Peerless Martial God Chapter 1801-1805

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PMG Chapter 1801

Chapter 1801: The Seven

After Tiantai and Ji Chang's Club's battle, the rankings of Champion University had changed. It had been a long time since such a battle had taken place there. People were still shaking with excitement.

The Star Group had suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat. Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Tantai the Wise, Wu, Qing Feng, and so on had all risen in the rankings. Many people were shocked. Why were Tiantai's people all so strong? They were all so talented…

Of course, the most incredible battle had been the one between Lin Feng and Ji Wuyou. Lin Feng had defeated the first student, Ji Chang's brother. Now, Lin Feng was at the top of the low ranking list, amazing the whole university. Ji Wuyou had been at the top for such a long time, it was an incredible change, yet he was now merely the second student…

After that battle, the most famous low-level emperors of Champion University were the members of Tiantai. From that moment on, people who would join Tiantai would be considered very strong.

Ji Chang's Club's Star Group was declining. It was as if they had lost their reputation between one moment and the next. Initially, many people wanted to steal Lin Feng's Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, but because of this battle, they had already give up on the idea. And if medium-level emperors and high-level emperors wanted to oppress Lin Feng with their strength, they had to think twice because he now had support.

People usually admired the top three students of the university. Even though they didn't support them openly, the elders of Champion University understood this as well.

In the remote mountains, Ji Wuyou was practicing cultivation like a madman. Yu Wen Jing was sitting next to him and practicing cultivation too.

An old man appeared in the air and looked down at them. He was surprised as he landed next to Yu Wen Jing.

"Ancestor," said Yu Wen Jing, opening her eyes. She bowed to Ancestor Zhu Tian.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Ancestor Zhu Tian, pointing at Ji Wuyou.

Yu Wen Jing looked awkward, but she finally admitted the truth. “Ancestor, we lost."

"Oh?" Ancestor Zhu Tian was surprised and asked, “The little boy defeated Ji Wuyou?"

"Indeed,” said Yu Wen Jing, pulling a long face, but nodding nonetheless.

"Alright,” said the old man, nodding calmly. He said, “A defeat doesn't matter. Study hard."

Then, the ancestor left, shaking his head. Ji Wuyou wasn't as strong as Ji Chang, but he didn't have time to take care of young people that much. The old man would wait before becoming Ji Wuyou's official teacher, he had to see how strong his potential was first.


In another place, in Lin Feng's residence, Tiantai was lively. Yun Qing Yan looked overjoyed and said to Huang Fu Long, “Buddy, look, there are already thirteen more people who want to join Tiantai. I gave them months of exams to see how strong they were. If they succeed, I'll allow them to join the external disciples of Tiantai."

"Hehe,” Huang Fu Long laughed. Tiantai was becoming famous. Even when walking around in the university, Huang Fu Long had the sensation that everybody was looking at him in admiration.

"Where's Lin Feng?" asked someone at that moment. Yun Qing Yan raised her head and saw a smiling young man. His hands were in his sleeves.

"Why do you want to see Lin Feng?" asked Yun Qing Yan.

"I have something to tell him."

"Jing Shou, I have the feeling you harbor evil intentions,” said Yun Qing Yan to the young man. Now, Jing Shou was the third student in the ranking list.

"What do you mean? Lin Feng is strong and famous. Even if I meant him harm, I wouldn't stand a chance,” said Jing Shou with a smile. Yun Qing Yan wanted to say something, but Lin Feng came out and Jing Shou noted, “He's right behind you."

"You're looking for me?" Lin Feng had just come back from Champion Hall, and now encountered Jing Shou.

"Indeed. I want to talk to you,” said Jing Shou, nodding at Lin Feng.

"Alright, come with me,” said Lin Feng. He didn't refuse. Jing Shou was extraordinary, with an incredible reputation in Champion University as the first Lin Feng wondered why Jing Shou was looking for him.

Lin Feng took Jing Shou to a courtyard with stone chairs. “Please have a seat."

Jing Shou sat down, his hands still in his sleeves, as always.

"So, Jing Shou, why were you looking for me?" asked Lin Feng.

"I want to join Tiantai,” said Jing Shou, smiling indifferently.

Despite himself, Lin Feng was surprised and asked, “Why?"

"I am more interested in the ranking list than other people, and I found the battles amazing. Tiantai's cultivators are incredible fighters, and many people who joined Tiantai changed,” said Jing Shou, smiling indifferently.

"They hadn't fought on the battle stage for a long time, of course they had changed since the last time you saw them. Otherwise, what's the purpose of a being a university student, if you don't become stronger?" asked Lin Feng.

However, Jing Shou shook his head and said, “Other people haven't noticed, but I have. They haven't only become stronger. I'm an, I see things people don't. I noticed that the core disciples of Tiantai have studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures."

Lin Feng frowned. Jing Shou was right about that. As an, he had acute perception!

"I admire Tiantai's people, you and your friends. I also think it's amazing that you transmitted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to all your friends. Who would do that?" asked Jing Shou, narrowing his eyes and smiling, “No wonder you managed to survive after leaving the small world and coming here."

Lin Feng was shaken. They had never talked that much, how did Jing Shou know that Lin Feng was from a small world?

"Besides, we are old friends. We should have stuck together,” said Jing Shou. Lin Feng was dumbstruck, but Jing Shou ignored his facial expression and smiled as if Lin Feng had been his old friend. Lin Feng was very curious.

"Who are you?" asked Lin Feng.

", Jing Shou,” said Jing Shou, standing up. Suddenly, he released Qi towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng's hair bristled and he also stood up, releasing his own Qi.

"Don't worry. I didn't come to fight. Don't you recognize my Qi?" asked Jing Shou with a smile. Lin Feng sensed the Qi and trembled.

Indeed, he had already sensed that Qi, a very long time ago. Was it in a dangerous situation?

"Are you surprised? The first time I saw you, I didn't know you were Lin Feng until Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi showed up and you recreated Tiantai. Then I knew that the person I wanted to kill a long time ago had joined Champion University," said Jing Shou smiling calmly.

However, Lin Feng didn't look happy, he was staring at Jing Shou. “You're from the Celestial Qi Castle?"

"No, no, absolutely not. The members of the Imperial Union are not all Celestial Qi Castle's people. They just controlled me for a certain amount of time,” said Jing Shou with a smile that was not a smile. “But I, the first, had already left the Celestial Qi Castle before you were there, and now we meet again. That's a surprise."

"First!" Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. Jing Shou's Qi exploded. Lin Feng remembered the he had met a few times back then. Surprisingly, the second student, Jing Shou was the first!

"Back then, in the small world, the Imperial Union killed people who were talented. The first and second rarely had to show up because they only had to kill people who really had the potential to become extremely strong and you were lucky, because you weren't on that list,” said Jing Shou calmly.

Lin Feng was surprised, “Why didn't the first and second kill me then? And who was the second"

"The seven don't know each other, and they also change all the time. When you are available, you're an; otherwise you're not. I did know who the second was,” replied Jing Shou.

"You recognized him?" asked Lin Feng.

"You know him. He was very important to the seven However, I've heard that he also betrayed the Celestial Qi Castle because he was a member of the Celestial Wen Castle,” said Jing Shou.

Lin Feng began to recall many things. "Who?"

"His name was Wen Ao Xue,” said Jing Shou confidently.

Lin Feng frowned in astonishment. Wen Ao Xue was the second

"Surprised? You don't need to believe me. But I think that only a few people knew his real social status,” Jing Shou told him. Lin Feng looked pensive, startled at this new information.

PMG Chapter 1802

Chapter 1802: Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood

"I'm surprised because the Imperial Union tried to kill Wen Ao Xue, was he pretending back then? I don't need to think too much about him, however,” Lin Feng said after remaining silent for a few seconds.

Jing Shou smiled, “Who said the second was extremely strong? Maybe back then he could have really died."

Lin Feng raised his head, looking thoughtful, but then he smiled indifferently. He didn't care about the seven anymore. His enemies were the members of the Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine.

"You are the first and now you want to join Tiantai, why would I accept?" asked Lin Feng, smiling at Jing Shou.

"Maybe that the second wasn't very strong, but I was the strongest, I understand how to kill people the best. Since you want Tiantai to be powerful, don't you think I'd be a good fit? I'm strong. If I obtain the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, I'll be like your friends. And when Tiantai becomes very, very strong, I'll be a powerful in the inst.i.tution," said Jing Shou, his hands still in his sleeves, smiling easily.

Lin Feng's heart accelerated but he smiled back, “How can I know that you don't harbor evil intentions?"

"People who join Tiantai are all brothers. If I betray Tiantai, you'll all join hands and kill me. That's your motto, unless you think that your friends and you can't kill me even if you join hands,” said Jing Shou calmly. He was convinced that since Lin Feng and his friends had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, he'd accept.

As expected, Lin Feng smiled, “Release your G.o.dly awareness."

"Alright,” Jing Shou nodded and released his G.o.dly awareness, Lin Feng transmitted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to him. After that, Jing Shou opened his eyes and Lin Feng said calmly, “You are now a brother, if you betray Tiantai, Tiantai's members will kill you."

"We are now brothers,” agreed Jing Shou, standing up and smiling, and then the two cultivators walked out together.

Yun Qing Ya saw Lin Feng and Jing Shou come out, she was surprised. What had Jing Shou told Lin Feng? Their expressions had changed.

"Qing Yan, from now on, Jing Shou is a core disciple of Tiantai. He'll help you make Tiantai become stronger and bigger,” said Lin Feng to Yun Qing Yan, smiling warmly. Yun Qing Yan was very surprised, but she smiled happily at Jing Shou.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1801-1805

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