira and her surrounders, stood on the spot shrink her small body like waiting for the storm to pa.s.s while looking down.

I can hear the group that encircles a girl talking.

「Really, you’re so full of yourself, Oyamadsan」

「Aren’t you come in with scholars.h.i.+p? Honestly, a girl like you here will be damaged the elegance of our school」

「Yadayada~ poverty will be s.h.i.+fts. Heard? Oyamadsan lives in a ragged house, I wonder if a typhoon comes, will it break?」

Houshouin Seira has not joined in this abuse.
Only looking at encircles bullying that full of laughing and grinning.

Eventually, the abuse of the encircles mentions the birth of this girl.

「If your parents are humble, the child is also. Really, you were born in the ill-fated」

As soon as one of the encircles mentioned the girl’s parents, the girl who had endured till now raises up her face retort while trembling.

「D, don’t say bad stuff about mother…!」

「…Huh? Who said you can talk back?」

「Mom… mom is not wrong… for me, she working hardly…」

「Anyway, she earns also sold the body to any man because she is a wh.o.r.e」


The girl glare at encircles the girl who speaking. She glaring with cool eyes seemed that she not allowed to bad mouth against her mother.

Got glaring at, the group frightens for a moment but begins to abuse further when looking at rebellious girl’s eyes.

While the girl glaring, she was trembling with tears acc.u.mulating in her eyes but there’s no more to talk back.

See appearance of such a girl, Houshouin Seira only looking at with an arousal smile.

…The scenes like in the Manga really exist.

I thoughtlessly while watching this scene.
“What is this? So funny”

Houshouin is the influential person in this region. The only daughter of the Houshouin’s house, Seira is an extreme Ojou-sama that raised like a princess from a young age.

Looking down on others, adults bow down in front of her.
She took it as a matter of course, became her pride and personality.

Such an Ojou-sama bring her surrounders to bullying a girl.

Listen to their talking, it seems likely there is a relations.h.i.+p between that girl and Houshouin Seira, but as an outsider those matters I don’t know and don’t have related with me.

Yes, don’t have any related.

Houshouin Seira’s uncle is also the chairman of this school too. I can’t believe I will be safe in this school if against her. She is a woman well known who can confusing public unconcern and all adults of the Houshouin family are sweet to this Ojou-sama.

And, I would be thinking like this if me before.
If face in front of me who have Rimokon…

I look as if licking all over Houshouin Seira’s body.

You can understand her excellence proportions even on her uniform. Pretty appearance also those dazzling but mysterious thighs too.

I slowly get closer to Houshouin Seira and her surrounders.
Then, the other side also notices here and throw the line of sight toward me with the
eyes full of the nuisance.

Slowly, I approached closer to Houshouin Seira. Seira who looked at me with suspicious include arrogance line of sight while asking.

「Can you please don’t disturb me? We are “talking” with this girl…」

Before Houshouin Seira finished speaking, I came close before her, raise up my hand…

And I slapping her with all of my might.

The boy seriously took actions quite powerful, and Seira who got slapped raised a short scream and fall on one’s b.u.t.tocks on the spot.

While holding down the beaten cheek, she shows a face “I don’t know the reason”. Until now, probably she has never received this kind of violence. She has been raised like treasure after all.

Seira who fell down, skirt has turned up slightly and show her whole alluring white thighs.

Saw such appearance of Houshouin Seira, I…

「Show me a bit your pantyー」

「…Kya! Kyaaa!! Stop it!!」

Roll up Seira’s skirt with all my might and look at her panty. As expected Ojou-sama, wearing such a high-grade underwear.

Seira raises a scream, hold down the skirt, try to escape from me. To getaway is also useless~ As soon as I slap her b.u.t.t, she screams again.

When her frightened I put my hands on her underwear. While forcibly take off her panty, Seira resisted in a panic, regardless I still pulled down. Pure white b.u.t.tocks and a glimpse of an embarra.s.sing place.

At this time, the surrounders finally got back to their sense, grab my shoulder while saying 「H, hey! What are you…」, I give a headb.u.t.t to that person. That girl also falls down and screaming too.

I decided not to wait again the stripping of Seira’s panty.

「Hey, don’t resist…」

「S, Stop…!Stop it!! What are you…」

As for Seira’s surrounders, many are Ojou-sama. All the girl’s parents are executive of the companion involved in the Houshouin Group.

Whatever they grow up in the good environment or not, those Ojou-sama who are not used to the storm cannot respond to this sudden circ.u.mstances.

Seira holds her skirt down don’t let me take off her panty, but there is a difference in power between boys and girls. While struggling somehow I took off her panty, I raised this loot up high.

「I’ve taken it offーーーーー!!!!」

Let’s sniff the smell. Kun-kun-, Ojou-sama’s smell.
Stunned Seira.

Finally, the surrounders recognized me not “Good person who like meddle other business” but “A crazy boy who pa.s.sing by” try to grab me and take Seira’s hands, who desperate start to escaping while her skirt hanging on her waist.

「S, Somebody help! A man has gone rampage… Help!」

「It’s crazy…! What’s wrong with this guy!!」

Houshouin Seira and her group running away while saying the bad things. Cruel enough saying someone is crazy, I just a bit excited so I forcefully stripping the girl I hated.

Although those people are completely disappeared from this corridor, there are students who hear the noise looking out from the windows of the school building.

Houshouin Seira and her group no longer here, only I and the girl who was bullied. Oh, mention it, she here.

Suddenly I recall, turn around look at her, for some reason the girl looking with a
frightened expression.

「…D, did you come to help me?」

「No, why?」

This girl says something strange. When I asked back with a strange face, the girl takes a step back with a more frightened expression.

「Violence is not good… and did such a terrible thing to the girl…」

「But it is exciting, not?」



The girl looks more scared.
When I look at the girl again, I realized she is surprisingly cute.

Although the bob hairstyle, the long bangs are hidden her eyes, it’s difficult to read her facial expression. But now her whole body expresses frightened to me.

And I glance from between the bangs, I realized she surprisingly has a cute face.
No, it’s not quite right. I feel it’s pretty cute…

A small body that is only about my chest, att.i.tudes timidly.

Take a step forward, I want to see her face closer.

Then, she raises a voice 「Hii-…!!」 she fell down to her b.u.t.t when attempting to step backward.

…that? What is this bullying aura? I have not done anything yet…

My c.o.c.k begins to respond, but before that the hallway became noisy.
It seems Seira and her surrounders called the teachers.
A physical education teacher old man full of anger walking to this way.

Really is troublesome.

「And, Supan! like this, I slapping Seira’s face. Then Seira collapsed. I saw her seem scared for a moment, it turns on my switch, therefore I bully her」

Reception room of the school.

There are me, a physical education teacher,, board chairman, and the policeman also here talking about the incident.

「Isn’t the frightening girls are cute? And also, the other party is Seira Ojou-sama. The c.o.c.k will react, isn’t it? Did I do something wrong?」

When I ask back, physical education teacher,, board chairman, and the policeman looking at my mood start speaking in a hurry.

「No, no, nothing wrong! I am really sorry, Etozawsan. I’ve wasted your valuable time…」

「Really, really, I understand Etozawsan’s feeling very much! I am really sorry, I didn’t know is Etozawsan…」

Adults desperately apologize. Well, this is the result of raising loyalty value to 100 with Rimokon.

It seems the called the police.
He called to the policeman because a cute niece Seira was beaten by a boy. Or maybe
Seira called the police.

The contacted the police because he didn’t know the boy who hit her is me.
Well, the police chiefs around here obviously are staking with Houshouin family’s

As I saw, the policeman who raised the loyalty value to 100 was earnest apologizing.

「No, I’m sorry, I didn’t know, sorry, there was an instruction from the top… attempted rape and murder… said that I should ignore the Juvenile law anyting」

Far from being injured, it is attempted murder!

When I heard the story, It seems Seira in rage not only told her uncle, board chairman, but also her father and her relatives, all kinds of adults, 「I was about to be killed」 and 「I was about to be raped」.

Apparently, the Ojou-sama’s anger seems deep. I wonder it was so shocking that were been hit and seen the underwear.

「Really is troublesome. Fine, I thought I was going to do it in the near future anyway., let me meet with the highest people of the Houshouin Family」

「Is there something you need with ours? …Oh, no! I immediately call them!」

I showed the dead-fish eyes to the, he seemed noted then ran away like a rabbit.

I felt it necessary to connect or rule the Houshouin family. Yes, it is “necessary”.
And then “Please” to the policeman as well.

「The police’s highest person… no, I go. Please take me to the police station」

「Ah, yes. Of course, I don’t mind…」

「I want you to investigate that girl a little. Are you good at it, investigation? 」

The policeman nods to my question with a question mark.

Now, let make one by one to my servant. The man is a servant, the woman is a female slave!

Hahaha, have Rimokon can do this kind of thing, Seirchan.

I grinning and laughing while remembering Seira’s face.
Did you get raped? You know well, your future.

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Parameter Remote Controller Chapter 32

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