Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 853

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Chapter 853 - Disaster for the Huas

"Sister Monarch Beast, fellow elders and disciples, since all of you are here, I wish to say a few things, before sister and you all come to a final decision!" Qin Nan remained calm facing the voices, who responded with a thunderous yell.

His voice was louder than the entire crowd.

"Fine, go ahead."

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast blinked her eyes.

It would not matter much to her if Qin Nan were to take the Dao Origin Crystal away. However, since she was somehow responsible for it, she hoped that Qin Nan would compromise too.

Elder Hua, Hua Jian, and the others were about to say something, but since the Monarch Beast had spoken such, they had no choice but to obey. As for the remaining elders and disciples, they were just jealous after seeing Qin Nan acquiring such a great benefit.

The entire place was silent.

Everyone's focus landed onto Qin Nan's figure.

"Sister and everyone else knows that I have used a little trick to claim possession of the Dao Origin Peak and bring it back to the Human Peak. However, for your information, I only did this because I was being unfairly treated!"

Qin Nan wore a stern look and snapped, "When I entered the Dao Origin Chamber, I managed to secure the badge for a top-tier cave. However, Elder Hua and Hua Jian colluded with one another and demanded that I give them my Monarch Crystals, which I refused. As such, Elder Hua banned me from entering the top-tier cave, and allocated me a bottom-tier cave!"

The words caused Elder Hua and Hua Jian's faces to become pale.

The crowd immediately glanced toward the duo. Even the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast squinted her eyes.

Normally, it was quite common for the elders to abuse their authority and pick on disciples. However, with the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast here, it would be a disaster if she were to know the truth!

"You two, is that true?" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast spoke softly, but the elders could sense the chill from her voice.

"How ridiculous! Qin Nan, how dare you falsely accuse us!" Elder Hua blurted out, "Supreme Elder, that's not the truth! I've never done anything like that!"

"That's right! Supreme Elder! We're innocent!"

Hua Jian was petrified too, who immediately glared at Qin Nan, "Qin Nan, you've accused us of colluding with one another and denying you of the top-tier spot. Where is the proof of that!"

"You're asking for the proof?"

Qin Nan uttered a cold laugh. Still trying to justify himself when death was around the corner.

He instantly glanced at Xuan Yue and the disciples. They could easily be his witnesses.

However, at this moment…

"I can testify for Qin Nan. Elder Hua was abusing his power to allocate Qin Nan a bottom-tier cave even though he had secured the badge. He even told Qin Nan to leave the chamber." Someone among the crowd shouted, who turned out to be Bai Xingyang.

His aura was now at the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, a sign that he had successfully overcome the Tribulation.

"Bai Xingyang, how dare you collude with Qin Nan and falsely accuse me…" Elder Hua and Hua Jian were startled. How stupid was this Bai Xingyang, helping Qin Nan would not bring any good to himself!

Qin Nan was astounded too.

Bai Xingyang wore a smile and brought his fists together toward Qin Nan.

Since Qin Nan was the one manipulating the Dao Origin Chamber, it meant that he actually owed him a favor for saving him at least twenty days.

"I'll be Senior Brother Qin Nan's witness!"

"That's right, Elder Hua was abusing him!"

"Supreme Elder, I can swear in the name of the Heavens and Earth!"

One disciple after another arrived from a distance, each with an aura of the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. Obviously, they were all at the Dao Origin Chamber, and had all managed to rank up with Qin Nan's help.

The faces of Elder Hua and Hua Jian became pale.

It was almost impossible to explain themselves under the current circ.u.mstances.

"Master, they are saying the truth. Hua Jian and Elder Hua broke the rules of the Dragon Emperor Clan and abused their authority to pick on Qin Nan. If I were him, I would not be able to stand such a bullying act either." A calm voice could be heard as Mu Mu stepped forward in the air as her hair was elegant like a fairy descending upon the world with a sacred aura.

Qin Nan was startled.

So it turned out that Mu Mu's master was the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast.

"Oh, did Xiao Mu'er rank up?" The eyes of the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast glistened, before she cast a cold glare toward Elder Hua and Hua Jian and said, "What else do you two have to say?"

Elder Hua's figure stiffened as if he had been struck by lightning. He opened his mouth, but failed to find any words.

The surrounding elders and disciples glanced at them with pitying looks. Even the elders who were close to them or from the Blue-Glow Unicorn Tribe were too scared to say anything. It was unfortunate that the Monarch Beast was involved now.

"Supreme Elder! Listen to me! I had nothing to do with it! I never colluded with Elder Hua to pick on Qin Nan——" Hua Jian hurriedly stepped forward.

"Hua Jian, cut the bulls.h.i.+t. I have yet to teach you a lesson for trying to use me to do your dirty work last time! Supreme Elder, even though Hua Jian is a genius on the Monarch Ranking, he needs to be taught a lesson!" Suddenly, a firm voice could be heard.

It was none other than the Mentoring Elder.

He had been feeling guilty due to the incident that had happened at the Trading Hall. Therefore, this time, he felt obligated to help Qin Nan.

Hua Jian took a few steps backward with a blank expression as if he had just received a great impact.

It was clear who the winner was.

As for Qin Nan, he did not expect his plan to go so well.

This definitely proved the saying.

Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction, while persisting in good brings about rewards.

"Sister Monarch Beast, I believe you understand the reason now. I'm only a human disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan, but I was constantly being mistreated by the people here, which is why I was feeling unpleasant."

Qin Nan added with a righteous look, "Although you can punish them, the damage that they've done can't be reversed. Therefore, I would like to keep the Dao Origin Crystal at the Human Peak for one year. I'll return it before the new disciples are recruited next year, so they can rank up to the Martial Progenitor Realm with its help!"

Qin Nan knew that it was impossible for him to keep the Dao Origin Crystal to himself.

However, by bringing the incident up, apart from giving Hua Jian and Elder Hua the punishment they deserved, he could use it as an excuse to keep the Dao Origin Crystal for a year.

Within a year, he could achieve a significant height in the Martial Progenitor Realm.

By then, he would no longer need the Dao Origin Crystal.

Then why would he wait until now to bring up the matter?

It was better to wait for a bigger crowd!

Countless elders and disciples had gathered there.

If the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast decided not to punish them, it would severely damage the Dragon Emperor Clan's reputation if the news were to spread to the public. As such, either way, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast would have no choice but to punish them greatly.

"Mm, sounds reasonable. I'll allow you to keep the Dao Origin Crystal for a year."

The eyes of the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast flickered with admiration.

This Qin Nan was able to come up with a flawless plan and execute it perfectly. Very impressive.

As for the elders and disciples, they could not help but sigh.

They were completely lost for words.

After all, Qin Nan had been mistreated here at the Dragon Emperor Clan!

"As for you two…" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast turned toward Hua Jian and Elder Hua. As she spoke, a rare occurrence took place.


The s.p.a.ce was torn apart, leaving a gap in between from which a seven-inch purple dragon flew out with a shocking dragon might.

Seven-inch purple dragon, the chief had arrived!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 853

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