Peerless Martial God Chapter 278

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“It’s a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer!”


When the crowd saw that white silhouette, who had suddenly appeared, they were stupefied. She attacked and the ice from her attack was shot across hundreds of kilometres. Her speed was also much more incredible that that of the blade shadow. After her attack, blood filled the air.


That silent woman, who was always by Lin Feng’s side, was actually a strong cultivator. Besides, Bing Yuan and Leng Yue had dared to humiliate her, they wanted to die. If Leng Yue managed to leave alive, that would be a strike of luck.


No matter if it was Lin Feng or Meng Qing, they could both easily kill Leng Yue.


“Who’s that person who came to save Leng Yue? He’s also a blade user, how surprising!” Thought the crowd looking at them from a distance. They didn’t know if he was also a strong cultivator of the Hao Yue Sect. Why wasn’t he showing himself? Why was he hiding his ident.i.ty? Why was he afraid of showing his true colours? Besides, he had come to save Leng Yue and hadn’t even stopped for one second.


Lin Feng gazed into the distance, he was thinking. That person was a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer and was, just like Leng Yue, a blade cultivator. His blade abilities were extremely advanced. Was he Leng Yue’s teacher?


“Genius of the Hao Yue Sect, It would be best for you to not cross my path again.” Thought Lin Feng coldly. He then immediately moved towards Bing Yuan’s corpse and looked for a ring with a Na stone.


That guy had obtained the essence fire of the seven-tail fox, it couldn’t have gone far, he probably had a Na stone to store his items. Besides, the purity stones he had couldn’t have come from nowhere.


Since Lin Feng had killed him, he had to take his Na stone, otherwise, wouldn’t it just be wasted?


Lin Feng took the ring from Bing Yuan’s finger, blood dripped on the ring, in a flash, information entered Lin Feng’s consciousness. A cold Qi dispersed into the air, that was Bing Yuan’s remaining Qi inside the ring.


The essence fire of the seven-tail fox was inside. Besides, there were a few skills and a few purity stones. Lin Feng wasn’t interested in these little things, he just wanted the Xuan level essence fire, it was extremely valuable. Bing Yuan had spent an enormous amount of money to buy it but now, it belonged to Lin Feng.


Besides, coupled with his ancient cauldron and the Moon-Breaking Blade which he had stolen from Leng Yue, Lin Feng had managed to take the top three items of the auction.


“Celestial River is abundant in treasures.” Lin Feng laughed. On his first day at Celestial River, he had found some spiritual herbs and obtained three new treasures. He was particularly happy about the ancient dragon cauldron which was one of the ten great cauldrons. Lin Feng felt very lucky.


Even though the cauldron didn’t seem to be in good shape, except for the carvings which looked alive, it still couldn’t be an ordinary object, it was an item shrouded in mystery and secrets.


Unfortunately, these ten ancient cauldrons were too old and Lin Feng didn’t know where to find information about them. He didn’t know how to use the dragon cauldron either.




In the middle of a calm and peaceful night, in a hotel, Lin Feng was in his room, sitting cross-legged on the edge of the bed. He wasn’t sleeping, instead, he was investigating his memories as this was his best resource for information.


All the memories which had been transmitted to Lin Feng by the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, no matter if they concerned pill concoction or weapon fabrication, were all priceless. They could never be exchanged for something material. The strong cultivator had given a priceless treasure to Lin Feng.


At that moment, some footsteps broke the silence which made Lin Feng’s closed eyes oscillate. Immediately after, he opened his eyes.


Someone knocked at the door. Lin Feng said, sounding indifferent: “Come in.”


The door opened itself and a beautiful woman appeared at the door, however, it wasn’t Meng Qing at all. Besides, Lin Feng had seen that woman during the day, it was Lan Jiao, the alluring young woman.


Even though it was the middle of the night, Lan Jiao was still wearing extremely revealing clothing.


At that moment, she had already changed her clothes and put on a fire-red dress. Her snowy white shoulders were still uncovered. Her large chest was still partially revealed, the sight was unbearable, it would drive a man crazy with desire.


“She’s such a seductress… An extraordinarily beautiful woman.” Thought Lin Feng when he saw her figure. He looked a bit surprised though, it was the middle of the night, what did Lan Jiao want? Besides, she was wearing such revealing clothes, wasn’t she scared for her safety?


“Mister Lin, can I come in?” Asked Lan Jiao still waiting at the entrance while smiling. She had such clear and beautiful eyes, they were enchanting. It seemed like she could steal a man’s soul.


Lin Feng remained silent for a second and then slightly nodded while saying: “Come in.”


When Lan Jiao heard him, she entered the room and, without asking Lin Feng’s permission, immediately sat down. She smiled at Lin Feng and said: “Mister Lin, I’m so sorry for bothering you in the middle of the night.”


Lin Feng slightly shook his head and said: “Miss, what can I help you with?”


“Am I not allowed to come and visit Mister Lin without needing something?” Said Lan Jiao straightforwardly. She was casting flirtatious glances at Lin Feng and her voice was filled with temptation.


“Miss Lan Jiao, you came to my room in the middle of the night, this is not the best moment to visit me, things cannot be that simple!” Said Lin Feng smiling. Lan Jiao was visiting Lin Feng in the middle of the night, was she spying on him? She definitely had ulterior motives. Therefore, Lin Feng’s voice also somewhat conveyed sarcasm.


“Mister Lin is insensitive and lacks pa.s.sion.” Said Lan Jiao while smiling. She was still staring at Lin Feng in a seducing and alluring way as if she hoped that Lin Feng’s heart would eventually melt.


But what Lan Jiao didn’t know was that Lin Feng could control himself much more than ordinary people when it came to beautiful women.


“If I was pa.s.sionate, I am afraid that you wouldn’t be feeling safe right now.” Said Lin Feng while glancing at her partially revealed chest. His heart was pounding, he was filled with desire. If Lin Feng had a little less willpower and determination, something would definitely get the better of him.


“If Mister Lin feels like being pa.s.sionate, I don’t mind it.” Said Lan Jiao while smiling. She stood up and walked towards Lin Feng. When she arrived in front of him, all he could see was her white chest.


Lan Jiao was doing that on purpose…. and it was surprisingly turning him on. Lin Feng didn’t know what her motive was though.


“Since you are vigorously expressing your desire for you to me be pa.s.sionate, I will be pa.s.sionate.” Said Lin Feng who stood up. He walked towards Lan Jiao which stupefied her. She couldn’t help but take a tiny step backwards which made Lin Feng smile.


“Miss Lan, you are seducing me but you are scared of what I might do, why is that?” Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent and then continued: “Miss Lan, what is your real purpose for coming here?”


Lan Jiao was stupefied. Her facial expression was strange. Lin Feng was surprisingly turning a blind eye to her seduction. Could it be that she wasn’t seducing enough for him?

Peerless Martial God Chapter 278

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