Peerless Martial God Chapter 1160

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Chapter 1160: Fire City

A strange landscape appeared in the sky, but Lin Feng and Meng Qing weren’t the only ones who saw it. Everybody raised their heads to look at the changing sky. Some people had heard their elders’ stories about Fortune City and knew what it meant. Those people immediately rose up in the air.

“A mirage!” whispered Lin Feng. There was another illusion in the sky. Lin Feng had the same impression from when he had first seen Fortune City, but the landscape in the sky looked even more like an illusion.

“Something is going to happen. It’s not surprising though, those people can’t give us unlimited time in here after all.” whispered Lin Feng. People had already obtained incredible treasures inside Fortune City, but many people had died too. Of course, everybody had a different fate.

Lin Feng was thinking, “What was going to happen next? What was Fortune City? Had Fortune City appeared in other places such as Jiu You or the Holy City?” He couldn’t understand any of it.

“Let’s go and see.” said Lin Feng to Meng Qing. They jumped on his Tian Ji sword and rose up in the air.

Lin Feng saw some other people rising with him. They glanced at each other, they seemed to know that there was something there.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the landscape again. Something was definitely going to happen.

“We can follow that path to find the real place.” said Meng Qing. Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, the landscape in the sky seemed to be indicating a path. Lin Feng couldn’t miss that opportunity.

However, Lin Feng didn’t expect the path to be so long. They continued flying for four days, but they still hadn’t reached their destination.

Lin Feng continued running along and stealing fate seeds. Now he had two blue fates seeds in his third eye and with them, his physical body was becoming even stronger. He gave a blue fate seed to Meng Qing, but she gave it back to him. It seemed like sometimes she would listen to him and sometimes she was stubborn.

“Lin Feng, did you sense that?” whispered Meng Qing.

Lin Feng nodded.

The landscape above them was becoming hotter as they got closer.

Apart from that, there were even more people and those people seemed stronger than the average cultivators they had come across so far.

“Right, that illusion is merging with Fortune City.” whispered Lin Feng. At that moment, connections were being established between the air and that place. It was slowly becoming tangible.

Lin Feng didn’t try to steal any more fate seeds. There were many people at the eighth and ninth Tian Qi layer now. Some people were even at the very top of the Tian Qi layer. Lin Feng stood no chance against them.

Nobody decided to attack him either. Lin Feng possessed two incredible holy weapons and two millions gems.

“How hot.” Finally, Lin Feng saw some flames in the distance.

“We arrived.” whispered Lin Feng. There were already many people in the distance.

It was a city on fire. There weren’t just flames, it was a desolate place with wrecked buildings. Even the roads were burning.

“Those rods were created on purpose for us to walk across them.” said Meng Qing. There were several roads to choose from.

“Maybe that place was created for fire cultivators?” whispered Lin Feng. He looked at the sky and saw that the illusion was still there. It was strange to look at, as if what he saw wasn’t real.

“Life, fire, water and thunder areas!” whispered Lin Feng. There were all sorts of places there, as if they had been made for different sorts of cultivators.

The illusion directly ahead of them was pointing towards the city on fire.

It probably indicated that there were more areas than that fire space, just that they had to cross that place to see the other places. Lin Feng wasn’t sure about it, but that was his guess.

“To go there, you need to have a blue fate seed. I just saw someone enter and he had a blue seed. After he went inside he immediately disappeared.” said someone to the side of them.

“Blue seed to enter?”

The crowd wasn’t happy. There were many people there, but only a few had blue fate seeds. Just what was that place?

“If you have blue seeds, maybe your life will change forever.” said someone else. Maybe possessing blue seeds was the price to pay to seize the next opportunity.

“Not only that place, I heard someone who said the other areas were the same. You need blue seeds to pass, otherwise, you can only watch from outside. I also heard that if you can enter one of those places, you’ll have the chance to learn abstruse energies of your choosing.” said someone else. Everybody was talking and several people were nervous about it.

There was only one solution for those who didn’t have enough seeds,  they had to steal more fate seeds from people.

Many people looked at Lin Feng who had two blue seeds. If they managed to defeat him, they could get their blue seeds and enter one of the special areas.


Lin Feng smiled in a cold way. Some people wanted to fight him now!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1160

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