Peerless Martial God Chapter 1133

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Chapter 1133: Swallowing the Demon Sword

“Honored?” repeated Lin Feng. Turning into a sword slave was nothing great.

Lin Feng’s soul would die just from the sword intent. The old man said even colder, “If you don’t go in, we will help you!”

Lin Feng glanced at them in a cold way, but the old man was looking at him in a calm way. Lin Feng’s cultivation level was too low so he couldn’t do anything.

“Alright, I’ll do it!” Lin Feng grinded his teeth and jumped towards the depths of the grave.

“Wasting time won’t change anything, you’re doomed and in any case. Sacrificing yourself for Jiange is an honor!” said the old man coldly behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng continued walking into the grave and arrived where the emperor’s sword was buried.

The door of the grave slowly closed itself. The strong cultivators sat down cross-legged and closed their eyes. They looked expressionless, but their hearts were pounding. They were going to help Jiange rise again. That sword was Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s godly weapon. Emperor Wu Tian Jian and that sword’s souls had fused together into that sword. Using Lin Feng’s body, the sword would live again.

Sword, sword cultivators were scary. They couldn’t wait to see their ancestor come back to life in Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng entered the grave. The sword was emitting sad wailing sounds. Its energies directly moved towards Lin Feng.

“Bzzz!” sword intent emerged. The godly weapon was dazzling as its energies surrounded Lin Feng.

The godly weapon rose up in the air and continued emitting wailing sounds. Lin Feng could feel how sad the sword was, how badly it wanted to go outside again.

“It seems like the sword doesn’t want to use my body.” thought Lin Feng. He could feel the sword’s emotions.

“Woo, woo!” the sword was crying, it couldn’t stop weeping. The other swords started shaking with it. It was as if they had sensed offensive energies.

“Bzzz!” The dazzling sword lights moved to Lin Feng all of a sudden. Finally, the sword pointed to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng moved back, but he could be as fast as that sword. It reached him instantly.

“Bzzz… bzzz…” the entire grave was shaking. A terrifying and aggressive Qi surrounded the sword. The godly sword stopped and Lin Feng suddenly released his own demonic Qi at the sword. It was Lin Feng’s demonic sword. The demon sword had sensed the danger and broke through the demon seal stone.

Lin Feng was sweating intensely. A moment before, the sword had almost penetrated into his body, he couldn’t control that sword if it made succeeded.

“Whose Qi is that?” thought Lin Feng. When the godly sword had tried to penetrate into his body a moment before, he had sensed an aggressive and incredible Qi. It was familiar, but it quickly disappeared again.

The demonic sword faced the godly sword.

“Bzzz!” A terrifying strength appeared. It looked like all the other swords had to obey their king.

The demonic sword’s Qi was easily oppressed, making it shake and emit buzzing sounds.

Back then, Lin Feng had asked his grandfather about the demon sword’s life. A strong cultivator had used that sword to fight against the ancestor of the Yue Clan, then the Zun cultivator turned it into a holy weapon. That strong cultivator had become a demon, that’s why the demon sword was so evil. After that, the ancestor of the Yue Clan and another strong cultivator divided it into nine parts and sealed it in the Nine Swords Mountain.

All the swords of the world had

to obey to that sword. The godly sword released absorbing energies and the demon sword was going insane trying to resist. Finally, a sound was heard as the demon sword was drawn towards the godly sword. It was slowly absorbed by the godly sword as terrifying demonic energies appeared as the demonic sword was roaring furiously.

“Boom, boom, boom…” the swords suddenly started bouncing off the walls of the grave. A huge hole appeared and the ground was shaking.

Lin Feng was petrified as he watched the swords fighting. Their Qi was incredible. Finally, the demonic sword became one with the godly sword. Some lights appeared on the godly sword, as if it hadn’t breathed in a long time.

“The sword is eating the demonic sword!” Lin Feng’s body twitched. The demonic sword which had its own spirit was swallowed by the other sword!

Lin Feng was furious. He had just lost a holy weapon for nothing. But now, he was even more worried for his own life.

A strong and powerful Qi invaded the grave again. The godly sword shook as it released its powerful energies at Lin Feng. It pointed to Lin Feng again. There was a connection between that sword and Lin Feng now because of his previous connection to the demonic sword.

The godly sword suddenly became dazzling.

“Ah…!” suddenly, someone screamed. Lin Feng realized that someone else had appeared at the grave.

“Eh?” Lin Feng had already seen that person. Last time he left the grave, Lin Feng had seen the protector of the grave: a sick looking old man.

That old man taken out a broom and swept the interior of the grave sighing.

“How sad, the sword needs to rely on another sword to become strong again.” said the old man sweeping the dust away. He kept sighing. Then, they had hope for Jiange again, but the sword hadn’t swallowed a human, it had swallowed another sword.

The godly sword was still shaking. Lin Feng found out that it was slowly moving towards the sick looking old man as it started penetrating into his third eye. 

“Master!” Lin Feng shouted. The old man had no Qi, he didn’t even look like a cultivator at all. Nonetheless, Lin Feng didn’t underestimate him.

“I’m a sick looking old man, there’s no need to call me master. Don’t think that I got the sword thanks to my skills. I’ve been cleaning the grave for such a long time that the sword and I became friends. All those swords are alive too, so they’re my friends as well.” said the old man shaking his head. He stretched his hand and grabbed the sword. An incredible Qi came out from the sword and caressed the old man’s head.

“I would be stupid if I believed him.” thought Lin Feng. He glanced at the old man. The old man was at least a low level Zun cultivator, otherwise the sword Qi would have killed him then. But now, all his hope was in his hands.

“Master, your cultivation level may be insignificant, but I have only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer. I think using my body to host the sword would be a disgrace for Emperor Wu Tian Jian.” said Lin Feng politely.

The old man looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently. He stretched out his hand, waving and said, “Little boy, sit down.”

Then, he put his broom on the ground and sat down too.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1133

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