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The setting sun looked like blood, a bloodthirsty sword energy had invaded the atmosphere, but now the sword energy had vanished, the atmosphere was quiet and desolate.

At that moment, only one cultivator from the Wan Shou Sect was left.

Teng Wu Shan was the only person remaining. All the Xuan Qi layer cultivators and Xuan level beasts of the Wan Shou Sect had already died. They had all died. The corpses of the cultivators had already hit the ground, there were no signs of life coming from the pile of bodies.

The ordinary people on the ground had seen what happened. They felt like it must be a dream, it couldn’t possibly be real.

They had all died. Those members of the Wan Shou Sect had come in the most domineering and imposing fashion, they were all furious, they thought that nobody would have dared to provoke their group filled with those of the Xuan Qi layer, but in the end, only Teng Wu Shan was left alive. This was truly shocking.

Teng Wu Shan himself couldn’t even believe what happened. He was dumbstruck. At that moment, he was both furious and grieving for his comrades, but he was barely able to protect himself.

A beam of sword Qi flashed and in an instant, it pressed against his throat, Zhuge Wu Qing’s sharp eyes were staring at him. Teng Wu Shan understood that if his interlocutor wished, that sword Qi could slit his throat immediately and take his life. His life was in Zhuge Wu Qing’s hands.

“Why?” Asked Teng Wu Shan while looking at Zhuge Wu Qing. He was completely lost, he didn’t understand anything. Even though he was terrified, he still wanted to know why those cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer died, why?

“My sect, the Wan Shou Sect, has never offended ‘Your Excellency’! Why be so cruel this time?”

Zhuge Wu Qing looked at him in a cold and detached way, however, there were still some lights of compassion and pity in his eyes. How pitiful this situation was.

“I will spare your life. Get lost, go back and tell Teng Wu Yao that some people cannot be threatened.” Said Zhuge Wu Qing in a cold and detached way which stupefied Teng Wu Shan.

Some people couldn’t be threatened…?

Who was the powerful person that they had threatened? The only one they had provoked recently was Lin Feng…

But how could Zhuge Wu Qing be talking about Lin Feng? It was impossible. Teng Wu Shan couldn’t believe that was possibly the reason.

“I don’t understand.” Said Teng Wu Shan.

Zhuge Wu Qing found him to look even more clueless and pitiful, the Wan Shou Sect was really foolish.

“Go back, Teng Wu Yao should think about it carefully. There is someone that the Yu Clan would like to kill but doesn’t dare to act, could it be that Teng Wu Yao thinks that the Wan Shou Sect had grown stronger than the Yu Clan!?” When he finished talking, he absorbed his sword energy which was pressed against Teng Wu Shan’s throat, it left a chilling sensation. It scared him so much that he could feel the cold sweat.

Zhuge Wu Qing turned his head and shot into the sky like a sword.

Teng Wu Shan rubbed his throat where the sword Qi was pressed against him, there was still a trace of blood. A moment before, if Zhuge Wu Qing had wished, he could have cut off his head.

“The Yu Clan wants to kill him… But doesn’t dare to act….” Whispered Teng Wu Shan. His mouth twitched, indeed, he immediately understood that they had neglected and overlooked an extremely important detail.

Lin Feng had killed Yu Tian Xing and Yu Qiu had also died because of him, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Yu Clan hated Lin Feng more than the Wan Shou Sect, but had the Yu Clan dealt with Lin Feng?

They hadn’t. The Yu Clan hadn’t dealt with Lin Feng, even the last time in the mountain chain, the Yu Clan was there as well, they had announced that they wanted to kill Lin Feng but in the end, they didn’t act on it. Not a single one of them had come forward to kill Lin Feng. The Wan Shou Sect had been the only group who blindly ignored all those events and openly fought against Lin Feng. The Yu Clan hadn’t intervened at all, they kept their hands clean of the situation.

At that moment, Teng Wu Shan was recalling Zhuge Wu Qing’s words and cold sweat had covered his body, a chill was running down his spine.

The Yu Clan hated Lin Feng so much but they didn’t dare to attack him, there must be a reason behind it.

How ridiculous were they? They had thought that Lin Feng was just a little insignificant ant, without any influence, that they could crush, what a joke! Because of that, the Wan Shou Sect had lost more than half of its strongest cultivators. Its strength had been reduced to less than a third of what it used to be. How ridiculous. It sounded like an unbelievable joke that no one would believe.

Teng Wu Shan had a grief stricken smile on his face, then his silhouette disappeared into the sky like a rainbow.

Teng Wu Shan was ridiculing his own foolish behaviour. In the near future, the Wan Shou Sect would become the laughingstock of Xue Yue.


Lin Feng was still in the Celestial Academy, he obviously didn’t know that the members of the Wan Shou Sect had been slaughtered by Zhuge Wu Qing.

At that moment, he was sitting on a stone chair, in front of him, there was a chessboard. The petals of the peach trees in blossom were floating in the air around him, it was incredibly beautiful.

In front of Lin Feng, was Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

“Lin Feng, your strategy is filled with sharp and aggressive methods!” Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng when he saw Lin Feng’s moves. In a flash, Lin Feng had several directions from which to attack. It seemed like he was about to corner Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s pieces, Lin Feng’s playing style was extremely aggressive.

“But if your opponent is stronger than you, being aggressive is of no help.” Yan Yu Ping Sheng moved one piece and the game was drastically changed in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng seemed like he wanted to overwhelm Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s pieces, his style was extremely aggressive, however, Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s style was that of a mountain, absolutely clam and unmoving. Lin Feng was unable to take any of Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s pieces. Lin Feng was also lost, every move he thought about making would lose the game.

Lin Feng looked perplexed, he was silently observing the chessboard. His style was aggressive but if the opponent’s defense was too strong, how could he break through?

“Please guide me, teacher.” Said Lin Feng after being stuck in thought for a long period of time. He didn’t know what to do, he wasn’t going to lie, he was beaten.

“Move first.” Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng which made Lin Feng pull a long face. He then slowly moved a piece, it was a defensive move, if the opponent was too strong and he felt threatened, he would defend and wait for his next opportunity to strike.

When Yan Yu Ping Sheng saw Lin Feng’s move, he smiled. Immediately after, he made his next move. Lin Feng’s pieces were in bad positions and he could lose at any moment. Lin Feng didn’t like seeing such a game but that was the sad reality.

“Once you’ve shot the arrow, there’s no getting it back, do you understand?” Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng firmly. Lin Feng remained silent. He had already chosen his strategy, he couldn’t turn back time.

At that moment, Lin Feng had the feeling that he both understood and didn’t understand at the same time.

“Teacher, I’m stupid, please elaborate.” Said Lin Feng after remaining silent for a while. He needed more explanation as he couldn’t figure it out himself.

“The position in which you have put yourself in is weak, you can be counter attacked from everywhere. A moment ago, you acted in such an aggressive way, but you were like an ant trying to shake a tree, because you were unsuccessful and have left so many holes to exploit, you are forced into the defensive and you are now hoping there will be another opportunity to strike a blow and come out victorious. However, in reality, the great spheres of influence will not allow you to have a second chance striking a blow, they will seize whichever opportunity they can to crush you in a single instant.” Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng slowly. Immediately after, he started grabbing Lin Feng’s pieces and rearranging them on the chessboard. He put them in a position so that not even a drop of water could trickle through his defence. Even though no defence was perfect there was always danger, Lin Feng was at least less vulnerable. Besides, it also seemed like Lin Feng’s attacking position was much weaker, it did not seem threatening anymore.

“Lin Feng, you have two paths in front of you, the first is to retreat voluntarily, even if it means disappearing. No matter how strong the opponent is, they cannot do anything if they cannot confront you, thus you can benefit from that time to become stronger and once you’re strong enough, you can attack again.”

Lin Feng was calmly listening to Yan Yu Ping Sheng and understood its meaning. The first path was leaving, disappearing from the Imperial City, avoiding the danger. That way, no matter how strong his enemies were, they wouldn’t be able to pursue Lin Feng, after becoming stronger, he could return to the Imperial City.

But if he chose that path, he would have to sacrifice a few pieces, after all, he wouldn’t be able to disappear and bring the entirety of Yangzhou City along with him.

“Teacher, what is the second path?” Asked Lin Feng.

“The second path is….. Slaughter!” Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng, even though he was usually so calm, at that moment he was releasing an extremely ruthless and sharp Qi.

“Slaughtering all of your enemies is extremely difficult when you are weaker. You must always press forward with an indomitable will. You must evolve and grow stronger amongst a bloodbath. You cannot stop killing until your enemies are all dead. Of course, in order to slaughter your way through your enemies like a force of nature, you must always improve yourself, become stronger and stronger until the day when you have surpassed everybody else. However, that path is extremely dangerous and leaves you extremely vulnerable.”

Extremely sharp lights were twinkling in Lin Feng’s eyes.

“Teacher, the first path is for cowards, I can escape but if I run away, how will be able to maintain my indomitable will? Therefore, I will choose the second path, the path of bloodshed, the path of a killer. I will slaughter a path from the depths of hell all the way into the heavens!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 410

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