Peerless Martial God Chapter 398

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A sword had sword force, wind also had wind force.


Sword force was sharp and brutal, Lin Feng could kill someone every time he used his sword. Wind force was invisible, and seemed nonexistent but in fact it was everywhere.


At that moment, Lin Feng was using his full power of comprehension, he was calmly sensing the energy in the wind. It was enveloping his entire body. He could also sense the movements of the wind.


Lin Feng had the sensation that he had been there for a long time but almost no time had pa.s.sed, Lin Feng slightly moved, very lightly. He made a very small movement which had a very subtle effect on the wind. Lin Feng entered in his earth fusion and could sense all the small subtleties in each of his movements.


That small move seemingly changed the particular movement pattern of the wind and it was as if the wind had disappeared. That small move seemed like it was made with greatly reduced wind resistance.


“If my movements are in harmony with the movement patterns of the wind, if I manage to move along with it, then I will be able to benefit from its power.” Thought Lin Feng. He then stopped making small movements. He calmly sensed the wind around him. He concentrated on the movements and patterns of the wind.


After a while, Lin Feng moved again and slowly moved forwards.


There was still resistance against his movements, the wind was still preventing him from moving forwards.


But while Lin Feng was moving, the resistance was becoming less and less. Lin Feng was growing more familiar with the wind and its movements.


Finally, when Lin Feng moved, he  began to move with the wind and the wind resistance disappeared and instead increased his speed.


“Wind force… That’s wind force….” Whispered Lin Feng. He then stopped moving and opened his eyes.


The Winged Tiger and the cyan winged bat were still fighting but at that moment, the cyan winged bat looked much weaker and it had wounds covering its body which were dripping with blood.


Even though it was extremely quick, each time it attacked the Winged Tiger, it couldn’t injure it, instead, the bat was being injured by the Winged Tiger. The cyan winged bat was much weaker than an ancient ferocious beast. If the bat hadn’t been an extremely quick beast, it would have been killed by the Winged Tiger already.


The cyan winged bat started to shriek, its silhouette flickered and it moved straight towards the Winged Tiger. The bat was not planning on retreating and felt humiliated. It was much quicker than the Winged Tiger but it failed to injure it and it even got injured by the Winged Tiger after every exchange.


“Roaaarrr!” That time, the Winged Tiger roared in a terrifying way and released an incredibly monstrous b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi.


The Winged Tiger spread its fiery red wings which amazed Lin Feng. When the Winged Tiger had its wings spread, it seemed like the wings could cover the sky .


“Roaaarrrr…..” The Winged Tiger roared furiously. Its gigantic wings started to move. That time, it wouldn’t let the bat escape. It was sick and tired of the bat’s attempts of sneak attacking the Winged Tiger. The bat didn’t dare face the Winged Tiger in head on combat which made the Winged Tiger angry.


When the cyan winged bat saw the huge wings of the Winged Tiger, it started to look scared. It shrieked again and stopped moving towards it. Instead, it turned around to tried to escape.






The Winged Tiger tried to capture the bat with its gigantic fiery wings but the bat managed to dodge the attacks and continued to fly away.


The Winged Tiger spread its gigantic fiery red wings again. Its eyes were filled with an ominous glint. The bat had managed to escape again. The Winged Tiger had almost managed to capture it.


The bat glanced at the Winged Tiger in an ice-cold way and then immediately glanced towards Lin Feng. It spread its cyan wings, its silhouette flickered as it tried to escape.


If the Winged Tiger hadn’t provoked it, the bat would have never wanted to fight against the Winger Tiger. After all, there was a huge difference in strength between them. However, it had never been afraid of a ferocious beast of the same level before.


The cyan winged bat flew so close to Lin Feng that it made his clothes flutter. Lin Feng was surprised, that bat seemingly didn’t care about Lin Feng at all, it seemed like it was ignoring Lin Feng’s existence.


Lin Feng then started to move.


“Wind movement.” Lin Feng moved with absolute silence, as if he had lost all power to rush against the resistance. His body was one with the power of the wind.


Lin Feng was moving so quick that it was impossible to see his movements. When the Winged Tiger saw that, it was astonished. How was Lin Feng suddenly so quick?


It seemed like he was much faster than the Winged Tiger.


The Winged Tiger had fought against Lin Feng and had also watched him fight against the cat, Lin Feng was extremely strong but speed was his weakness. Against all expectations, Lin Feng’s speed had surprisingly increased.


As if the cyan winged bat had sensed it too, it slightly turned around and looked at Lin Feng while narrowing its eyes, its eyes were filled with a dangerous look.


Its wings flickered again and it continued accelerating. Under such circ.u.mstances, it couldn’t fight against Lin Feng. The Winged Tiger behind would have time to catch up. Trying to fight under such circ.u.mstances would be the same as committing suicide.


“You want to escape?” Said Lin Feng with a cold and detached smile. The bat would have to pay the price for ignoring Lin Feng’s existence.


Lin Feng started to smile, the wind force grew stronger and Lin Feng shot forward like an arrow from a bow. He was so quick that it was unimaginable. Lin Feng was quickly approaching the bat with incredible speed and the bat didn’t seem like it could increase its speed anymore.


Lin Feng’s fingertips were filled with an incredibly sharp sword energy and which lacerated the atmosphere as he moved. When the bat sensed the terrifying sword energy, the expression in its eyes drastically changed. It then started to insanely flap its wings in an attempt to increase its speed, but it was already too late.




The bat started to shake, a monstrous sword energy had just pierced into its body.


An extremely high pitched shriek spread through the air, the bat was in agony. Its wings were flapping but it didn’t have the strength to move anywhere, then its body slowly plummeted down to the ground.


The bat landed with a thump onto the ground. It had landed on its stomach, it was still trying to flap its wings but it didn’t have the strength to fly anymore.


Lin Feng had broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer and the bat was a beast at the first Xuan level, how could it defend against Lin Feng’s attack that was filled with such powerful sword energy.


The Winged Tiger arrived next to the bat and looked at it with a ferocious and cruel glare. It then raised its head and looked at Lin Feng.


“Do you want it?” Asked Lin Feng to the Winged Tiger indifferently. The Winged Tiger nodded its head without hesitation.


“Alright, it’s yours.” Replied Lin Feng. The Winged Tiger roared deeply and immediately opened its mouth. Its monstrous teeth bit into the bats body.


The cyan winged bat shrieked, it was in agony but the Winged Tiger, an ancient ferocious beast, didn’t care about the bat’s pain. The Winged Tiger was biting chunks from the bat’s body. It slowly ate the bat while it was still alive. In the end, it swallowed the bats heart whole.


Lin Feng was calmly watching the scene. The mouth of the Winged Tiger was covered with blood. He was a bit surprised to see the Winged Tiger eat the bat’s heart. For a beast of the same level, eating its heart was probably very beneficial.


The Winged Tiger swallowed the heart and a strange sensation invaded its body. It then roared and raised its head. It was looking at Lin Feng with a strange look.


It had already understood that Lin Feng’s speed had increased. Lin Feng had been concentrating on trying to improve his speed inside the waterfall. The Winged Tiger respected Lin Feng’s strength. Besides, it had the feeling that Lin Feng had made huge advancements. In fact, Lin Feng was still focused on improving his speed.


Human cultivators really had a terrifying potential. No wonder the cat had been willing to take the risk of undergoing a dangerous transformation process in order to become human.


“Qiong Qi, are you attached to that place?” Asked Lin Feng while looking at the Winged Tiger. They had been staying there for a long time, Lin Feng wanted to leave.


Qiong Qi shook its head, it only felt hatred for that place. The cat had been treating it as a pet for so many years and this place reminded him of it.


“Alright, let’s go.” Said Lin Feng while smiling. His silhouette flashed and he immediately landed on Qiong Qi’s back, between its two gigantic wings.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 398

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