Peerless Martial God Chapter 1114

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Chapter 1114: The Watcher’s Arrow

“The Watchers are here!” the crowd shivered. The Diviner, the Watchers, the Destroyers, the Cursers… all those people were incredible living beings. It was said that the Destroyer wanted to kill the assassin emperor, now, the Watchers were there too.

When something great happened in Ba Huang Province, that gossip quickly spread all across the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

However, everybody knew that it was still too early to talk about the future astonishing emperors, the event in Fortune City hadn’t even started yet.

Lin Feng looked at the cultivator with the plaited bamboo hat. Everybody was whispering. That person was a Watcher, a legendary cultivator. He had killed an assassin hidden in an illusion. How had the Watcher seen him? The assassin didn’t even know how he had died or who had killed him.

Besides, why had the imperial assassin union decided to kill Lin Feng? If those people were those who had really chased Xue Baguio on that night, Lin Feng could understand. The Watcher said they were always there, hiding in the darkness. That evening wouldn’t have been an exception. Everything happened secretly, even people from the celestial land of alchemists couldn’t know about the Watchers and the Imperial Assassin Union’s whereabouts and plans.

It was easy to explain why the imperial assassin union wanted to kill Xue Baguio, she had a celestial body and had all good chances to become an empress. However, they hadn’t tried to kill her, they wanted to capture her alive. Lin Feng was confused thinking about it all.

“Those assassins want to kill potential emperors, how terrifying!” Lin Feng whispered and then he smiled wryly. He had to be careful. This time, they underestimated him and sent people who weren’t too strong. If they had overestimated him and sent extremely strong cultivators, he would have certainly died by their hands.

The Watcher lowered his bamboo hat, slowly turned around and prepared to leave. He had other people to protect.

“Watcher, since you’re here, why leave now!” At that moment, a silhouette appeared in the sky and that person was wearing resplendent golden clothes. He had a dragon pattern on his robe. The members of Tian Long Divine Castle all nodded at him and smiled, “Brother Xia Fan, you’re here!”

That person was a strong cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle, he had broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer.

Xia Fan landed and slowly walked towards the Watcher, “I wouldn’t have thought you’d come to Fortune City this time. This time in Fortune City, a great many things will happen. My name is Xia Fan and I have broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer. I am a member of Tian Long Divine Castle. Please shoot one of your divine arrows at me, I won’t disappoint you.”

“It seems like he wants to be protected by the Watcher!” Being protected by a Watcher was a type of glory. Being secretly protected guaranteed a cultivator’s safety and on top of that. It meant the cultivator had a chance at enlightenment someday.

The Watcher looked at Xia Fan and slightly nodded. One couldn’t see his facial expression because of his veil. However, he took out another black arrow.

“You took the wrong one, you need to take a golden arrow Watcher!” said Xia Fan indifferently when he saw that the Watcher had taken out a black arrow. However, the Watcher ignored him, he put his arrow in his bow and shot it. It emitted whistling sounds which weren’t dazzling, its Qi was pale yet destructive.

“Hmph!” Xia Fan groaned coldly and condensed golden energies. He was as dazzling as dragon scales when h

e punched the air in front of him.

“Bzzz!” At the same time, the Watcher shot a second arrow, that arrow wasn’t aiming at Xia Fan, it was just aiming at the air.

“Bzzz… bzzz… bzzz…”

The arrow moved very quickly, the Watcher had even been so fast that the crowd didn’t even have time to see him shoot the arrows. The Watcher used an illusion spell, suddenly, there were arrows all around Xia Fan. No matter where he looked, there were arrows.

“Bzzz!” The last arrow moved towards Xia Fan, but he blocked it with his fist and broke it. However, at that moment, another terrifying arrow approached him.

Xia Fan’s facial expression changed drastically. He couldn’t keep calm anymore. He was furious. He released dragon Qi and quickly looked like a furious dragon. He raised his hands and started punching all of the arrows.

“Boom boom boom…” the Earth was shaking and explosions sounded. His dragon energy was pierced by an arrow. All the arrow energies condensed and Xia Fan moved back, however, that terrifying arrow was too fast and continued moving towards his heart.

“Argh!” Xia Fan shouted furiously. His arm became golden and he attacked the air in the direction of the arrow. It slowed down, but as before, it continued moving forwards.


Xia Fan’s arm turned into a dragon and he grabbed the arrow, a horrible pain invaded his arm, finally, the arrow stopped. He broke it.

Xia Fan’s arm was twitching and it even started bleeding.

He raised his head and looked at the Watcher, the Watcher had already turned around and left. He could only see the Watcher from behind.

“Haven’t you had enough?” asked the Watcher indifferently and calmly. Xia Fan pulled a long face. He felt humiliated.

Blood was dripping from his arm. There were several wounds on his arm even.

“He overestimated himself.”

“Who does he think he is? Surprisingly, he thought the Watcher could protect him. Watchers only protect those who have the potential to become emperors.” thought the crowd looking at Xia Fan mockingly.

Lin Feng looked at the Watcher and smiled indifferently. Xia Fan was a disgrace. Even though he wasn’t weak, getting the protection of the Watchers wasn’t something easily done.

“What are you laughing at!”

Xia Fan couldn’t hold it anymore, he was about to explode. He suddenly punched the air in Lin Feng’s direction.

The crowd felt nervous for Lin Feng. How unlucky. The Watcher had protected him when the assassin tried to kill him and now Xia Fan wanted to kill him. When Xia Fan saw that the crowd was making fun of him, he couldn’t hold back anymore. The nearest person was Lin Feng, and on top of that, he was smiling which infuriated him even more. He could easily kill a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer so he wasn’t taking any risk.

Lin Feng was surprised, but he reacted quickly and condensed strength and force as he punched Xia Fan’s fist. Even then, he had the feeling his bones were going to explode.

He quickly moved back. His arm was sore, he looked back at Xia Fan coldly.

He took out a bow which had cracks and holy marks. It was the bow he had found in the small world.

Without saying anything, Lin Feng shot an arrow at Xia Fan. Xia Fan’s eyes were red and filled with murder. Lin Feng had just been injured by the assassin, he could easily crush him!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1114

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